Love…a nobody?

Summary: Freanix, Freyax, and Frixie are sisters and join Org. XIII but what will happen when new girls join into an organization that is practically all guys! (naughtiness later in chapters)

Disclaimer: I do not own Organization XIII, but I just realized I own this bag of Goldfish! (the food not the fish) MWAHAHAH! –runs away with goldfish-

"So when are the new ones coming"? the red haired one asks as a silver-haired man walks through the door. "Soon, I hope!" replied the silver-haired one. "Oh goodie new playmates to have fun with eh, Demyx" joked the red-haired one as he got up from his chair. "Kay you guys and Bitch see you tomorrow" he raised his hand as if to wave and then left. "Night Axel see ya tomorrow" Demyx replied as he also got up to leave. Soon all conversation died and all that were there left to their rooms.

Axel's pov

Finally more women will be joining then just the blonde-bitch of tampons…but that also means more tampons in Castle Oblivion, which means more periods, PMS, and more pissy bitches falling to the ground writhing in pain! Ah God help me!!! However, What if their not horrible blonde monsters whose hair looks like creepy bug antennas!

End Pov

Demyx's pov

Yay more friends to listen to my sitar. In addition, to play video games, inless they are girly and are into makeup and stupid dolls!

End pov

In the morning at breakfast

Riku is the first to wake and goes down the long stairs. (Which explains why they are all skinny as poles) He scratches his stomach and goes in search of food, he looks through all the cupboards and spots a box of Biscuit Quik mix!! (Don't ask XP) Axel walks/stumbles down the stairs and is welcomed to the yummy smell of baking biscuits! Riku removes his baking mittens. "Hey Axel…uhhh where's the rest of them?" he asked not looking at Axel. Axel shrugs, as if to say "hell if I know" Axel and Riku sit down at the table and wait for the rest of the organization to join…but mostly for the biscuits!

Soon all have joined them at the table to eat…disturbingly yummy biscuits. After some time they all finish, and Xemnas leaves to his room to try to find out whom to send to get the new recruits. "Let's see… Axel and Demyx…no too obnoxious… Zexion and Laxeaus, no too emo and silent… Larxene and Roxas, no too bitchy and not so good with finding things… Xigbar and Xaldin, ah perfect not too silent and not to creepy and have just enough experience to get the job done without fucking it up!" He portalled out of his room to the outside of Xigbar's room. "Xigbar, I'm sending you and Xaldin to retrieve the new ones!" Xemnas finds he has completed his little "quest" when he receives a reply from Xigbar. "Yeah figured as much you'd send me and him, Kay we're leaving now".

Xigbar portals to Xaldin's chambers. "Xally, where are you?" said Xigbar, half expecting an answer. "Right here…What's the occasion…having urges?" came Xaldin's reply. "No, Xally, Mansex has sent us on a little retrieval mission to get the newer members!" "Oh Okay, let's go Xiggy" said Xaldin, strangely happy! (Creepy….)

They left on their mission together to gather the last. Xaldin and Xigbar stand by the entrance to the hole in the wall in Twilight Town, when three girls come walking up to them. "Hey, are you our escorts?" asked the purpley-pinkish haired one. Xigbar noticed these aren't ordinary girls they had strangely colored hair different from any normal person…or nobody to be exact. The oldest to his guess had faded ocean colored hair, the middle child he assumed had crimson hair, almost as if it had been drenched and colored that way from blood the youngest, had faded pink with a hint of purple high-lights. They were simply…weird to him, nonetheless they were the new ones! "Yeah we are, now come on!" said Xaldin, annoyed by the youngest child's attitude. "Do you not get the concept that eyebrows and sideburns DO grow back, or is it your just afraid to shave, afraid you'll look better?" the purple-pink haired one said with a smirk plastered to her pretty face. "By the way my name is Freyax, keep that in mind, cause I don't want no kid, or hey you, or anything else just my NAME!" "Freyax, stop it your making a bad impression" Freanix notices the two men staring at her "Uh… Hi my name is Freanix, and this here are my sisters, Freyax and Frixie!" Frixie waves at Xigbar and Xaldin. Xaldin, obviously pissed, "Whoever you guys are we don't care now lets go NOW!!!" "EEW!, You got spit all over my face", Freyax exclaimed as she was wiping saliva from her face. Freanix fixed her hair and Frixie just regained composure. "Okay, were going!" (Omg Frixie finally spoke) said Frixie. Freyax pops a piece of orbit gum into her mouth,"Uh-huh well, let's go NOW!" she says in mocking tone to Xaldin.

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