40 years later

Angela and Sophia made their way up the stone steps of Katie's house.

"How do I look?" Angela asked nervously. Her twin sighed.

"You look positively radiant." Angela gave her a scowl.

"You don't have to be so sincere about it." She turned and rang the buzzer. The patter of feet was heard on the opposite side of the door. Slowly it swung open to reveal Katie. She smiled at the two sisters.

"I'm glad you finally got here!" she ushered them into the parlor. They sat and in walked a dashing man.

"Hello Angela, Sophia." He gave them a nod.

"Hello Alex." The twins answered in unison.

"Aunt Katie! Uncle Alex! I can't find my Walkman!" In came a 12 year old girl with shoulder length light brown hair.

"Ah! I don't believe you have been formally introduced. Angela, Sophia, this is my niece, Kathy. Kathy, this is Angela Cummings and Sophia Ferriman." Kathy studied them for a moment before she spoke, and when she did, she addressed Angela.

"I feel like I met you in a dream." To which Angela replied,

"Don't worry, it was only a nightmare."

THE END………..