Inquisitive green eyes

Johnny's POV

What's normal?

Seriously, what is it? Because I think it varies from place to place.

In Pleasent View, normal is "Get up, go to work, have meals, come home, see family, have an affiar."--from what I've been told anyway; this is a normal day in that happy, wholesome little town.

In Veronaville; normal is pretty much "Get up, argue with kid, argue with neighbours, bombard neighbours, have massive fight with neighbours." how can I forget that last trip over there? Papa was near enough knocked out by that briefcase...

But in Strangetown, everything's more of a mix of the two...problem is; there's never a set routine for anything. I mean, one day you could be eating pancakes in peace and the next you could be sprinting away from school getting chased by a mad scientist who just happens to be of some relation to you!

The worst part is though "Strangetown" could mean anything! I mean; obviously there's so much weirdness surrounding the place, that if you're not born into it, it might freak you out. But if you looked closely, there's so much estrangement.

I mean, mama has so many brothers and she's just lost contact with mostly all of them. When they pass on the street, it's like they don't even recognize each other. Papa never even mentions his family history...

And my little sister and I have two half older half sisters on papa's side...I like them; but I'm not so sure if they like me...ya know, the seperation and all...

And there's not just seperation between families, but with different people in general! In Strangetown, you either love or you hate someone. There's barely any inbetween, and if there is: I've never seen it.

So what is normal in Strangetown?

Seperation or secrecy? Because honestly, I think I'm the only one who really thinks about this kind of thing. It's unfair really.

The parents don't say anything; but us kids know they know something.

I guess it all depends on how you handle it...I mean; Ophelia, my friend, she's had alot happen to her what with her parents passing and all: so with her aunt Olive as her only legal guardian, I find it hard to understand how she can just sit back and let the old bat fester everynight in her graveyard.

Why does she do that? Olive Specter I mean, every single night, she just sits out there, watching, almost as if she's waiting for something, or someone. But who? I mean...what happened to make her act like that?

Like I said. I question, Ophelia just accepts. A miracle really.

If I'm going to be truthful though that's only one secret I wonder about, a side note really. What I'm interested in are the ones that occupy my own family...

Like what's with mama and her brothers? How come the only time we ever see them is in some kind of crisis or rare family gathering?

But then again, it's more than we ever see papa's side of the family. Hell I'm not even sure papa has a side of the family! He doesn't talk about them, or make a reference or anything.

So really, what is normal?

Because in all honesty, I've never even seen anything close to it.