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Its almost three years after the presentation of Princes and the Fool, at Sora's apartment.

"Which one is better? The pink or the yellow one?", while showing Rosetta two shirt.

"I guess this one is perfect", It's the green haired showing some Sora's undies.

"You!!!..., How many times do I tell you, don't ever have a touch on those constituent", grabbing Fool, tie him and put him on the cabinet.

"I though its inhuman, you must be kind to him since he's your guardian."

"Inhuman? Don't you remember that he's a spirit? And beside except from fortune telling he cant does nothing than to make my life in Hades.

Ok, ok, its enough, back to my preparation, which do you think is better?"

"The pink one I think its look much formal."

"Wait a minute don't leave I needing your help, I just fit this on the bathroom."

"Why do ladies need to be perfect for their men? I wish I have someone to be with too", says Rosetta alone.

"If you want I can be your men", the spirit gives Rosetta a white rose and act live a gentlemen.

"Oh Fool, what a lovely flower, by the way where did you get this?"

"My dear I get it somewhere, in very romantic place"

"Rosetta I guess your right, it's the best fit. You!! How come you get here?", looking at Fool madly.

"As I always says, If there's a will, there's a way, but don't worry I will behave. I promise."

"Make sure you won't break it 'cause you will suffer in brutality if not."

"Oh!!, seems very serious ha."

"You!!! ", try to grip Fool again.

"Catch me if you can, ha, ha ha", flying and make some trick to Sora.

Sora leave Fool and back with her conversation to the little lady at her room.

"Which lipstick?" showing Rosetta different colors.

"The pink one, you seems very gorgeous with that".

In the waiting area of the apartment:

Is she alright?, the yellow haired men look at his clock.

"Ken," Sora smile and wave her hand.

"Sorry I'm late."

"Don't worry its just fine, shall we go?" Ken offers his right arm and Sora smile while grabbing it.

"Wait a minute", Sora wear a pink sun glass.

"Now, how do I look like?"

"Very nice", Ken said proudly.

At the upper portion of the apartment.

"How sweet they are?", Ana said looking at the two disappearing from her sight.

"Love spread everywhere", said the lady with pigtailed yellow hair that seems dreaming and wiggle from her seat.

"I hope those two have a romantic time"

"Yeah, of course they have. It's Sora's free time and there is no other man or someone to be with her so its Ken's advantage." Mia says smiling.

"Where do you think they're going?, Ana quit excited

"They will go out to shop maybe, or just roaming around like what they usually do."

"Now I'm in regret to refuse Sora's offer, I hope I come with them, just because to this promise I'm in envy."

"Ana, Ana"

"Ha, w..hat? What?"

"Your not in your self, I told you, I can manage myself, you can come with them."

"No, no I'm the one who got this idea; we just need to put our faith in Ken's hand so he can perform better. Come on Mia, we need to continue, that Yuri told you that you must finish this script before weekend.

A knock from the door hear.

"Can I come in?"

"Sure you're always welcome Ms Sarah"

"Hey Anna, you accidentally press the delete button, some of our work lost"

"Sorry, sorry I do not notice"

"Girls I think you need a break, I bring soda for us"

"Thanks Ms. Sarah", the two girls reply.

"No, said thanks to Rosetta, I just get it from her room", the two ladies near to blow out their drinking beverage.

"Ms. Sarah, you never change", the two are really sounds crazy.

"Ha..ha..ha same as usual ha..ha" then the two laugh with her.

At California Botanical Park:

Background Music: Be careful with My Heart

By: Jose Mari Chan & Regine Velasquez

"Take a look Ken, see that crazy creature? She quit cute isn't she?" Sora pointing her fingers to the little caterpillar at dark green leaf of a beautiful flower.

"Where? I can't see it."

"Have a closer look."

"I saw it, but I thought its not that cute, she must be quite sleepy."

"Ken, I guess we need to have a shot beside that statue, would you please request someone to take us a picture?", Sora pointing the big statue of a lady planting a flower.

Ken look around for someone who can ask for help.

"Just a second Sir."

"Why Mr.?", The American seat near to them is quit baffle.

"Can you please give us a single shot Sir?"

"Certainly yes, just take a pose. Are you ready? On the count of three, One, Two, Three, say cheese." While the lovers finding a sweet comfortable position for them.

"Thank you Sir", the two said in the same time.

At the same place, while sitting on the bench:

"This popcorn is great?" asked Ken and take a look at Sora.

"Yeah, is it", while Sora throwing a piece and catch by her mouth, and then smile at her boyfriend.

"Have a taste of this flavor", Sora put a piece at Kens lips.

"Impressing, I really taste the cheddar." A minute later, "Amm… Am.. Sora do you love me?", Ken blushed.

"Hmmm..Hmm.. Absolutely yes. Why?, Sora blush but seems very puzzled.

"Not.. nothing, I'm just asking, I.. I.. . don't know why it's come out from me.", Ken is very shy on what he asked.

"I see, Ken I think we need to came back, It's getting late I need to be prepare for my interview tomorrow.", Sora smile and have a sight on her clock.

"I didn't notice that it's getting dark", Ken reply.

At Rosetta's room:

"Fool tries to have a guess to my career with your tarot cards, please, please"

"No, no, my fortune telling is sacred; it's only for a special purpose." The tiny spirit said.

"Do I'm not special?", Rosetta looks very sad and near to cry.

"Oh! My dear Rosetta don't be sad, you're very special. O.K. request granted, but only once my dear."

"Yes, only once promise.", Rosetta smile and lift her right arm as a proof of her assurance.

"Here it comes, take a deep breath", Fool start to get one of the card.

"Oh!! It can't be!! You must not see it", Fool became very serious and hide the card immediately.

"Why you seem very shock, what is it?"

"I guess its better for you not to know."

"Better I don't know? But why? It's about my job, my career, then now its better I don't know? Fool please tells me, I want to know it. I don't care if it is good or bad news, you have to tell me, please."

"Sorry Rosetta, I think I'm not in the mood to have a guess about anything today, it much better if we have another tomorrow or anytime but not now." Fool flew away and Rosetta remains angry to the spirit.

At the shuttle bus Sora and Ken ridding.

"Why I feel discomfort? Why this happening, God my heart beat very fast, is there something wrong going to happen? Ken did you feel something?", Sora asked.

Ken notice Sora's stress.

"Feel something? Like what? That I Love you", Ken confuse but very serious and hold Sora's hand.

"I'm not only love you? I'm..I'm.. really, really loved you, I swear for the bottom of my heart." Ken whisper while blushing.

"I know, but it's not like that. Do you feel something strange at this moment?" Sora still blushing due on what she heard.

"Nothing, except my heart beats very fast, maybe 'cause you're with me."

Suddenly the driver step the break of the bus, and a noisy clash heard from the left side of their vehicle. Then everyone inside throw in one side, Sora's left arm strike at the metal case of bus and she fell at the floor. "Ken.., Ken.., Ken.. K..Ke..n.," Sora called her boyfriend that lost consciousness while trying to reach his arm and every single word came out from her became weaker until she lost her awareness while the other passenger crying, shouting and praying.

At the conference room of the Kaleido Stage:

A small group of people have a conversation.

"It's a big disaster, what will happen to us now?" One of the staff holder of the Kaleido Stage ask.

"It's an accident, no one expect this will happen" Ms. Layla replied angrily.

"Please stop arguing. Let's us first ask the owner," other staff holder suggested.

"As of now I decided to give her break, she needed a long time to heals her injuries physical and emotional."

"Maybe its time for us to give chance for others, what did you think Kalos?" old Mr. Kenneth said.

"Yes, that's right. Yuri tells everyone to get ready for the new project." The owner requested.

"How about Mr. Robinson? Who will take his place?" Yuri's counter question.

"I think Ms. Cathy can take over his job momentary, don't worry I will tell her." Said the American lady. "About Sora, did she stay here? I think it is much better if she will have a vacation in other place, probably Japan" the lady added.

"It's on Sora's decision", Leon said frankly, he is now one of the staff holder of the stage.

"It's depend on her Layla, don't fret everything will be alright" Yuri said to the lady.

At one room in the Hospital:

Sora is on the bed still unconscious with brace on her left arm and bandage on her head. Rosetta is sitting beside her and looks like very sad and just finished from crying while Fool is floating near the other side of Sora.

"This is what I afraid of", Fool said sadly then show the card to Rosetta, "The Clown of Hunted, which means fiasco, breakage and death."

"So that's why you don't tell me", the petite said softly. "I wonder why your guess is about them."

"Maybe because I thinking so much about them yesterday", then the small man put out his crystal ball, from it he saw that Sagittarius constellation start to lose its shine.

"It can't be, no. This must not be occurring" the little lady dismay.

"Occurring what?", Sora tries to sit though it's hard for her while holding her head with right hand.

"Sora , stay flat on bed, I just call a nurse"

"W.. Wait… What happened?" she looks at her left arm "Oh no!. I broke my arm!" Sora you can notice a great disappointment in her, "And Ken, where is he?"

Sora received no reply from Rosetta except just a weep that the young lady trying to stop but still flowing out. "Please Rosetta tell me, please" but the lady cry harder while shaking her head. "

"Rosetta please tell me what happened to Ken?" then look upward "Fool did you know something?" the injured lady seems helpless to the little spirit but he just vow his head.

The nurse came.

"Miss Neigino, is there other pain you fell besides on your arm?"

"No, nothing" then she looks at her two friends "Ms did you have patient name Ken Robinson?

The nurse thinking, "Ken Robinson, Ken Robinson, Robinson, Yeah I remember, but his out from here last night."

"Is he alright?" the conscious women smile and seems very hopeful but she notice that Rosetta doesn't stop crying. "Rosetta is there something wrong?"

"Ms. I don't want to dismay every one, but it's better for you to know that everyone here did their best but… "The nurse is very sad and worried a lot on the things that might happen.

"But what, what happened?" Sora started to worried.

"Maam, Mr. Robinson arrive here dead due to heart failure." Every word came out from her became weaker.

"Ken die?" she said softly then the dismay lady look around, she notice that Rosetta wearing a black skirt and a colored shirt but mostly black and cry harder, Fool still speechless but seems very sad, her tears flown out, she back flat in her bed and cry harder.

At the graveyard:

Everyone wears black and almost all visitors are crying specially girls, all members of the Kaleido Stage join as well as the Neigino's family to show their empathy for the Robinsons. Sora fells she lost every thing and cry very hard. Anna try to hide his tears and Mei face backward for her not to see others crying while Mr. Policeman weep his tears.

At the air port:

"Sora, how long did you have a vacation?" Rosetta asked sadly.

"Maybe until my arm heals, but don't worry I call often to monitor everyone" Sora try to smile though his heart still crying.

"I will continue my practicing so I can excel my ability in trapeze"

"It's a great promise Marion, I'm expecting a lot when I came back"

"Don't worry, I will teach these two rookies" Mei put her arms at the shoulder of Rosetta and Marion.

"I will make a great script for your remarkable comeback so you must continue rehearsing."

"Thanks Mia, that's I expect from you"

"Wait, why all of you have a promise, me? Hmm .. I promise I will make them laugh every time they miss you."

I'm know you can do it, you're the best for that matter, Mr. Policeman, Dr. Keith Thanks for the ride, please drive home safely"

"Don't worry it's nothing, just contact me every time you need help and I'll be there, coz I'm your number one fan."

"When you get back just call us we will meet you at airport."

"Thanks a lot, I'm gonna miss all of you"

"Sora we need to go, thanks for taking good care of her and to your help" it's Sora's mom.

"Don't worry Madam, Sir your are Sora's parents so you're always welcome"

"Thanks a lot, but we need to go" said Sora's Dad.

"Bye… Have a nice trip."

"See you soon"

"Bye Yume. Be a nice girl", Yume take a look when she heard her name though she not understand what Sora's friend said.

At Hamilton residence:

"I'm glad you grant your dreams, but I guess it's better if you finish you're performance in the festival"

"Sorry for disappointing you"

"No, at first I get mad but now it's nothing, I know you can't perform on that rude stage"

"I guess so, I think couldn't perform due to atmosphere and due to my aim in winning the title"

"Is that what you think? So you mean you can?"

"Maybe, but I'm not sure"

"Rosetta is hoping so much to be your dance partner for the next ICF, would you want too?"

"I wanted to be her partner and I promised her but for sure she will recommend the Amazing Tricks as a routine and beside I don't know if I'm gonna carry out on that festival and besides I don't need any title, to perform here and be your previous partner is my greatest achievement most of all I hate the true objective of that merciless event"

"Why don't you try?"

"Try what? I already join the festival last time but it's worthless"

"Try to finish a routine, and change that ruin festival for better."

"Nice suggestion, I will think about it but now I need to leave, thanks for the chat"

"Right, you need a long sleep for tomorrows act, I expected too much, just tell me if you already decide."

At the plane:

"Ms. Layla, I'm sorry, I wanted but I think I can't, I'm sorry for disappointing you for the second time, I just hoping that my arm heals before the festival" Sora put out a picture from her wallet, it's her and Ken shot at the Botanical Garden.

"Ken, tell me what I'm going to do, if only you are her for sure you can give me a suggestion."

"Please fasten your set belt" the fight attendant announce

"Sora, Sora"

"What? What?" Sora seems very shock.

"Were close to land, fasten your seat belt"

"Sorry mama, I didn't hear"

"I'm now in Japan, for a moment Good bye US, I'm gonna stay in my other home town"

The End of Chapter One

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