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*Learn how to value the people around you, in a blink of an eye what you see may gone for ever. You may not force them to stay but you could give them reasons not to go.*

In a room everyone is busy practicing except from Mia whose busy thinking for some matters. And suddenly…

"Ahhhhhh…What kind of life is this?" Mia seems very anger and bored doing scratch of stories. And throw her sketch book on the sofa.

"Ouch.. Does anyone know I'm here? Give some respect!" Fool was hit by the notebook while sleeping and still very dizzy. But as usual no one notices the Fool except from the two chosen one, Sora quite smiles seeing fool such way but quite worried with Mia.

"What happened, did Yuri reject your script? Or may be he replaces you as a script writer?" Ana's voice is in joke intonation.

"It's over, it's over… I don't like this… ahhhh…." Mia is very anger and seems very hopeless.

"What happened? You must tell us?" Sora tries to comfort her friend and Mia embraces her, she's crying in over acting manner.

"WHaaaaa…. Yu… Yuri said that I must revise our script? Ohhhhh… and I need it to revise now or I must end my career as a writer. Whaaaaaaaaa.." Mia is still being OA. "Ohh.. There's no time for this any more. My time is soon to over." Mia grabs her laptop and sit on the sofa. Fool bounce up due to the impact of Mia's sit for he still laying down there. Mia continues concentrating for the revision.

"Beauty And The Beast is still on the roll? Apparently its ticket was sold out until two more weeks." Rosetta is wondering with their situation.

"Yeah, why this thing happened? Revising script? Oh, it's quite impossible" Ana search for an answer, though she having quite low IQ everyone won't get the point of revising the show like she does.

"No! no! Show is not yet over; Yuri just wanted to dismiss Ms. Sarah." Mia explains.

"DISMISS?" Everyone shocks.

"Why? She performs excellent" Sora being very worried with their apartment director.

"Yeah she is, may be he had another plan for her. May be another job, or contract BUT the WORST my next story will be RUIN. A lot of Ms. Sarah's presence, a lot of taekwondo stunts… ohhh it's over.." Mia starts to become hopeless again.

"Another Job? But why?" Ana wonder and confuse.

"I didn't know the exact details, but I need to revise the script urgently." Mia seems dying thinking for the revision.

"Did Ms. Sarah know about it?" Sora's strikes counter question from the lady.

"Yes she did. Probably they discussing about it as of now." The confusing lady replies.

"A contract? Of what kind? How long?" Rosetta some how bewilders.

"Maybe her singing career, or her martial art rather." Ana replies.

"Poor madam, I hope she's fine." Rosetta, a little bit sympathizes with the yellow haired singer.

"Of course for sure she is, Yuri is a little bit rued, but for sure a great plan was on her way." Mia is explains that every thing will be alright.

"Now your not anger with him" Ana start to bully her friend.

"Of course I DO, not until I'm over with this." Mia now back in her work.

"We should ask Ms. Sarah for the details, I go find her." Sora dances gracefully with their choreography while going out the room.

"Wait" then everyone follows, Mia closes her laptop then follow them.

The clan went to Ms. Sarah's room but she's not there…

"Where do you think she's going?" Rosetta asked.

"Practicing martial arts?" Ana shows some martial arts move.

Then the group went to her practice area, but still no Ms. Sarah there nor her traces. But they decide to continue finding her in other areas beside the stage.

Now they very tried looking for the lady, they walking back to their dorm, but still without their beloved mistress. They made few more steps, suddenly; they heard a soft calm sad voice.

"Seems she's here." Ana said while catching her breath.

Then they follow the voice, a voice singing melody, a melancholy melody that came from her heart and YES it's from the lady they looking for.

"Ms. Sarah!" They call the lady; they saw her in sad face but all of a sudden it easily replaces by a cute smiling face which they usually see.

"Oh girls, seems that all of you catching breathe?"

"We're looking towards you." Rosetta replies but still catching her breath.

"Hahaha, me? Why?" Ms. Sarah's laugh as usual, to replace her true filling.

"Is that true that you will dismiss" Sora looks at her superior very sad.

"Oh dear Sora, Why are you like that? Ms. Sarah holds Sora's chin. "I just dismiss for a while, I will be back soon. May be for two months or more?"

"Two months! But it's very long" Mia and Ana said in chorus.

"Yeah, else I will be fired in this stage." The old lady replies in a joke.

"I still wonder, did Chairman Eido know it?" Sora speaked and everyone seems puzzled.

"Yuri told me that it was the chairman's suggestion, the chairman is the one who decided, so let it happen"

"But did you really like it?" Rosetta's voice is in protest.

"Yuri told me that even him don't know what is in Kalos' mind, but he told him that what ever it is, it will be for my own bliss.

"It seems a red tape, even our manager doesn't know?" Ana is very confused.

"He just said is, it was a journey in Venice, but must not be worried because Kalos is the one who will accompany me there." Ms. Sarah's lips still smile though her eyes flown in tears.

"But you don't want to be there, do you? Sora replies and Ms. Sarah nodded.

"But he wanted me to be there, we discuss about it once we got there." The oldest lady starts to flounce her tears.

"Speaking of the Boss, now he's here right in his car." Anna points Kalos from afar going inside the stage.

"It's not matter how's the boss, but your desire to be there is what matters most; not any place nor anonymous contract." Then Sora grabs the lady's arm and walk towards the chairman's room. "We will talk to him."

"You don't know what you are doing." Ms. Sarah protest to Sora. "Though I don't want to be there, that's the thing makes Kalos happy."

"Why, He already decided before that you can stay her" Sora tries to convince the lady.

"Sora," Ms. Sarah started to become sad again. "This previous days are not so good from me and him." The lady takes a deep breath. "We often disagree in different matters, I afraid I must loose him. "Ms. Sarah's tears drop again. "I don't wanted that thing to happen"

"But it's better to clarify things." Grab the lady's hand again. "Shall we?" The lady smiles at her and follow. As well as the others whose very concern with their mistress and of course a great FRIEND.

At the front of Kalos room, Sora kicks the door, its opens and created a huge noise making Kalos shocks, she holds off Ms. Sarah's arms. She angrily walks towards the boss which is steadily sitting on his chair. She dumps her hands on the chairman table and starts shouting her boss.

"You should be considerate, she's not a thing, she's a performer, a human with feelings, most of all SHE is your FIANCEE!" But Kalos just give him insulting smile.

"You know young lady" Kalos stood up, places his hand on the top of the table opposite to Sora and seems ready to argue with her then continue. "You are very nagger; you often engage in things that out from your business." He's voice starting to rise.

"Nagger if nagger, it's settled. MS. SARAH WILL STAY HERE!" Sora's pitch is higher than Kalos had and have an eye contact with her boss.

"Sora stop that!" Ms. Sarah comes in between, "Kalos I will be in Venice if that's what you want, but I think it's my right to know the business I must deal there. May I,… PLEASE…." Ms. Sarah smiles even her sadness shown in here eyes.

"Yeah, that's right!" Ladies at the back whose seems silent all the time due to tension speak in chorus."

Kalos walks closer to Ms Sarah.

"Ok, fine if that's what you want. I should do this later in private but YOU WISHES it. Kalos picks a tiny box from his pocket then lift it in front of Ms. Sarah then open it. "Is this enough to convince you to quite in stage for a while whole heartedly?

Ms. Sarah smiles without doubt and kisses Kalos, the man blushes while placing the diamond ring in the lady's finger. Sora's clan quietly and giggly out of the room.

Ms. Sarah smilingly observes the ring in her finger.

"This contract might be a lifetime, would you still wanted to be in Venice?" Ms. Sarah sight from what Kalos had said.

"If you'll be my DUET, why should I REFUSE?' The lady replies, Kalos caress the lady's face and they kissed again.

----------- end of chapter ten---------------

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