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I pulled into the parking lot to see that the small school was already flourishing with teenagers. Most of them were gathered on benches in the small courtyard or gathered around cars in the parking lot. I maneuvered my dark blue car carefully, to avoid any chance of hitting a stray student who had decided to venture off into the middle of the lot. I pulled my car next to one that I didn't recognize and definitely didn't fit the usual Fork's-used-car-reputation.

I sat in my car, pondering about this new car. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a light taping on my window.

"Hellooo?" I looked up to see Mike Newton trying to get my attention. I took my eyes from the shiny silver Volvo and rolled down my window.

"Hey Mike." Mike and I had been friends since second grade. We had been in each other's classes and made fast friends. He was a good friend, but when freshman year came, he asked me out. We went out for a couple of weeks before I decided that we were better off as friends. He seemed to accept it, but Jessica always told me that he still liked me.

Mike smiled and I noticed he had lost most of his baby-like roundness over the summer. He was actually really cute. "What were you staring at? You looked kind of confused."

I could feel that I was blushing. "Oh, umm. I was just wondering whose car that was." I nodded my head in the direction of the new car.

"Oh, you didn't hear?" I shook my head, and my brows furrowed in confusion and curiosity. "We have new students. Five of them. They're all brothers and sisters."

"Oh." Was all I said. I wasn't much of a gossiper, so I hoped that this was the end of the conversation.

"Yeah, two of them are juniors, like us. The other three are seniors." Unlike me, Mike is a gossiper. In fact, all of the "populars" are. Let's see. There is Lauren Mallory, the queen bee. Whatever she says goes. Her right hand girl, is Jessica Stanley. You would think that Jess would be queen, because she is possibly the most gossip-crazy person I have ever met. Lauren probably uses her to get information instead of finding it out herself. Lauren's left hand girl, is no other than Cassie Parker. She was a hothead. I have never gotten on her bad side, and don't plan to. And of course, each of them had their own special club of wannabe's. There was Kelsey Swayer admirer of Lauren. She would jump off of a cliff if Lauren said that it was cool. Then there's Carrie Marshall, who was the worshipper of Jessica. She believes anything and everything that comes out of Jessica's mouth. Even when Jessica stole Kevin from Carrie, she still kissed the ground she walked on. Last, and definitely least would be Maria Johnson. She had a reputation for sleeping with every guy she's every met. She wasn't as attached to Cassie as Kelsey and Carrie were to Lauren and Jessica. I forgot to mention that all of them are gorgeous, rich, and total snobs.

Then there are the guys, and they aren't as neatly organized as the girls. Tyler Crowley and Mike Newton are both the stereotypical high school jocks, and both of them fought to be king. They hung out all the time, claiming to be best buddies, but in truth, they were worst enemies. Underneath their fake-friendship, and faux-cheeriness, was a competitiveness like no other. They both hung out with the same crowd – more "populars." Beneath Mike and Tyler on the popular chart would be Alex Patterson, Kevin Smith, Luke Travers, and Harrison Brett. And as should be expected they were all gorgeous, rich, athletic and players.

I, Bella Swan, well I am just me. My best friend is Angela Webber, and we've been friends longer than Mike and I. Angela was shy, like me, and I think that's why we are so close. I have my own little group. It consists of Angela, myself, my sister Jennifer, Ben Cheney (who could be a popular if he wanted to) and John Hughes. Angela and Ben are going out, and Ben is into sports like a typical popular, but he doesn't act like a typical popular. John is really smart, but not in a geeky way. Jennifer is a senior, but we have the same lunch so we sit together and hang out. She's really pretty, and if it weren't for me she would probably be a popular. She wouldn't be the classic popular though, because our parents aren't loaded with cash. Actually, our parent. My mom died when I was young, and Charlie's been raising us on his own. I don't know how he does it, a small-town police officer (even if he is chief) doesn't have that great of a salary. Of course, Jenn and I both help out. We both work at the Newton sports store, but that doesn't pay much either.

"Oh." I said again to Mike, who was still standing outside my car, preventing me from getting out.

I looked around and noticed that most of the school's population had made their way inside. I grabbed the door handle so that it made a small clicking noise, letting Mike know that I was about to open the door. He moved out of the way, and I rolled up the window before stepping out. It wasn't raining yet, but I had been living in Forks my entire life, and I knew it would rain soon.

I didn't bother locking the doors to my car. It was a 1997 Dodge Avenger, and even though I kept it in good shape, no one would bother stealing it.

Mike lead the way into the school and I couldn't help but wonder why he had ever dated me. I wasn't fascinating, or pretty, or popular. What had he seen in me? I'm basically Jane Doe – brown eyes, brown hair, average height; nothing special about me at all. What had he seen in me?

We entered the auditorium together for the beginning of the year ceremony. The entire population of the school could fit in the auditorium, showing how scarce people there are in Forks. Mike grabbed my hand, trying to lead me to sit with his group of populars, but I slid my hand out of his. He looked hurt and confused, trying to figure out why I wouldn't sit with him. I smiled, to let him know that I wasn't mad at him or anything, and made started walking towards where Angela and all of my friends were seated.

"Hey." Angela smiled at me while I took the seat beside her. Jennifer was on my other side while John and Ben sat behind us.

"Hey guys." I said, and Angela, Jenn and I turned to face the guys. We all talked about our summers, and what we had done. Well, we talked about what we had done when we weren't hanging out with each other. After about ten minutes of talking I heard the principal "Ahem," into the microphone to get our attention. We turned around to face the front of the auditorium where the Mr. Warston was standing on the stage with the microphone in hand. Ms. Lausito (Law-sit-oh), the vice principal, was standing beside him. I personally didn't see the point in having a vice principal for such a small school.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen. I hope you all had a fun and safe summer…" I droned out the rest of the beginning-of-the-year speech. It was the same every year, even back in junior-high.

I sat in my seat, willing the speech to end soon. I looked down at my hands the majority of the time, rememorizing my schedule, and where the classes were. Then something caught my attention. The familiar buzz of Mr. Warston took on a more enthusiastic tone. I looked up to see five unrecognizable students standing beside the two principals. I was sitting in the middle of the auditorium, close enough to get a good look at all of them. Each one of them was gorgeous.

"This year, we have five new students attending this lovely school." Only in a town this small would the principal announce the arrival of new students. "There is Edward and Alice." He motioned to two of them. Edward had the most strange and beautiful bronze hair I have ever seen. He was tall, and I'm not sure but I think his eyes were green. The girl beside him, Alice, was very short and had spiky black hair. "Who are juniors this year. Then there is Jasper, Emmet, and Rosalie," he gestured at the other three. I wasn't sure which was Emmett and which was Jasper, but one of them was bulky, and looked like a professional body builder. The other had honey-blonde hair and looked peaceful. Rosalie, I don't even know how to put her into words. She was the most shockingly pretty person I have ever seen. She had a body that any girl would kill for, was tanned to perfection, and had hair that matched the golden color of the peaceful-looking boy. "who are all seniors. I know that you will all be hospitable and help them find their way. Would anyone like to volunteer to show them around?"

All of the male senior's hands shot up first, wanting to escort Rosalie around. Shortly after their hands were up, everyone else's were up too, with the minor exclusion of myself and Angela. Mr. Warston looked dumb-founded, not sure who to chose.

"Umm, well why don't we have those on the student council raise their hands to narrow down the selection." I frowned. I was on the student council. I wasn't really interested in planning dances or field trips, but it looked good on college applications. I unwillingly raised my hand as Mr. Warston began pairing up the seniors first.

Jennifer was on the student council too, and she had her hand raised more enthusiastically than I did. Mr. Warston was assigning the seniors with the seniors, and seemed to get the fact that everyone was looking to be paired up with the opposite gender. He put Emmett with some girl I didn't recognize, and Rosalie with the famous Logan Tathers – the hottest senior in the school.

"Jasper, why don't you go with, hmm…" He scanned the crowd, and then his eyes fell of Jenn. "Why don't you go with Jennifer."

I saw Jenn try to hide a smile, clearly pleased to have been chosen. Mr. Warston moved onto the two remaining juniors.

"Alice, you can go with Mr. Smith." He said, gesturing to Kevin. Most of the jocks and populars (which, in the guys case were the same thing) were in student council, just because of the end-of-the-trip to Mount Saint Helens.

"And Edward, why don't you go with Isabella." I frowned twice. Once because he had chosen be when I really, really didn't want to do this. Again because he had called me Isabella, even though I had made it clear that I liked to be called Bella.

I walked up to the stage like the rest of the chosen few had, to meet my new assignment. I hadn't walked into a single class yet, and I already had work to do. I think that this was a sign. Nothing good could come of this.

"Hello, my name is Edward Cullen." He said formally, while holding out his hand. "You must be Isabella."

I tried to refrain from grimacing. "Bella." I corrected him glumly, and reached out my hand to shake his.

I looked into his eyes and saw that they were the most clear green eyes I've ever seen. They were the color of green garnet, they shined just like a gemstone too. They were beautiful just like him. I stood there, staring into his eyes for the longest time, until I realized what I was doing.

I flushed a deep red color, withdrawing my hand from his. I realized I had been holding his hand the entire time and if possible, I blushed an ever darker shade of crimson. I smiled shyly. "So, what's your schedule?" I asked, trying to hide my obvious embarrassment.

He unfolded a piece of paper that was in his other hand and studied it quickly. "I have Calc, Government, English, gym, lunch, Bio, and Spanish." I smiled inside. We had Government, Lunch and Biology together. Three classes with this Greek God, and none of them were gym. I made a mental note to send a letter of thanks to whoever administered our schedules.

"Okay, we have Government, lunch and Bio together." I paused to smile. "But I think I should show you your locker first. What's your number?"

He looked back down at the sheet. "One-eighty-six." I smiled inside again. Forget about thanking the administers of our schedules, I should be thanking god.

"Oh, that's only a couple down from me." Literally. My locker was one hundred-eighty-four. "Let's go." I said. I walked off the stage, out of the auditorium and into the busy hallways. He walked behind me, and I looked back constantly – worried he might get lost in the crowd. He didn't though, and we made it to our lockers quickly.

"You'll want to grab the stuff you need for your classes before lunch." I told him. Most kids carried all of their stuff around all day, but I thought it was pretty stupid. I just grabbed my stuff for my morning classes, and then dropped my stuff off in my locker right before lunch, and picked up the remaining stuff after lunch. It was just easier. "Don't worry about gym clothes for today. The coach will just be going over the rules and stuff today." He looked relieved, he probably hadn't thought to bring clothes on the first day of school.

After we gathered our notebooks I walked him to his first class. "Thanks," he said, flashing me a gorgeous lopsided smile.

"No problem. I'll wait for you when class is over and walk you to gov."

"See ya." He said, while walking into class. I made my way to my English class.

English was boring. Mr. Mason just went on about the books we would be reading, and what he expected of us. I sat next to a boy who I had known forever, but hadn't really been friends with. Harrison was in this class, but he sat nowhere near me, and I was thankful for that.

As soon as the bell rung, signaling the end of first period I rushed out of the class, and of course, fell flat on my face. I picked myself up quickly and hurried off to Edwards calculus class so I could walk him to government. I pushed my way through the mass of students and arrived at the classroom to see him leaning against the wall by the door. Beside him was Mike and Alex. Populars.

I approached him, but I didn't speak, because he and the populars were already having a conversation about some sport. They spoke before a few minutes, not acknowledging me once. When they broke apart, Edward turned to me, finally seeming to notice my presence.

"Sorry. These guys know sports. They remembered playing me at a game last year." My heart dropped. He was talking to populars, and played the same sports as populars. Sigh. I should have known someone this seemingly perfect would be a popular.

"Whatever." I said, trying not to sound too rude. I walked him to Government without saying another word.

We were almost late, arriving in class seconds before the second bell rang, signaling that all students needed to be in class. We found all of the other students pressed against the wall, and that the teacher was assigning seats. We took our place on the wall as he began calling more names.

"Eric Yorkie." Mr. Jefferson said, while pointing to his seat. "Lauren Mallory." I didn't bother watching where the teacher pointed, instead I drowned in self pity. Lauren and I weren't exactly best friends. Lauren had always had a thing for Mike, but Mike wasn't very interested in her. When Mike asked me out, all hell broke lose. I slept with my eyes open for a month.

Mr. Jefferson called out some more names until he reached mine. "Isabella Swan." He pointed to a seat near a window, which I was pleased with. But I looked around and found that Lauren sat two seats away with me. I took my seat, contemplating on how such an ostensibly perfect day had just turned into the worst day I had had in months.

After appointing a few more students their seats, Mr. Jefferson assigned Edward the seat to my left. I wasn't sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing. I guess it all depends if Edward is a popular or not.

"Hey." Edward whispered as he sat down in his seat. His bronze hair was in a casual disarray that was absolutely mesmerizing, yet were no competition for his green tourmaline eyes.

I faked a smile, still unsure of what to make of Cullen. He was already friends with Mike and Alex, how long until he was best buds with the rest of them? How long until he was just a gorgeous, rich, athletic player?

The morning passed slowly and painfully. Somehow, the word of Edward's acceptance by Mike and Alex had spread, and he was now the new fascination. I tried not to let it bug me, but it did. All of the jocks – who had never said a word to him before – were high-fiving him like they were old friends. And the girls flirted with him, offering him their phone numbers. He was Mr. Popular indeed. Even Lauren seemed to take a liking towards him, and lose some of her determination towards Mike. And it was only his first day!

At lunch, I began to wonder who Edward would sit with. Would he sit with me and my friends, or would he choose to sit with the populars?

He walked with me, and I headed towards my friends table. It was towards the middle of the cafeteria. We were just out of the range of the wannabe populars whose table's surrounded the populars. The populars tables lounged in a corner and against the back wall, probably so that they wouldn't be completely surrounded by their admirers.

Unsurprisingly, Edward broke away from me as I neared my table. I took my seat and sighed heavily.

"What's wrong?" Angela asked. I loved Angela, she knew everything about me. She helped me when my mother died and always knew when something was wrong.

"Nothing." I said, not wanting to tell her that I had a crush on the new boy. I wasn't one for crushes. Even when I was dating Mike, I never really liked him that much. To admit that I had thought I liked the new jock of the school would be humiliating. It was stupid to think that I had a chance with him, especially when every other girl in the school was now head over heals in love with him. I couldn't believe I had fallen for a popular.

For the first half of lunch I willed myself to not look over towards the populars tables. It killed me, I wanted to know if there were girls all around him, hanging on his every word. Eventually I gave in and quickly glanced towards the back corner. But Edward wasn't there. I looked back at the table, deeply confused, and then heard my sister talking about Jasper, the boy she had been chosen to escort around the school.

"I really like him." I heard her whisper. "He's really funny and sweet. He talks about his family a lot, he really loves them."

I felt like smacking myself in the head. I had completely forgotten that Edward had come here with four siblings and that he was probably sitting with him. I searched the cafeteria to find that he was sitting with the rest of his beautiful family on the other end of the cafeteria. That was relieving, at least he wasn't sitting with the populars.

"Hey, Edward." I heard Mike shout across the cafeteria to Edward. I looked over to see Mike gesturing for Edward to come and sit with him. And Edward did. He got up, walked over, and sat down with the populars. All hope is lost.

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