Dungeon Secrets: 4 Views
Dungeon Secrets: 4 Views

Notes: There are several.

First and foremost, Dungeon Keeper does NOT belong to me. It belongs to Bullfrog and probably a bunch of other people who are either too mean, or making too much money to share it, probably both. I mean no disrespect, and am making roughly $0.00 profit from this, except hopefully the praise of some bored readers.

Second, this fic is somewhat of a combination of Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2. This may be confusing for those of you who have played the game, but just think of it as DK 2 with all the creatures from 1 there.

The Keepers and creatures are based on the characters in the game. Most of the feelings, and concepts like the Shadowlands are strictly made-up explanations for little things in the game. In other words, this is a mixture of actual canon and some little fancies of mine, just like most fanfics.

Even though the game is not mine, the story is, and I would appreciate it of you did not use it without my permission. I think that's all, so on with the fic!

Kaelay, Red Keeper
I am the Red Keeper. My color is of fire, and chaos. Of bloodshed, and destruction. I am the Chosen of the Red Darkness, greatest of the many. I have strived to do its bidding, and know the price of failure, though failure has not touched me.

You cannot know, what it is to be a Keeper. To hear your lifebeat echo in the Hearts of your dungeons. And with each new Heart I create, though I pay for it in my own lifeblood, I become stronger, and with me grows the Darkness.

The Darkness inhabits me, there always within my mind. Not like the imps, whose doings I am always aware of, and who I can communicate with through the bond. No, this is deeper. The Darkness is always there, always watching my every move, evaluating me, making sure I know what it is that I am up against.

The Darkness aids me in my destruction. You cannot imagine it, the ecstasy. I feel each Heart of a rival Keeper beat, when it is close enough. And the feeling, oh, the intense pleasure you get, from feeling the Heart slow, then stop. The feel of the lifeblood draining from it.

And if it is the Heart of another Chosen? It is all the more enticing, and all the more rewarding when they are defeated, for not only do you feel the receding of a Keeper, you feel also the weakening of another Darkness, which allows yours to become all the stronger.

I accomplished, once, the true defeat of a Darkness. The eradication of the last Heart of it's Chosen Keeper, Nemesis. It was the Blue Darkness, it's color the cold, barren, lifelessness of ice. Nemesis had many Dungeons, and of course, a Heart for each. The feeling when my creatures destroyed the last Heart, is indescribeable.

I believe that the Blue shall not return. By now it must have gone past the energy point of being able to Call for another Keeper. I know it has not found another since it's demise, my Master would have felt it's return.

The Red Darkness was defeated, once. The last Keeper, Kaimea, proved unworthy, and Nemesis destroyed her. I heard the weak call of my Master as it faded, and imbued it's lifeforce into a Heart. Now, each Heart that I build creates a new gateway for it's power to seep into this realm from the Shadowland.

My Master is pleased with me. I have hunted down and slain enough enemies to gain the alleigance of Horny, whos power should not be taken lightly. I believe that Horny can never really be defeated. Whenever a Horned Reaper's energy fades enough, it is pulled back into the Shadowland, where wounds are of no consequence, and he can heal within a moment.

I shall destroy all other Darknesses for my Master. At the moment, I am watching the movements of Chaelar, the Yellow Keeper, color of disease, and of anger and disloyalty. I, Kaelay, Red Keeper shall prevail over all others.

Seiat, Imp
The Pull is close by. It's almost always there, Keeper rarely lets her Dungeon idle, so there is always work to be done. At the moment we are digging a new passage. It stops suddenly, before it should, which makes me believe that there is something on the other side.

It may be that this tunnel shall end in another keeper's Dungeon, and that we shall be assaulted as soon as we break through. We may even die. That is unlikely, however. We Imps are fast runners, and if it is going to break through, then Keeper will undoubtedly have some of the fighting creatures ready to cover our backs.

I know we are important to Keeper. She can feel us, in her mind, where she cannot feel the fighters. We do not require pay, or food, or even rest, all we require is the magic energy that flows in our veins. As long as Keeper owns enough territory to supply the mana, we can remain at her side.

The tunnel is about to break through! I heft my pickaxe, striking blow after blow to the stiff earth. Then, light! We have broken!

It is as I suspeced. We have broken onto enemy territory. It is not, however, another keeper. It is instead, a Hero room. Also as I expected, fighters drop from above, where I catch a fleeting glimpes of the Hand.

The Hand is made of pure magical energy, sustained by the Heart. It is what Keeper uses to tell us in our minds where we should dig, or to pickup her creatures and deposit them somewhere where they are more useful.

Of course, the dropping stuns most creatures. Not us. Imps cannot be stunned, we are too small to jar ourselves hitting the ground. Fireflies aren't stunned either, because they don't hit the ground.

I run down the dug out passageway. Keeper has this covered. I will wait to come back until it is safe. I am sure that soon there will be bodies to be taken to the Prison, or even the Graveyard.

Tarkasas, Black Knight
My name is Tarkasas, my alleigance, Red. I am one of the top fighters in this Dungeon, and am constantly in the front lines. That's the way I like it.

The destruction of the heros was pitifully easy, it usually is. There were only a few Monks, and a Giant or two. The life down here is not what one would call dull, but it's not exactly the most challenging place to be either.

It could be worse though. I know it could be.

I wasn't brought from the Shadowlands in the normal way. I didn't get to experience seeing the light through a Portal for the first time. I was teleported, by forces unknown, into a dim little cavern, surrounded by impenetrable rock. Not so much as a Tentacle to keep me company, either. It was possibly the hardest thing I ever had to do, being alone like that.

And to be directionless, with no alleigance.... Since I had not been tempted by a particular light, I had no one to look to for releasing me. I wanted more than anything to get out of that prison of a cavern and search for a Keeper that would merit my loyalty.

And then, I heard it. Finally. A sound that was different from the monotonous dripping of water from the ceiling. A soft tapping, and a crumbling noise. And then, light! It was so glorious, that I imagnined for a time that it was the light from a Portal, before I came to my senses.

Finally, the Imp broke through. It began doing the small ritual that claimed each plot of land for it's Keeper. Then it noticed me. It bounded toward me with that strange, hopping gate that Imps have, and held out it's hands to me. I knew what it wanted, and I was only too happy to comply. I took it's hands, and felt a tingling all over my body, as the Imp imbued me with energy from the Heart of it's Keeper.

And so I became red. I couldn't have hoped for a better Keeper, Kaelay is a brilliant military strategist, and with a very large empire behind her.

I stop as I reach the Guard Room. The Keeper must have been expecting us to break into enemy territory, for she built it right by the heros lair. I pause to look around. There are of course, a few Dark Elves here, but there are also several skeletons, and a Bile Demon. As I walk past the Elves, I hear a snatch of their conversation.

"-Keeper informed us that there will be an ambassador-"

I stop and turn to the Elf who has spoken. "What about an ambassador?"

"You haven't heard?" she looks surprised, "The Keeper told us that there will be an ambassador from a Green Dungeon entering our Dungeon today.

"The Green Dungeon?" I ask.

"No, not the Chosen. The Keeper would have to be desperate before she allied with another Darkness, but this may help us bring down Yellow."

I nod, thank the Dark Elf, and walk back to my Lair. This is interesting news indeed. An embassador might mean an alleigance. Generally our Keeper doesn't ally with others, but I doubt that we suggested this allience anyway. She will probably refuse, but maybe this time will be different. I wonder.....

Ramasha, Dark Angel
I am Ramasha. My alleigance is to Green, the color of poison, toxins, and of painful, slow deaths. I am here as an ambassador into the Dungeon of the Red Keeper.

I know our Keeper is afraid of Red. Red is the Chosen of her Darkness, and is therefore one of the most powerful Keepers in all the Underrealm. If our Keeper were the Green's Chosen, we would crush Red, but alas, he is not.

Keeper Mortagui sent me because I am a priest. Through the Dark Temples I can communicate with the Shadowlands. This has helped us in past alliences, but I wonder what good it will do against a Keeper who is already in communication with their chosen Darkness.

I step onto the stone bridge. This bridge was built just for me, so that I may cross onto the enemy's territory. But I must stop thinking like that, if we are to form a truce. Our prospective partner's territory. And so I do. Reaching the end of the bridge, I step onto the red tiles.

I am immediately overcome. I cannot feel the Heart! For once, the calming beating of our Keeper's Heart cannot reach me, and I have to quell the desire to find and destroy the irregularly beating Heart of this Dungeon so that I can once again hear my own.

I take several breaths to steady myself. Maybe these negotiations should have taken place on nuetral, unclaimed territory, that way both parties could feel their own Hearts. The lack of the beating is disturbing me, but I must endure it.

I quickly come upon a Guard Room. There is only one creature here, a Black Knight. Upon seeing me, he gets up from where he was leaning against the wall and walks toward me.

"You must be the ambassador. I am Tarkasas, I shall be your guide." He motions for me to follow him, and walks swiftly down the corridor.

The first room we happen through is the Torture Chamber. For a moment, I am distracted from the lack of proper beat by the screams of the Mistresses. This Keeper has many. I have never understood why Mistresses love to torture themselves, but then, they have always been kinky that way, no matter whose Dungeon you're in.

I feel that I am being led to the Heart. The irregular beating of it is getting distressingly strong, so unlike the beat of my own Heart. The distress must be apparent on my face, for the Knight is looking at me strangely. I attempt to calm myself.

I almost faint when I enter the Heart's chamber. This Keeper is obviously very strong, and has many Dungeons, for the Heartbeat to be this powerful.

Then the voice. It is as terrifying as the beat, in its own way.

"Speak now, Angel. Why have you come?"

I attempt to hide my fear, taking several deep breaths before I start. "My Keeper, the Great Mortagui, wishes to ally with you, Keeper of the Red Darkness."

"So your Master realizes that I am a Chosen? He is good to be afraid of me, then. I, conqueror of the Blue Darkness, accept your truce on the terms that I may be allowed to extend my Dungeon until it meets yours. There shall be no hostile moves between our two sides, and each may ask for the other's assistence if and when it is needed."

The Black Knight next to me, Tarkasas, seems as stunned as I am. He looks as though he's just been dropped. I'm willing to bet that I look about the same right now. I was never in my wildest dreams believing that our request would be accepted. "T-Thank you," I manage to stutter out, "I and my Keeper, Mortagui, thank you." I rush from the Dungeon as quickly as possible. This is good news indeed!

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Oh God, that was hideous. Take me back.
Oh God, that was hideous. Let me complain to the author.