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Author's Afterword

No, sorry, I'm not going to inflict you with the same notes that are at the beginning of the chapters. I'd like to use this opportunity to talk to the readers about some of the things that went on with the writing of this fic.

First of all, the death of Seiat: Yes, I know it was mean. Hey, this is Dungeon Keeper. You didn't expect it to be all sugar and roses, did you? But anyway, yes. I killed Seiat. I'm sorry. Want to know why? He was damn annoying! Seiat was by far the hardest of the four to write. I never knew what to do with him, and occasionally even regretted putting him in there.

I know, I know. That's not a very good reason to kill off a character that readers (and beta readers) might have liked. Well that's okay, because I also have a better one. Seiat always seemed kind of incongruous in the story. Like he was extra, left over. So when I saw an opportunity at the end to tie him in with a purpose and relevance, I jumped at it. The side effect, of course, was that he had to die. But this is the price you pay sometimes.

This fic was never intended to become as large as it did. Basically I wrote the whole thing because of Kaelay. The first... half or so of her section in the first chapter stuck in my head and *refused* to leave until it was written. And then it occurred to me that it might be neat if I put in the points of view of some other characters from her Dungeon. And maybe one from an enemy Dungeon. And so the first chapter happened. I originally thought I would write about four or so. Definately under ten. So you can imagine my surprise when I found that I actually had the momentum to write an almost two-dozen chapter or so story.

Believe it or not, I was pretty much winging it until about chapter 16 or so. ^^;; At that point the ending took it upon itself to brainstorm in my head without any consent from me. So I started actually giving the thing a direction. Good thing too, 'cause I love how the ending turned out.

The whole thing was kind of out of my hands from the beginning, I think. The story wrote itself, and the characters came to life all on their own. Eventually I ran into Vagabond, who beta-read the chapters from that point on to make sure they didn't suck. And a wonderful job you did of it too, honey! Thanks bundles!

When an artist begins to draw a manga (comic), you can always see how their character designs change over time until the artist is really comfortable with the way he or she is drawing them, and they begin to even out. So it was with Kaelay, Ramasha, Tarkasas, Evain, and even Seiat.

And now that I have them all *finally* worked out, it seems a shame to just abandon them. So I won't. I hope all of you (including Vagabond) will join me in Keeper Secrets: 4 Alleigances, where you'll join up with some old friends who you know and love, get to know a few people, like Zannos and Evain, a bit better, and meet some new folks, who I'm planning to break in.

See you there.

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Oh God, that was hideous. Take me back.
Oh God, that was hideous. Let me complain to the author.