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Ghostly Threat

Rated: T, for Moderate Violence and Suggestive themes.

A/N: AU what if Twilight never happened? What if Ari was biding his time to threaten not just Gibbs but the rest of the team? What if Tony and Kate were married and had two kids? Concept based on Dark Water squad room intro with Kate and Tony. This story was slightly inspired by author Kate DiNozzo, I just want to say thanks to her. At the moment I'm just working this story by feel, please review.

Four Years Earlier

The cell phone on Tony's desk rang. He looked down at it, his head in his hand. Caller ID registered as Michelle and it numbered the amount of times she had called as 22. "No, for the twenty-third time," Tony said in an exasperated voice, as he pressed the button to do not answer the incoming call. McGee looked warily over at Tony from his desk as he readied himself for the day. The phone rang again; Tony folded his hands over his back as frustration filled his face.

Kate walked into the squad room with a bag of takeaway Chinese in her hands, placed the bag on her desk. "You going to answer that," she said without looking up.

Tony looked up flexing his fingers several times in frustration, "I'm in hell Kate!"

"Well, do they have money there," Kate said sarcastically as she pulled her coat off and hung it on her chair. She lifted a slip of paper off her desk, "Because you owe me, forty-six dollars and eighty-two cents!"

Tony seized the opportunity, he rose from his desk picking up his phone and walking over to her desk, jabbing is finger into his open palm for emphasis "I will gladly pay you today, if you answer this call for me."

"Yeah," Kate said, suspicion creeping into her voice, "Who is it?"

Tony held out the phone to her, "Crazy ex-girlfriend, I haven't seen since college."

"Stalker," Kate said, taken aback by Tony's insistence.

"More like a stalk him," Tony said suggesting that he was good looking enough to have a Stalker at all.

Kate looked at him as she accepted the phone, "What do you want me to say to her?"

"I don't know," Tony said shrugging his shoulders slightly, "Tell her you're my wife or something!" Kate gave Tony a look that would boil any other man alive, while McGee rose from his desk, a frown creasing his face. "She been calling me non-stop for two days," Tony said and looked like he was at his wits end, "Please, I'm begging you Kate!"

Kate pointed her finger as her face softened, "You will pay me back today!"

"Sure," Tony said genuinely, as Kate flipped it open and answered it, Tony clasped his hands together and whispered, "Thank you."

"Hello," Kate said as Tony rummaged through the bag of Chinese for his order, Kate exclaimed as she answered the voice at the other end, "Me, oh I am Tony's wife." Tony looked over at her and winked at her as she answered and then looked over at McGee who was wearing a slightly annoyed frown and had his arms crossed.

"Yes we got married a few years ago," Kate answered another question from the voice at the other end of the line. Tony was opening his Chinese and had his chop sticks in his mouth as Kate leaned over after the person on the other end asked another question, "Do we have kids?" Tony made put three fingers up with a questioning look at Kate, she shook her head and whispered, "No," Tony then threw up two fingers questioningly at her. Kate nodded and placed the phone to her ear again, "We have two," another question came and she answered, her head rolled from side to side as she spoke, "Yes, and we're very, very happy so please don't call again!" She disconnected the phone and handed it back to Tony, "Ew, I feel like I need a shower," then she held out her hand for the money Tony had promised to pay.

He smiled a warm smile yet one which only a rascal would wear, he pointed at Kate, "Pay the lady, probie!"

Kate, face changed as McGee face looked slightly down cast as he reached into his back pocket and removed his wallet. He sighed loudly as he then removed the money, "He bet me forty dollars that he could get you to say you were his wife today," he said as he held out the money to Kate.

Kate gave Tony a pissed off look, "Tony I'm going to kill you!"

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