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The early dawn light began to filter through the clouds, giving them a beautiful orange tint. Gibbs walked slowly through the rubble caused by the Marine sniper unit who were still monitoring the building from their positions outside. Clinging increasingly hard to him was Isabel DiNozzo. His three year old god-daughter was in a state of shock. Gibbs reached the main room of the warehouse. Ducky, McGee, Lee and Jimmy Palmer were all on the platform above.

"Izzie, I want you to close your eyes for me." Gibbs looked into his god-daughter's eyes. Izzie shook her head vigorously. Gibbs rolled his eyes. "Izzie, you have to trust me. You may see things that you might not like. I don't want you to see anymore nasty things, okay?"

Isabel nodded. "Okay, Uncle Gibbs." She shivered a second later and closed her eyes.

Gibbs walked up the stairs and onto the platform. Ducky turned to see him appear with Isabel. "Thank God, Jethro."

"She's suffering from shock, Duck," Gibbs said, placing his hand over her face to prevent her looking, if she opened her eyes accidentally, at the blood covered bodies that Ducky had yet to place in body bags.

Ducky nodded and then turned to Jimmy. "Mr Palmer, have all the bodies been accounted for?"

"Yes, Doctor," Jimmy nodded as he caught sight of Gibbs and Isabel, "all except Haswari that is!"

"I'm sure he'll turn up. I have a feeling in my gut." Ducky said with a small smile on his face. Palmer, as always, was dependable to say the least.

"I will be with little Miss DiNozzo," Ducky said, pointing at Gibbs and Isabel. "Down at the van, she's suffering from shock. Have all these bodies in the bags before I'm finished."

"Yes, Doctor," Jimmy said before turning back to the job at hand.

Gibbs followed Ducky down the stairs, but not before he called McGee. "McGee, with me."

"With you, boss," McGee said quickly, rushing after his boss; leaving Agent Lee with Palmer to finish with the bodies.

The group of four walked quickly towards the main entrance. Gibbs turned to McGee. "Where's Kate?"

"Last time I saw her, she was over by the ambulance being checked over," McGee said, pointing towards a now empty ambulance.

"Izzie, you can open your eyes now," Gibbs said softly to the little girl still clutching his neck tightly. Isabel opened her eyes and yawned. You look very tired, Isabel DiNozzo, Gibbs thought as they walked out of the building. The sun was now rising steadily. Gibbs looked at McGee. "Take her, I'll go find Kate."

"Right, boss," McGee said, holding out his arms for his adopted niece. Gibbs walked over to the ambulance. Isabel almost leapt into Tim's arms and refused to let go of his neck. "Hey Izzie, you had us worried for a long time." McGee continued in the procession, following Ducky.

"Isabel!" Kate shouted as she ran towards McGee and Ducky.

"Mummy," Isabel screamed, joy flooding over her. Tears began to stream down her face as Kate reached Ducky and McGee. McGee and Ducky smiled at the reunion.

McGee held Isabel out to Kate who took her daughter in her arms. "I was so worried about you, sweetie." Kate clung to Isabel, kissing her incessantly. "You were so brave, Izzie. I am so proud of you. I love you so much."

"I love you too, mummy," Isabel whispered through her hiccups and tears of joy.

Kate held onto Isabel as she turned to Ducky. "Is she okay, Ducky?"

Ducky smiled as he bent in and kissed Kate on the cheek. "That's from your parents. They rang me when you didn't show up for dinner. It would appear that your husband forgot to tell them. I informed them of the situation and they asked me if I would kiss you on the cheek." He immediately went back to answering Kate's question. "She's only suffering shock, quite normal after a hostage situation."

Kate wheeled around on McGee. "Tony? Have you seen him?"

"Ah…Ah I haven't seen him yet," McGee answered quickly. "I'm sure he's okay. He should be…"

"Right here, beautiful," Tony said, a calm smile on his face as he walked out of the entrance way of the warehouse. In his arms he held Jason DiNozzo. Kate gave Isabel back to McGee for a moment. As Tony reached the group, he handed his son over to Kate. He kissed her long and slow as she took Jason out of his arms.

"Don't ever do that to me again, Kate," Tony said as he took Isabel from McGee's arms. "I have in mind to punish you in someway. Hey, Izzie." Tony kissed his daughter's cheek. "I love you so much!"

"I love you too, daddy," Isabel whispered into his ear, new tears of joy forming in her eyes. "I love you too!"

"DiNozzo," Gibbs' voice boomed behind him.

"Yeah, boss." Tony turned around to see him coming over to the group.

"Might I suggest allowing Ducky to finish his examination of Izzie's shock and then going home and resting?" Gibbs said as he reached the group and kissed Kate on the cheek.

"Kate, I can only concur what Tony said, don't ever do that again." Gibbs smiled at her as he squeezed Tony's shoulder.


Tony looked at himself in the mirror. He had dozed a little during the day. Isabel had gone to bed, but had been keeping Kate awake with her screams. The last twenty four hours had mentally taken its toll on their little three year old girl. Ducky had confirmed the fact that apart from shock, the trauma would cause bad dreams to Isabel because she could recollect the incident far more than Jason could.

Tony yawned as he walked out of the bathroom. He was dressed in a t-shirt and boxer shorts and his hair was all tousled up. He didn't appear the sharp, sophisticated dresser that Kate knew from the years she worked with him. "What time is it, Katie?"

Kate was busily looking for something in her beside draw. She looked partly refreshed, partly tried. Kate looked up at her husband. "Time for us to get some sleep, handsome."

"I wasn't thinking anything like that, Kate," Tony said, rolling his eyes. "As if I think about that every night! Well, not every night." He walked around the bed to Kate. "What are you looking for, you sexy thing?"

"Something," Kate said, slightly annoyed by his questions.

"Like what?" Tony said, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her tenderly on the neck.

"Daddy, mummy, daddy," Isabel's frightened voice carried.

Kate let out an exasperated breath. "My turn again."

"You stay here. You've done enough," Tony commanded as he walked from Kate's side of the bed. "It's my turn!"

Tony walked out of the bedroom and down the hallway to his daughter's bedroom. The nightlight was burning brightly in the corner of the room. His eyes grew accustomed to the low light. He took in the situation. Isabel was shivering profusely under the covers, eyes wide with fear. Tony walked in and sat down on the bed. "Izzie, it's all right. It's all over. Nothing is going to happen to you now." Tony ran his hand through her hair.

Isabel shivered. "Daddy, I keep waking up and seeing that nasty man." Izzie burst into tears. "And the gun."

"Shush, it's all over now," Tony whispered as he stroked his daughter's forehead. "I'm not going to let anything happen to you. I promised didn't I?"

Izzie nodded. "Yes, daddy you did."

"All right," Tony whispered, "I want you to close your eyes and think about the animals, about the beautiful trees, and about how much Mummy and I love you." Isabel closed her eyes slowly, trying to fight it every step of the way. Tony decided to try something.

Fi la nana, e mi bel fiol,

Fi la nana, e mi bel fiol,

Fa si la nana.

Fa si la nana.

Dormi ben, e mi bel fiol,

Dormi ben, e mi bel fiol,

Fa si la nana.

Fa si la nana.

Tony sang it a few times over until he heard Isabel breathing lightly, the sleep of a deep sleeper. Tony smiled, watching his beautiful daughter as she now slept somewhat peacefully. He rose from his seated position and began to walk back to his bedroom. He entered the bedroom. Kate was in the bathroom.

"I got her to sleep, Kate," Tony said softly into the bathroom.

Kate walked out. Dressed in a sexy red silk two piece pyjama set, Kate smiled at him. Tony expression was that of a man struck dumb. "You remember when you payed me back the money you owed me."

Tony finally grinned at her. "How could I forget? I got you to say that you were my wife. You wouldn't have said that for another two years without that stunt." Tony's eyes wandered up and down her perfect form, a suggestive grin on his face. "This is one of those nights in which I'm having those particular thoughts."

"Good," Kate said seductively as she walked over to him. Tony pulled her close and kissed her long and passionately. A hand moved to her shoulder, taking hold of the strap. Kate grinned at him as they took a breath. "Because I was thinking of adding another one to the family." Kate pulled Tony to the bed.

Tony smiled as she pulled his t-shirt up and over his head. "I think we can manage that!" They grinned at one another. The lights went out as Kate reached over and hit the switch. "I think we can manage that easily, Katie!" Tony whispered as he kissed Kate again.

A/N: If that sounds way too amateurish that would be because I find it very hard to write things that haven't exactly happened to me as of yet. I have really enjoyed writing this story. I want to thank you all for your reviews and comments. Below is the English translation of the lullaby.

Hush-a-bye, my lovely child,

Hush-a-bye, my lovely child,

Hush, hush and go to sleep.

Hush, hush and go to sleep.

Sleep well, my lovely child,

Sleep well, my lovely child,

Hush, hush and go to sleep.

Hush, hush and go to sleep.