Raaah. For the Bleach Asylum IchiRuki FC. Set halfway in Yuzu's room, the half in Ichigo's. Arigatou.

- - - -

July 10th- Fairytales

- - - -

"So the prince took her as his wife," Ichigo flipped the last page, "And they lived happily ever after. The end." He sighed, dropping the book carelessly and running a hand through his unruly, orange hair.

Rukia blinked, her legs crossed as she sat on the bed. "Eh? She's asleep." She poked Yuzu's cheek, but the girl did not move.

"That's the point." Ichigo rolled his eyes, and stood up to brush his jeans. "It's the only way to get her to sleep quickly. Karin sleeps fast, so I don't have to read to her."

She nodded as if she understood, but she really didn't. Who sleeps when someone reads to you? You're obliged to listen, right? "... Okay! I understand!" Rukia nodded carelessly, standing up with him and walking out the door.

"Hmph." Ichigo squinted his eyes at her as they both walked inside his room. "You really don't get it, do you?"


Rukia grabbed her fake smile and plastered it on. "Not really!" Butterflies and rainbows glistened in the background of her smile. Ichigo groaned, picking up the children's book and flipping it open, plopping himself down on the bed.

"Here." Ichigo motioned for her to sit next to him, and she complied. "I'll read to you."

Rukia nodded, and watched as Ichigo opened the thin book, in awe of all the colored pictures that were inside. She leaned against the wall near his bed.

Ichigo cleared his throat, taking one glance at Rukia before beginning his story. "Once upon a time there was a young peasant girl, who had nothing in the world, but gained everything all at once..."

Minutes later, Ichigo felt a pressure on his shoulder, and turned to see what it was. He smirked, because he was correct-- fairytales are able make people fall asleep. He closed the book and sighed.

Instead of pushing Rukia off his shoulder and waking her up, he allowed her to stay like that, and looked up at the ceiling.

"... and they lived happily ever after."

- - - -


FLUFF! The shorter the sweeter. Of all the seven days I'm drabbling, I like this one the best, I think.