Title: and this is just right

Disclaimer: my characters in a world that is not

Warnings: creepy; mentions of blood and violence

Pairings: none

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 210

Point of view: third

Prompt: Supernatural, any demon, picking out a meatsuit.

Mustn't be too old, or too short, or too pretty, or too hideous. Any of those draws attention, and mustn't draw attention until the time is right.

Mustn't have too much family; mustn't have too little. Maybe a few siblings, the better to get lost in the shuffle, or maybe no siblings at all so that no one notices when things go slightly off.

Mustn't be too loud or too quiet; mustn't have friends.

Perhaps a job; perhaps not. What is the endgame this time?

This time, there is a shadow blending in on a tree branch, on the far side of the playground.

This time, the endgame is to sow as much horror as possible in as short a time as possible.

This time, the meatsuit is a pretty little cherub, beloved darling of the town.

This time, a shadow whispers, don't you want to play? in little Annie's ear, and little Annie's curls bounce as she nods her head, giggling with her new friend, and when little Annie turns, her eyes are as black as her new kitten's fur.

That evening, the massacre in the heart of America makes the news on every channel, and little Annie no longer has a kitten to cuddle until she sleeps.