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My eyes burned with grief as I saw the broken body on the floor. Her lifeless eyes stared into the sky with a peaceful steadyness... My Bella... My Bella was gone.

Alice gasped slightly at the gruesome sight. Whoever killed...murdered...my love has showed no signs of mercy as he or she did. Alice layed a hand on my arm, her eyes burning with questions and un-hidden anger. Edward...who has done this? Do you know?

I shook my head slowly, my eyes still staring at the lifeless body... "No, I don't know..." I walked over towards Bella and shut her eyelids. "But I'm going to find out," I promised. Bella's face bore a placid look, her last moments in this world in endless solitude.

Alice came next to me and lowered her head, if she could have, she would have been crying. The medow looked odd, out of place, with Bella's bloodied body lying in the middle of it all. Pieces of grass, bark, and plants were shrewn out everywhere. It destroyed the peaceful affect of the only place me and my Bella could be at...alone.

"Edward," Alice whispered as she pointed at something on the ground behind me. I turned to look. On the ground in small letters dugged into the dirt, was the name 'Victoria'.

I couldn't believe it...Victoria had done this. We had all forgotten about her in the past twenty years as Bella was turned...Why did she have to come back? Why did she have to take my angel away? Just because of the loss of her mate, James, who I had killed in order to protect Bella?!

I clenched my fists tightly and swore under my breath. I began to scan the surroundings, looking for anything...anything.

"Carlisle...come to the medow and bring everyone with you," I heard Alice talking on her phone with Carlisle. She paused, "No, don't be..." Alice paused again, this time to sob out loud, "Don't search for Bella. She's...she's right here." I heard her say something else, but it was clouded out by my sudden lust for revenge.

"Oh Bella," Alice cried out sadly as she sobbed into her knees. Dry sobs.

I turned around and walked over to Alice and Bella. My eyes must have been black since Alice looked up at me with surprisement. I didn't breath for the rest of the time as we waited for the rest to come. I didn't want to smell the scent of my beloved, gone Bella. Would she be in heaven? Or maybe hell...


I didn't have to turned around to hear who it was...It was Esme. Her voice coated with sorrow and grief as she saw her daughter.

Oh my god...

Who did this? I'm gonna pummel the person in the face then burn him into ashes and then burn the ashes again...

Wow...I can't...This is...

Ah, too many emotions...

I shut my mind from everyone's thoughts. I just couldn't bear to have to hear the pitiful words they throwed out at me.

Carlisle sighed as he laid his hand on my shoulder, "Are you going to be alright, Edward?"

I need to find Victoria...I'm going to make her pay a thousand times worse than this...I'm going to rip her to shreds then burn her slowly to hell... I could almost feel everyone's gazes as they watched my eyes turn blacker and blacker and black as the deepest blackhole.

Jasper tried sending calm waves at me, but I fought them off. I needed to feel the anger and grief. It was the only way for me to grieve for Bella... Carlisle was asking something but I quickly shrugged it off as I broke running towards our house.

"Edward!!" Alice screamed towards me as I ran fast...too fast.

"Edward...You know that I love you, right?" Bella asked, her eyes looking at me intensly.

I broke into a smile, "Now why so serious all of a sudden?" Bella just stared at me until I answered back, "Of course. You know that I love you too, right?"

Bella sighed and nodded, her eyes watched something far away, and I could feel the distress coming out of her in huge amounts. "What's wrong, Bella?" I asked softly, nuzzling her neck.

She didn't break out in giggles like she always did, instead she just took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply and passionately as she could...When she broke away, her eyes looked away quickly, but I cought the look of sorrow in her eyes. I didn't question.

I kicked at a tree as I ripped open the door of my house and ran upstairs. Maybe if I asked...maybe if I questioned her why...She knew that Victoria was going to kill her...God damn it, why Bella?!

Bella's room opened for me. I saw the stacks of books on the ground. The CD player still turned on with no music playing. Her wardrobe's door opened a crack. Then I saw the opened window... I looked around sadly... Oh Bella...why?

I closed the door and locked it, making sure no one could interrupt. I sat down on Bella's bed and looked around, everything was the same as she left it...messy yet comfortable. I lyed down on her bed and stared up with unseeing eyes...then my eyes focused onto something. A white envelope. It was taped to the cieling, oddly, and I didn't pause as I jumped up swiftly to grab at it.

Opening it with care, I read it silently...

Oh, dear Edward,

You must have found this after you came home from finding me...dead. It's hard to write about me dieing in this paper because, well, I'll be dead already before you read this. Edward, know that I love you with the upmost power. I did not want to leave you like I will, no, I did not wish for that. Victoria told me... She told me her power, Edward, and it is the most frightful thing I have heard of. Do you know what she can do? She has the gift to make a person go insane, wishing for death and forgetting of others he or she once loved. She didn't use the gift on me... No, she threatened to use the gift on you. I cannot bare to think of you going insane and forgetting about me...wishing for death than me. I had to do this...I had to die. I'll treasure all our memories in heaven or hell, I do not care as long as I have your love with me...

I love you, Bella.

PS: Look underneath the loose floorboard next to my wardrobe...If you love me, you'll figure it out.

"Oh Bella...You didn't need to...You shouldn't have." I tightened my grip on the bed's blanket. So, Victoria threatened my Bella?

That just added to my motivating list on: Why I should painfully kill Victoria.

I layed the letter on the bed carefully, and walked over to the wardrobe and began to search around for a loose floorboard. I found it in twenty seconds.

My fingers tore the board away fiercely as I searched for what Bella had put there... It was a shoe box, but I didn't mind that as I tore off the lid. A small box, the size of my two fists sad neatly in the middle of the shoebox. It was highly decorated with designs of flowers and vines; leaves and oaks; fishes, birds, and animals. It was so beautiful, I wondered where Bella had gotten it.

A note layed on top of the box:

This box can only be opened

If you can understand my mind,

You will only figure this out,

If our hearts are truly bound

I smiled at the poem, Bella wasn't a big on poems, but this wasn't that bad as usual. Then I flipped the note over to see a sentence.

These three numbers were important to me on the first day I was a vampire.

Then I obeserved the box more closely. It has a lock on it. Those locks with three combonations and the wheel you had to turn. I observed the lock closely, I could just break the lock right now, but I couldn't. Bella wanted me to find out the code with only my mind and heart.

With more closer observations, I found out the Bella had somehow fixed the lock to have the number she actually wanted the code to be. My little Bella the engineer, I thought silently to my self.

I sighed as I began to think, what three numbers were important to Bella? What three numbers were important to Bella? Three numbers that she, not me, would never forget?

I tried the date: 5/12/7

It didn't work. I frowned, what else? What three numbers was something Bella would cherish that day?

I tried and tried many numbers...It just wouldn't open.