I reached out towards her, my eyes brightening with excitement, was that her? She was getting farther away by the second, I needed to reach her...I began to run, running as fast as I could, but I could not reach her...I could not reach my Bella...

I bolted up from my bed as I felt water fall down on me in great amounts. I spluttered as my hair covered my eyes. "What the?!?!"

Vivian sat there on the floor, her eyes amused to the greatest. She was wearing another kimono, this time florescent green, with a dragon that wrapped around her body. She then slowly began to speak, a tint of an Asian accent on her voice. "You know, I truly thought Vampires couldn't sleep or anything, but boy, you just proved me wrong. You've been staring at the cieling for hours, your eyes closed."

My eyes scanned at my clothes, they were all wet, including my couch. "Why'd you dump water on me?" I decided to shy away from the subject of me thinking of...her.

Her eyes examined me closely, "Well, I thought we should begin on your little quest."

The box! I immediately stood up from the couch, "Lets go."

Laughter came out of her mouth, unbelieving, cold laughter that spoke of no joy, "With you dripping with water? No, go get dressed, I'll be waiting outside." Vivian stood up looked around me room with a hint of surprisement and walked out. "Be quick."

I grabbed a random loose shirt and pants and just put them on, not bothering to shower. I'd do that later. I opened my door and closed it, and saw Vivian leaning back on the wall, her eyes examining the house. "Well, you can shower later if you want," she said, not even looking at me and yet knowing I hadn't showered. I scowled.

She pushed off from the wall and swept her dark brown (almost black) hair behind her shoulders and stared at me with those same, golden eyes. "Now, Edward, I'm going to tell you a few rules." She didn't wait for me to speak before she continued, "Now, to see what I am seeing from the past, you will have to enter my mind."

I closed my mouth, was she going to let me enter her mind? Vivian stared at me for a long time, "I will let you enter my mind...only, only if you promise to only look at the past I am seeing, and nothing else." Her eyes burned with the force as she said those words.

"Okay. I won't invade or read anything else..." I whispered, this only added to my curiosity. What was she hiding so deeply in her mind?

Vivian only examined me more forcefully, "I've never let anyone into my mind, mind you. Not Aro, not Shirley, not..." Vivian looked away for a second then whispered, "Not even William." She sighed sadly for a second, showing the first true emotions I seen. I wanted to question her about it, but she then returned to what she was before. A hard, feline girl, "Now, let's go to your Bella's room."

I sighed, so was this the day I'd be able to see what was in that box Bella left me? "Come on, it's over here," I said gruffly, my voice seemed strange to me, as if I've never heard before.

She just nodded and followed as I opened the door to her. A faint trace of her scent was still in the room, but it was so, so faint. Vivian breathed deeply and sighed, "Well then. I'm going to stop blocking my mind, I'm only trusting you Edward, because of Carlisle. Don't throw away that trust, because I won't ever let you get it back again."

I nodded and she sat down on the floor and closed her eyes silently; her body was tense as she finally let her mind open free.

Bella broke off of her screaming as she laid silently on her bed, her face plastered with sweat. Her eyes opened silently and I gasped as I saw my lovely Bella again. But she could not see me, only the Edward from the past.

"Bella?" The old me whispered.

Bella jumped up from her bed and ran into my arms, hugging me tightly. She pulled back and kissed the old me on the lips hard, I yearned for her taste... The old me laughed freely, something I haven't done for a while, and looked down at Bella with loving eyes. "I love you," he whispered.

My heart wrenched at the sight, "I loved you so much, Bella..." I whispered to myself, they couldn't hear me.

Bella pulled back and then she and the old me began to talk about random things. I tried to listen to hear if she spoke of any numbers and I thought I caught a number in the air when something caught my attention.

It was a faded sound, a crying. And I knew, it wasn't the past vision, it belonged to Vivian's mind. I ignored it, I could not look into it, she had made me promise. I focused my mind on what Bella was saying when the crying became louder and louder.

This time, my curiosity got the better of me and I began to grasp out to the crying...

["Don't leave me William...please, don't. Don't!" Vivian cried out as she grasped at a handsome vampire's arm.

The William, I guess was his name, turned back to look into Vivian's eyes, "I'm sorry, Viv, just forget about me 'kay? This is for the best." William unhinged Vivian's desperate grasp and began to walk away.

Vivian began to sob dryly into her knees as she fell to the ground, "William, don't, please don't! I'll never be able to love...I'll never be the same... How can you just steal away my heart and leave with it?"

William did not speak instead, he said in the coldest voice possible, "I never loved you, Vivian."

Her face suddenly became angry, "Then what about before? Were you pretending to love me?!"

He didn't say anything for a moment... "I never pretended, Vivian...Because I never loved you."

Then he left finally, left Vivian to cry into her arms with no tears or someone to embrace her. No family to hold her in their arms as she sobbed and sobbed endlessly.

This reminded me of the time... When I left Bella. Could Bella have felt like this too? Sobbing all night and day?

Suddenly, I felt someone forcing me out of her mind, her visions. A rough breathing and gasping reached my ears as I opened my eyes. Vivian was sitting their, curled in that same little ball, her eyes black as midnight as she tried to control herself.

I felt guilty, I had broken her promise. I had broken the trust, and now I could never go back into that vision for the three numbers. "Vivian, I'm.. I'm sorr--"

"Leave." She commanded in a low, dangerous voice that threatened to explode any second.

"Vivian..." I tried to apoligize...

Her eyes raised and met mine, through all the anger I could see, I saw a hint of sadness. "Leave, Edward. LEAVE NOW." Her eyes glinted dangerously.

I stood up from my cross-legged position and left Vivian in Bella's room, curled up in a ball and trying to order her thoughts together.

Alice looked out from her room, her eyes curious. "What was that about, Edward? Was Vivian screaming?"

I looked down at the floor, another wave of guilt flowing through me. "Yeah...that was her."

Alice examined me closely, her eyes scrutinizing my expression. "What have you done, Edward? What did you do to her?" Her voice was soft and quiet, the house seemed to echo her question.

"I... I'll see you later Alice," I whispered as I shut the door of my room closed behind me. How could I do that? How could I look into her past? Was I some sort of sick person who couldn't even follow some simple rules and betray someone's trust?! I mentally slapped myself over and over again.

A knock came from the door, and I cautiously tried to figure out who it was by their thoughts. It was Carlisle. I couldn't bear to feel the guilt coming off of me again anymore. Carlisle would be tremendously disappointed in me, and he had a right to be disappointed. "C-Come in."

Carlisle came in with a stern face, his face looked at me with saddened disapproval, that only made me choke up on the guilt harder.

"Edward..." Carlisle shook his head, "How could you do that? Do you know how hard it was to convince her to let you inside her mind?" He sighed, "Now, she won't even talk to me, Edward. She's one of my oldest collegues, having her not talk to me is a tremendous hurt to my pride."

I looked down at the floor, my eyes eyeing the pattern of the carpet. "I'm sorry, dad, it's just...I just couldn't stop myself from looking in. It was just too tempting."

Carlisle rubbed his temples, "Edward, it will be hard to persuade her to give you another chance. I'm pretty sure it's a lost cause."

My eyes looked up quickly. "Please, Carlisle, I need to find out the code!" His eyes softened as he met mine and he slowly nodded.

"I'll try to change her mind, but Edward, you will have to apoligize to her. And make sure you do it before she gets even more angry at you." Carlisle left then, leaving me to think of a way to say sorry to the most thick-skinned, expressionless girl. Was that even possible?