They Would Always Visit

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Rating: PG—No curses, just kinda sad.

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After they moved into the new house, Chihiro had accommodated. She went to school each day, made new friends, and just managed her life. But, one thing never changed…

Every single day, after school, she walked, alone, down the hill, past the small shrines, and up to the entrance she had come to call 'The Gate to the Spirit World'.

She never entered though; too afraid to experience the mess she had first gone through when she and her parents first walked through it. She would place her backpack next to the oddly shaped statue the sat before the entrance and would sit down next to it.

The breeze never changed, nor was it ever the same, either. She would always let it play with her hair, taunting her to walk in once again. She could sometimes swear she could hear it whisper to her; 'Come…in…it will…be safe…you'll see…Haku'.

She shuddered as she remembered the name of the spirit she had fallen in love with. The young river dragon with darkish green hair and a trusting smile. So sweet were the memories…yet so cruel were the dreams she had of him…the dreams that felt all too real.

She would never forget him, no matter what. She wishes to see him again. Yet, wishes seem so hollow at times.

She hugged her knees tightly and squeezed her arms.

She promised she'd never look back…a promise that is easier said than done


Haku; a young spirit, strong-willed, determined, and, most importantly, loyal…loyal to those he cares for.

Was he loyal to her? Of course, referring to the young Chihiro who was on the other side of the passageway to the Spirit World; he wondered, had he been loyal to her?

Of course he had! He helped her escape from the bathhouse controlled by Yubaba, yes? Along with the help of her friends as well, such as No Face, the spirit who went crazy in the bathhouse, Rin, the bathhouse employee girl, and Kamajii, the boiler man.

Yet, now he wondered if he had been loyal to himself. He fell for her, somewhere along the way, he fell for her.

Now, as he stood at the edge of the field that would turn to a river at night, he wondered if she had felt the same.

Did she love him as he loved her? Did she know that he felt that way?

Would they truly ever meet again as he said they would?


They both looked out; Chihiro into the darkness of the entrance and Haku out to the vast field of the Spirit World, completely unaware that they both looked out. Both wanted the same thing; to see each other again.

Whether it be for a single minute or an entire lifetime, they wanted to see each other again…

They would always visit…and that would never change…unless one of them were to gather their courage, and pass to the other's world.

And, if, and until, that ever happens, They Would Always Visit.


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