Title: The Truth About Love
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A girl from his school is stalking Mamoru! On impulse, he spots Usagi and pretends that she's his girlfriend. But once they start pretending, it all starts to become very real.
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By Princess Destiny

Chapter Four

Gorgeous? Mamoru's loud declaration echoed about the room for a moment, dozens of eyes boring into him from avid onlookers.

A gasp by Melanie was echoed from somewhere, and the upperclassman turned to see Usagi in the crowd. Her eyes were practically starting from her head. Damn it, she just had to be there, didn't she? As if this wasn't embarrassing enough, now Odango Atama knew that he thought she was attractive!

Swearing sulphurously under his breath, his eyes turned to his stalker. "I'm not interested in you, Melanie!" He pointed towards Usagi and hoped that she would keep her mouth shut. "I'm going out with Tsukino Usagi and we're very happy."

Usagi's gaping mouth closed with a snap. She rolled her eyes skywards and wondered if anyone there was stupid enough to think that their relationship looked like a romantic one. "Dolt." She told him in exasperation.

"See? She called you an idiot," The red-haired girl said eagerly, looking from Usagi to Mamoru. "Is that very loving of her? I'd call you darling. Or honey. Or my love-muffin-"

"Of, for crying out loud!" Mamoru wished that the earth would open up and swallow him whole. This was the most embarrassing moment of his entire life. Even more so than when Jadeite's dark energy had accidentally vaporised his tuxedo and he had almost been spotted by the Senshi in all his buff glory.

Usagi nibbled on her bottom lip, eyes going from the psycho girl to her worst enemy. Mamoru was very obviously humiliated by all this, and she couldn't help but be angry over it. So yes, he had kissed her to get rid of Melanie in the first place, and they had gone through a really crazy day. And yeah, they were nemesis, but she wouldn't have wished this on her worst enemy.

This called for some drastic action! And she was just the superhero type to do it.

"Please accept my gifts and go out with me?" Melanie asked sweetly, heading around the table to Mamoru's side.

Mamoru didn't know whether to run for it, or shove the girl away. Luckily, someone was there to do it for him!

The Senshi of the Moon saw red when the older girl took Mamoru's arm and clung to it like a leech. That was the arm that she had hung off of just a few hours ago. And no one had the right to touch him without Usagi's permission! As she grabbed Melanie's dress by the scruff and yanked her back, she briefly wondered why she was acting as if she owned her worst enemy. Why she had suddenly gotten the urge to shove the red-head off of a high cliff.

"You heard Mamoru!" Usagi growled, sending the girl flying with a shove in the chest. "I'm his girlfriend!" A swift look in Mamoru's direction showed that he looked both incredulous and relieved at her announcement. With anger clouding her good senses right then, she knew usually she would have been utterly humiliated to say this sort of thing at any other time, especially in front of Mamoru. But this girl made her very infuriated for some illogical reason.

Mamoru was her worst enemy. Her punching bag and argumentative partner. He never paid any attention to other girls, and it had been his first kiss that he had given-forced on more like-to the girl he fondly called Odango Atama. As annoying, and world-altering, as this all seemed, the two of them were attracted to each other and that had to count for something!

The red-head landed on the floor and stared up at Usagi with a startled expression. But then anger set in. "You can't treat me that way! I love Mamoru."

"I've got this," Mamoru said, laying a gentle hand on Odango's shoulder.

She glared at him accusingly. "You're an idiot! You know that? Tell the girl once and for all that she's a pain in the butt."

"I was going to," The upperclassman retorted, glaring back. His brows lowered. Now Usagi was being a real pain. So much for the romantic rescue. She was as angry at him as she was his stalker. Damn it, did women ever make sense. "Stay out of it." He ordered coolly.

Usagi's hand clenched at her side and she turned to face him fully, her chin thrusting up towards his. Mamoru was being a pain in the butt! Why had she even rescued him? And had that really been jealousy she was feeling over Melanie? "Look here, Mamoru, I did this out of the kindness of my heart, but now I take it back-" She pointed at Melanie, who had just gotten to her feet. "She can have you!"

"I can?" The red-head said eagerly, clapping her hands.

"No, she bloody can't!" The upperclassman roared, grabbing Usagi's by the arm and dragging her in close. He leant down till their noses touched. "Odango Atama, if you're going to rescue someone, then you do it right. Don't throw them back to the wolves you airhead!"

"Airhead?!" Usagi screeched at the top of her lungs, satisfied when Mamoru winced and fell back. She crossed her arms, dislodging his hand. "What would I want to do with a guy like you-"

Mamoru's leer stopped her words dead and she flushed brightly.

Damn, he couldn't stop the look that had crossed his face. All the possibilities of just what Odango Atama could do with him had flooded in and overloaded his brain functions. Good god, when had he gained such a dirty mind? And over her of all people. So what if their electric kiss could have sustained a small city for a month?

"Stop that!" The small blonde yelped, smacking him on the chest.

"What if I don't want to?" The dark-haired man countered in a fascinated tone, for a moment completely ignorant of their crowd of onlookers. Usagi's reactions to him were as interesting as always, and now she seemed to be just as sensitive to his suggestive tones. A sure sign that she was starting to have feelings for, as he was for her.

"Oh jeez, they really are going out, aren't they?" Melanie voiced, deflating visibly. "No one who acts like an old married couple, and gives that sort of sexual innuendo, could be anything but boyfriend and girlfriend." She shot the two lovers a dirty look, thinking about all time valuable time she had wasted on her obsessive pursuit of Mamoru.

Motoki's grin was rather vicious as he watched the show. He rubbed his hands together gleefully and then began to shoo off the onlookers, to give Mamoru and Usagi some privacy. It was just about closing time anyway.

Sexual innuendo?!

Usagi's blushed brightened, and she pressed her hands against her cheeks. Oh no, this was not happening. That girl had not just said what she said, and Mamoru had not eyed her like a tasty steak. No, no, absolutely.

Hmm...this was turning out to be rather interesting. And Melanie had given up! Mamoru watched as she went, relief filling him. She wasn't going to haunt him again, and he was certain about that. However...now there was a problem with Usagi. "Damn, does this mean I really have to date you honourably?" He muttered under his breath, eyes narrowed on the blonde's red face. How did he feel about this? At first, he had used her to get rid of the stalker, but that had been because he knew Usagi wouldn't date him in a million years.

But then that amazing kiss had happened and it had all changed.

Not to mention that she was most likely Sailor Moon. Which reminded him that he had not put his plan to action. She had come to him though, which changed things slightly. Mamoru had been thinking of visiting her home as Tuxedo Kamen and sweeping her off her feet. Nice enough plan, but that had also meant that he had romantic intentions towards her. He had not ever let anyone close since the orphanage, and because of his secret identity he could never get close to a female.

Not to mention that they were very scary, clingy, homicidal at that time of month, sort of creatures.

"Just what is going on inside your head, Chiba?" Usagi demanded, eyes going over him from head to foot. Since she had rescued him, did this mean he was hers? A flush began to creep up over her face again and she turned away swiftly. "I have to head home, it will be night soon. Mom is cooking potstickers." She told him casually, walking away.

A warm hand wrapping about hers stopped her dead.

"Just where do you think you're going?" Mamoru came up behind her and, his free hand wrapping tightly about her waist and pulling her back against his chest. He bent down to speak into her ear. "Miss Moon?"

Hands! Lips on her ear! Mamoru's front pressed full against the back of her, doing delicious things to her tummy. For a few moments, Usagi's brain was overloaded with the sensations bombarding her. She melted back into his embrace involuntarily, wondering why it felt like she belonged there. But then his words hit home and she jerked upright again. "What? Miss Moon?" The blonde laughed nervously. "I have no idea what you mean."

"Stay right there," The dark-haired man warned her, removing his hand from hers for a moment. He opened the purse hanging at her side and began to rummage around. Good god, he had been right about everything under the sun being in there. He cringed when his hand touched on some sticky lollies, but then his fingers found a familiar shape!

"What are you doing in my bag, you pervert?" Usagi growled at him, tilting her head back to see his face. To her astonishment, his expression was triumphant. What the heck was he thinking?

"Ah ha!" Mamoru murmured, grinning down at her. She looked really cute with her head tilted back like that. And he briefly wondered what she would do if he kissed that pouting mouth. An upside down kiss sounded sort of exciting. "Something occurred to me after you bolted this afternoon." He went on, arm sliding about her waist so that he was fully hugging her. Luckily, she was still staring at him and hadn't looked down to see what he was holding.

"Oh?" She said warily, frowning at him. He was up to something, and Usagi didn't know if she liked that. He was also hugging her again. In public. How did she feel about that one? Weird! Excited and suspicious and angry all at once. He was still a jerk, which was proved by his yelling at her. What sort of moron got into a shouting match when his stalker had confronted him in a public place and announced to the world that she would date him? "You need therapy." Usagi informed him with a straight face.

What? Mamoru scowled. Here, he was trying to tell her he had found out her secret identity, not to mention that he was embracing her and probably wanted to date her, and she was telling him he needed a head shrink. "You're the most unromantic girl I know." The dark-haired man informed her, taking a hold of her waist and spinning her around so she was facing him.

"You've still got a hold of me, I notice," Usagi retorted, asking herself mentally just why she wasn't trying to get free. Was it because she was hoping he would kiss her again? He was a jerk! He was still a jerk and...and...a handsome one at that. Why did his smile have to be so bone-melting?! "What are you grinning at, jerk?" She snapped in frustration.

"Don't you want to know what I found in your bag?" Mamoru's grin widened into a smug one. "And what conclusions I came to as I followed you through that carpark-" He chuckled. "You looked really funny sneaking around the cars, by the way."

"Do you want another punch?" The Senshi of the Moon wared, showing him her fist. "Third times the charm, right?"

And she was surprisingly violent when provoked. But he didn't suppose that Usagi went around smacking just anyone. No, her worst enemy was a special case. Was he flattered or insulted. He rolled his eyes skywards and then he pulled his hand up between them, showing her what he had found.

The Star Locket...

"Oh crap. Oh damn it!" Usagi babbled in panic. This was the proof that she was Sailor Moon! How was she supposed to deny it now? The blonde began to struggle to get out of Mamoru's hold, but he wouldn't let her go.

"Where do you think you're going, Sailor Moon?" Mamoru asked her softly, a hand going to the back of her neck to hold her in place. His mouth came closer, eyes heated. "This couldn't have been a better discovery if I'd planned it myself."

"Huh?" She answered intelligently, stopping her struggles. Usagi wasn't stupid, no matter what anyone else thought, and it occurred to her to wonder just why Mamoru knew she was Sailor Moon just from the Star Locket. "How did you know?" She whispered, eyeing him warily. "About the Star Locket." Usagi's eyebrows came together as she tried to piece it all together. "The other Senshi don't even know-"

"That's right. But one other person does." He whispered back, lips touching hers in a lingering caress. He wanted to kiss her thoroughly, but they really needed to finish this important conversation. When her eyes closed, he felt a tender feeling envelope her. But first he had to finish it. "Right, Usagi?" Mamoru prompted, summoning a rose from his sub-space pocket.

When Usagi's eyes flew open, she gasped. There was a perfect red rose right in front of her, seemingly conjured from thin air. She knew Mamoru had not been holding one, despite the fact that they were surrounded by Melanie's presents. That could only mean...because only one other person knew about the locket... "Tuxedo Kamen?" She gasped, looking up into his deep blue eyes.

"You can imagine my surprise when I figured out the girl I fight with every day or so is actually the same girl that I rescue in every battle," He stared back at her in exasperation. "I can't believe I didn't see the similarities. I mean, you're both airheads-"

"Hey!" Usagi yelped in dismay. Tuxedo Kamen thought she was an airhead?! Mamoru already did, but this was just insulting!

"And a klutz, and a crybaby-" He went on, listing her thoughts.


"I always thought that rescuing you was a pain in the behind, actually, but we're both after the same goals."

"You say another word, and you'll be eating floor!" The Senshi of the Moon bellowed in outrage. How dare he?

"But...I have to admit that I also found her cute, and very appealing in a sense, and the rescues that were a chore began to be something I looked forward to," Mamoru admitted sheepishly. Rescuing a young girl had been a hassle at first, but he had become used to seeing her and even looking forward to. Now that he knew it was Usagi, whose kiss he enjoyed also, things were slowly falling into place.

Not that he would ever give up their battles for anything! It was the highlight of his day to have a shouting match with Odango Atama, and he felt that she was the same. "I-want to..." Mamoru almost bit his tongue off, trying to get the words out. Oh my god, was he actually going to do this? Was he insane? "Date you." He blurted out after a minute.

Usagi's mind went blank with shock. Date? Mamoru...Tuxedo Kamen...wanted to date her? Did that mean more kisses? But, she liked their fights, damn it! "I saw Tuxedo Kamen naked!" The words escaped her mouth before she could think about it. Open mouth, insert foot! Crap, he didn't need to know that she had seen him with no clothes on, courtesy of Jadeite's unerringly accurate blast of energy. His bare backside as he frantically flew away from the enemy, and the Senshi, had haunted her dreams for week afterwards.

Mamoru's mouth fell open. He gave her a confounded look filled with horror and then his arms were falling away. "Good god, Odango!" He choked out, feeling a blush rising in his cheeks for the first time in his life. She had seen it. Seen him! After a moment of frozen silence, the two finally looked at each other, cheeks burning. "What did you see-no never mind, I don't want to know." He muttered, covering his eyes with a hand.

"Uh...sure," She muttered back, wishing she had never said it. Usagi fiddled with the Star Locket, then she remembered the rose laying forgotten in Mamoru's hand. She tentatively snatched it out of his grasp and held it to her nose. "Umm...sure." She said again, louder. A pause. "I mean, I'll date you."

"Finally!" A voice burst into their conversation. "I thought you two would never get around to that. Not that it wasn't a great drama just now, sort of like watching the Hallmark Channel."

The two turned their faces towards the voice to see Motoki at the table beside them, face propped up on one hand in a totally absorbed manner. "So, you're Sailor Moon, and you're Tuxedo Kamen?" He queried, eyes glinting with excitement. When the two hurriedly looked about them for other viewers, they found the place empty. "It was closing time." The tall blonde man informed them. "Can I have the cake? Oh, and you didn't want the flowers right? Reika will lavish adoration on me if I come home with a car full!" He grinned.

"Umm-sure. Take it all," Mamoru shuddered and took Usagi back into his arms absently. She didn't struggle, or even look unhappy, so that made him feel absurdly content. Small steps were required in a new relationship after all, and they had a great deal to talk about, concerning themselves and the Dark Kingdom. "Just looking at it all makes me feel revolted."

"You have your own roses, right?" Usagi said, peering around at the mess of flora spilling over onto the floors from all the tables around them. Melanie must have been loaded.

"An unlimited supply, as it so happens, Odango," The upperclassman grinned and her and kissed her on the nose.

She smiled back at him-then calmly stood on his foot. "We'll have to work on your pet name for me," The blonde girl said, eyes glinting at him in a disconcerting way. And she would have to find a pet name for him. What had Melanie called him? Love muffin or something? Hmm, maybe just 'muffin', then it would remind her of her favourite foods. Usagi pulled a face at the thought, and glanced up at him from between her lashes, glad that he wasn't endowed with mind-reading abilities. She wasn't exactly sure what Tuxedo Kamen's powers were, other than the rose-throwing thing-oh and the flying.

...Usagi would wait till at least their third date to tell him how much she admired a man with a sexy backside, and she had it on first-hand authority that it looked good, especially bare!

"I happen to like the name, Odango Atama," Mamoru told her, with a devilish look. "It reminds me of my favourite food."

Oh my god, they were so alike it was scary! The Senshi of the Moon swallowed back her retort and decided to let it be.

Motoki got to his feet and approached, then slapped Mamoru on the back. "Good for you. I'm happy for you both." He stared pointedly at the clock on the wall. "Now, get out so I can close up!"

And then he was sauntering away, leaving his best friend and his new girlfriend gaping after him.

"I'll walk you home," Mamoru offered generously, putting out his arm for her to take.

Usagi stared at the proffered arm for a few seconds, then took it with a scowl. Her first impulse had been to ignore it, but they were going to be boyfriend and girlfriend from now on. She thought of something and glanced down at his feet, sporting his usual expensive shoes. Well soled and perfect for hurried escapes. She also had proof from his running after her earlier, that they would hold up to wear and tear. "You have your running shoes on, good." The blonde murmured, fighting back a gleeful grin.

The upperclassman's brows drew together, blue eyes perplexed as they looked down at her innocent-looking expression. Something was not right about what she had said, but for the life of him, he could not think what it was. "Why?" Mamoru demanded as they exited the Arcade and stepped into the night air.

A giggle escaped Usagi despite her best efforts. Her daddy was going to have a heart attack when his little girl came home with a guy! He might just strangle Mamoru, or go after him with that shot-gun he had stashed away. "I'll protect you." She told him, with a bright smile, only adding to his confusion.

Just getting to the first date would be interesting!

The End

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