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Fanfic Chapter 282: Tipping the Scale Pt 4: Retribution

Previously on Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami-Yugi was forced to face the cards that gave him so much difficulty, the cards which almost took his life and soul as well as destroy the world: the Pyramid of Light trap card which was the key to summon Sphinx Teleia, once the human lover to Anubis, now a vicious Shadow Monster. Andro Sphinx also summoned a monster version of himself. With two monsters stronger than his Dark Magicians, Yami-Yugi knew he couldn't attack them directly, but thanks to the magic card Dark Magic Attack, Yami-Yugi was able to destroy the Pyramid of Light, and thus, destroyed the monsters. But all he really did was give Andro Sphinx the conditions he needed to pool the two Sphinx monsters' powers together to form Theinen the Great Sphinx with over 3500 attack points. Tristan's group had more luck discovering a receipt that put Hinxton at or at least near the museum the night of the murder. And they also discovered that Hinxton and Dr. Hunter attended the same school, engaged in the same activities, with Hunter one-uping on Hinxton giving a plausible reason behind the theory that Hinxton did kill Dr. Hunter. One mystery is solved but can Yami-Yugi obtain the Millennium Scale?

Theinen loomed over Yami-Yugi growling. "I love your fear," Andro Sphinx said. "It was thanks to Kaiba's aid that you were able to beat him before, but now you have nobody backing you up. The one ally who was aiding you is now being prepared to become the new vessel of Anubis and all your other cohorts are too far away to be of any help. And I know that you can't do anything alone!"

"You underestimate my power, Andro Sphinx," Yami-Yugi said. "I switch Dark Magician Girl to defense mode and end my turn."

"Oh yeah, that's your true power," Andro Sphinx mocked. "The power to cower and hide, here is my true power. I pay 500 more life points to raise Theinen's attack points by 3000!"

"Three thousand!" Yami-Yugi gasped.

(A: 200)
(Y: 1200)

(TGS: 3500-6500)

"I also equip Theinen with Fairy Meteor Crush, now no matter what position your monster is in, you will lose life points. Theinen, attack his Dark Magician Girl! Victory is mine!" Theinen rose into the air, a large ball of energy formed in between its hands. Theinen released it at Dark Magician Girl.

"Victory isn't yours just yet," Yami-Yugi said sliding a card into the graveyard. Kuriboh (1) appeared. "Kuriboh, I need you now more than ever," Yami-Yugi said. "Protect us from that attack!" Kuriboh let out a firm coo and flew up in front of the blast. The blast engulfed Kuriboh but never reached Dark Magician Girl.

"How could that fur ball block my big attack?" Andro Sphinx asked.

"That's the miracle of Kuriboh," Yami-Yugi said. "Since I sent it to the graveyard, neither I nor Dark Magician Girl received any damage."

Andro Sphinx let out a loud growl which caused the cave around them to shake. "I don't need Theinen's special ability, I can destroy you the old fashion way!"

(TGS: 6500-3500)

"Maybe next turn," Yami-Yugi said drawing a card. Kuriboh, your sacrifice wasn't in vane, you allowed me to survive for another turn. "I set a card face-down and end my turn."

"Theinen, attack Dark Magician Girl again!" The monster lunged at Dark Magician Girl.

"I reveal my face-down magic card Reliable Guardian to raise Dark Magician Girl's defense points by 700."

(DMG: 1700-2400)

"It's too little, too late!" Andro Sphinx cried as Theinen stabbed its hand into Dark Magician Girl's stomach. Dark Magician Girl dropped her scepter and her body went limp before shattering.

(A: 200)
(Y: 100)

Though I hate having Dark Magician Girl sacrificed, Yami-Yugi admitted mentally. At least I was able to preserve some of my life points. But with my life points so low, there's no more room for error. If I don't finish him off now, he'll finish me off! Please, heart of the cards, I need your help. As Yami-Yugi drew a card, he felt a flash of warmth wash over him. He looked at the card and then up at Dark Magician. The two shared a nod. "I play a magic card, Thousand Knives!"

"But… with that…"

"That's right I can destroy a monster, just like… Theinen!" Dark Magician aimed his scepter. Knives came out of the jeweled end and stuck into Theinen's hide. Dark Magician kept firing until Theinen looked like a pin cushion. Finally, Theinen broke apart.

"Theinen! You destroyed the bond I shared with my sister and master!"

"The bond you and your sister shared with Anubis was nothing but a bond of servitude, a fake bond. Tell me, if you or Teleia were in trouble, would Anubis come to your rescue?"

"Of… of course he would."

"You sure, that doesn't sound very convincing. True bonds come from helping one another, you've helped Anubis, but has Anubis helped you?"

Any reply Andro Sphinx was about to give was interrupted by a huge rumbling.

In Hinxton's study, the others felt the shaking. "Great, if it isn't one thing, it's another," Tristan complained.

"Seto, can you hear me?" Mokuba asked through Kaiba's communication pin. "One of our geological satellites is reporting that your area is becoming very unstable."

"Elaborate," Kaiba requested.

"I'm accessing geological scans now. The mansion seems to have been built right between the tectonic plates."

"Yet more proof of Hinxton's instability," Amara said.

"There's more," Mokuba continued. "Comparing seismic records with the current shift indicate that the shift between the tectonic plates has decreased in dilation."

"What does that mean?" Amara asked.

"It means that the earthquakes won't be stopping any time soon," Kaiba explained.

"I ran some calculations and if the time between dilations keeps decreasing at this rate, you have about five minutes before the entire place comes crashing down on you!"

"Time to abandon ship," Kevin said.

"Just a second," Amara said. "I'll sound the evacuation alarm."

Amara's voice rang out over the PA system. Titan and Crowler were in their respective chambers. Shaheen and Gerard were in the hallways and Doe was still on the ramparts. "Everyone, listen, this place is standing on a fault line, it's going to collapse at any moment! You have to evacuate now!"

Crowler's high-pitch scream succeeded the announcement.

"You hear that, man?" Joey asked.

"No, I'm deaf as Beethoven," Harold said sarcastically. "Come on, Tea, time to abandon ship."

Tea looked from Harold and Joey to the ground behind her. "But… Yugi…"

Joey and Harold looked at each other before Harold said, "We'll wait two more minutes for him but if this place comes down around us, we're getting out of here no arguments."

"This place is going to come down around us," Yami-Yugi realized.

"How fitting," Andro Sphinx said. "I will go down destroying you, a fitting tribute to my master."

"The only one who's going to be destroyed is you," Yami-Yugi said. "For you see, I haven't attacked you yet. Dark Magician, attack him directly!"

"Go ahead, I'll just obliterate your Dark Magician and the rest of your life points!"

"No you won't," Yami-Yugi said as Dark Magician rushed towards Andro Sphinx. "Or have you forgotten that you're acting as Duelist, not as a Duel Monster." Andro Sphinx gasped. "Dark Magic Attack!" Dark Magician fired a blast from his staff. Andro Sphinx attempted to block that but slowly the blast hit him.

"No," Andro Sphinx cried. "I was so close! I WAS SO CLOSE!" The energy struck his body.

(A: 0)
(Y: 100)

Yami-Yugi breathed a sigh of relief as the black smoke started to converge on Andro Sphinx. Odion burst out of the sarcophagus and landed on the bridge. "My Pharaoh!"

"Odion, are you all right?" Yami-Yugi asked.

"Yes, thanks to you. Once again, I owe you a lot."

"I was thankful for your help," Yami-Yugi said.

The trembling started to increase.

"How do we get out of here?" Kevin asked.

"We won't be able to go back the way we came," Tristan said.

Faley reached under the desk and pressed something. A soft click came from the bookshelf. Faley went over and pushed a bookshelf in to reveal a secret passageway. "Hinxton built in several of these escape tunnels throughout the castle and surrounding grounds just in case he needed to get out quick."

"Figures a rat would have a way to escape from a sinking ship," Kaiba cracked.

"Save your jabbing for when we're in safer territory," Tristan said. Everyone entered the passageway just as the ceiling started to collapse onto the study.

"That's it, no more waiting," Harold said. "We're getting out of dodge!"

"No, we have to wait for Yugi," Tea said. "He might be in trouble, we must help him!"

"Before we can help Yugi, we have to live long enough to help him, so come on!" Joey grabbed Tea's hand and started to lead her over to the door.

The door then collapsed blocking them in. "Game over, man, game over," Joey said.

"Not yet," Harold said eyeing the window.

Tea tore away from Joey and ran over to the hatch and tried to pry it open.

"Tea, we can't get to him," Harold protested.

"We have to, we just have to rescue him."

"Are you sure it's Yugi you're worried about?" Harold asked firmly.

Tea froze up, her eyes just staring ahead. That enabled Harold to take her hand and lead her over to Joey.

"That was harsh, man," Joey whispered.

"It had to be done to protect her life," Harold whispered back. "Otherwise she would've perished along with this mansion."

"Hinxton must have had a way to escape if he won the duel," Odion said.

"Let's head back to the shaft we fell through, maybe there's…" But just then the bridge collapsed stranding the two Duelists on the bluff. "Oh no!"

"We're trapped."

"The scale…" The two turned and saw Hinxton, the actual Andros Hinxton, lying on the floor. Losing the duel to Yami-Yugi had banished Andro Sphinx's spirit to the Shadow Realm. Going over to the fallen Senator, they saw Hinxton point weakly towards the scale. "Underneath the scale… there is a button… it will open a passageway… that'll lead you out the other side of the mountain."

Yami-Yugi nodded in understanding and then turned to Odion. "Odion, can you help me carry him?"

"Of course, Pharaoh."

"No!" Hinxton cried hoarsely. "You'll never escape in time with me weighing you down."

"But Hinxton…"

"Yugi, I appreciate your concern but I do not deserve it."

"What are you talking about?"

"I did some horrible things. I lied, I supported a group trying to take over the world; I even killed Adam Hunter, my best friend." Yami-Yugi gasped at the revelation. "He and I were friends in school but deep down I resented him for always one-upping me. That is why I did what I did."

"That wasn't you, that was Andro Sphinx," Yami-Yugi protested.

"No, Andro Sphinx merely brought the anger and jealousy I kept bottled up for years to the surface and made me act on it. But the idea was all mine for that alone I should be left here to die. So you see, you deserve the Millennium Scale and a chance to escape, I deserve to remain here to die. But… Yugi… if you could do me one small favor… tell Kevin Hunter… that I shall suffer for my sins and his vengeance is fulfilled. Now go, before it's too late."

Yami-Yugi and Odion shared a concerned look before going over to the stone platform the Millennium Scale sat upon. Lifting it up, Odion revealed a red button. Pressing it caused a section of the wall to slide out and down revealing a set of stone steps.

"Odion," Yami-Yugi said. "I can understand where Hinxton is coming from, but I could not in good conscience just leave a man to die no matter what crimes he committed. We have to take him with us."

"The Pharaoh's word is law," Odion said. "Let us make haste." But as they turned to go back to Hinxton, the bluff they were on split in two and the half that Hinxton was on tumbled into the chasm.

"We were too late," Yami-Yugi said.

"Come, my Pharaoh, there is nothing more we can do." The two ascended the stone steps. Once they got past the threshold, Odion spotted another button and pressing it caused the wall to assume its original position blocking any excess debris from assaulting them.

On the outside, Tristan, Kevin, Kaiba, Faley, and Amara watched along with Titan, Crowler, Gerard, and Shaheen as the castle mansion started to implode around itself.

"Well there goes my summer job," Crowler sighed. "I wonder if that life guard job is still available.

Tristan looked around. "Oh no, Yugi, Joey, Tea, and Harold aren't here."

"They must still be in the tower," Kevin said.

"The same tower that's coming down right now," Kaiba pointed out.

Tristan, Amara, and Kevin watched in horror.

Suddenly, a piece of the roof of the tower burst outward. Harold (in his Avatar costume), holding Tea by the wrist and with Joey holding onto his back flew out. As they fell towards the ground, Harold fired his armlet. The shield pressed into the ground cushioning their descent.

"Man, Harold, must you always cut it close?" Tristan asked.

Amara hit him in the shoulder. "Don't you worry us like that again, Mister!"

"Sorry," Harold said.

"Where's Yugi?" Tristan asked.

Joey and Harold's heads lowered. "We don't know, we waited for him as long as we could but…"

Tea sunk to her knees.

Yami-Yugi and Odion exited from a cave. The sun had just finished its descent. "We made it," Yami-Yugi said relieved. He then saw the others. "And it looks like the others are all right."

"It's Yugi!" The others went over to him. "You all right, man?" Tristan asked.

"Yes, I am," Yami-Yugi confirmed. He cast a side glance at Tea. She advert her eyes. "What about all of you?"

"We all made it," Joey said. He then noticed the Millennium Scale that Yami-Yugi was carrying. "So that's one of those Millennium Items, huh?"

"It is. I now have five of the items and am one step closer to completing my destiny."

"And once you get all of them, then what?" Tristan asked.

"Hopefully, once all seven are gathered together, the past will finally be revealed."

"Well I have no idea what that means," Tristan said scratching his head. "But you can bet I'll be there backing you up, man."

"Same here," Harold said. He then saw Amara staring at the tip of her hair. "What's with you?"

"Checking to see how many gray hairs I have, seems like I've been getting quite a number of them hanging around with you guys."

The others chuckled.

Odion then made his presence known by walking up besides Yami-Yugi. Joey freaked, "It's you!"

"Oh great, it's Pseudo-Marik," Kaiba said sarcastically.

"You were my opponent during Battle City," Joey recognized. "Wait, I think your name was… Odion, wasn't it?"

"Yes, it is good to see you again, Mister Wheeler."

"Uh… same here, but just what are you doing here?"

"Odion came to retrieve the Millennium Scale for me," Yami-Yugi explained.

"You mean we didn't really have to do this?" Harold asked.

"One way or another, we had to do this, for Kevin's sake if not mine."

"So did you see Hinxton?" Kevin asked. "Did you duel him? Is that why you were so late?"

"Hinxton?" Yami-Yugi turned and stared at the ruined mansion. "No, just a specter of the past that needed to be brought down."

"Huh?" The others asked.

"I'll explain later." Yami-Yugi turned to Odion. "Odion, here." He handed the former Rare Hunter the Millennium Scale.

Odion was shocked and confused. "I don't understand, why are you giving this to me?"

"I would like you to keep this safe," Yami-Yugi said. "At least until I can join all seven of them."

"It is an honor to accept this momentous task, My Pharaoh," Odion said bowing.

"Not this stuff again," Kaiba groaned.

"You shut up," Amara hissed.

"I have something for you," Odion said taking out an envelope and handing it to Yami-Yugi.

"What is it?"

"When the time comes, you and Mister Kumara will know what to do with it."

"Wait, me too?"

"Yes, your Armlet is the key to unlock the chamber of the Pharaoh."

"And how will we know when the time has arrived?" Harold asked.

"The Pharaoh will know, he knows all." He bowed to the others. "Farewell, my friends, I hope… no, I know we will see each other again."

"Farewell, Odion, and thanks again for everything." And he turned and walked off.

"Guess that's my cue to skedaddle too," Faley said.

"Thanks for all your help, Faley," Harold said.

Faley tilted her head as she looked at Harold. She then went up to him and gave him a rather romantic kiss. Tristan's jaw dropped. "Thanks for the memories, sugar, we should get together sometime."

Harold was flustered. "But I mean… uh… er… wouldn't your w… I mean… aren't you taken?"

Faley burst into laughter. "That's what I love the most about you, sugar, your so impressionable. Tah-tah, kiddies." And she turned and walked away in the opposite direction.

Tristan whined, "How come Harold gets all the girls?"

"Man, I'll never understand women," Harold said scratching his head.

"Then we better give you a crash course before you get married," Amara said slapping him on the back.

"Huh? What? I'm getting married? Why? To who?" Harold's knees were wobbling.

"It better not be to Serenity," Tristan muttered under his breath. Unfortunately for him, Joey heard him and gave Tristan a palm slap to the back of the head.

"I guess I better get going too," Kevin said.

"Kevin, are you going to be all right?" Yami-Yugi asked.

Kevin nodded, "I finally know the truth behind my father's death, and now… I think I can move on."

"I'm sure your father would be proud of the person you had become, Kevin," Yami-Yugi said.

"Mai would too," Joey threw in.

"Thanks for your help, everyone," Kevin said. "For me and my father." He turned and walked away.

"I'm sure he's going to be all right," Joey said. Yami-Yugi nodded.

"Well I'm beat," Tristan said. "Let's head home."

"That's the first smart thing you ever said, Taylor," Kaiba said.

Everyone headed off but Tea hung back staring at the rising moon. The Pharaoh is one step closer to finding his memories, but after that he'll be gone forever. I don't think anyone wants that to happen, especially not me. But… what if it was Yugi who was leaving and not the Pharaoh, would I feel just as bad? I don't… I can't…

"Tea, are you coming?" Amara called back.

"Yeah, coming," she said and followed after her friends.

Doe was the only one left, having escaped with the help of Shaheen. She just watched as Yugi and his friends disappeared. After taking one last look at the ruined mansion, she too left.


Kevin Hunter ran up the steps to the apartment he shared with his cousin. The mail was piling up and Kevin knew he should probably sort it. Most of the mail was of course addressed to Mai. Kevin kicked off his shoes and carried the mail inside. Most of it was bills; there were also a few circulars and a letter from Rebecca. Suddenly a package fell out of the pile. It was small and rectangular, there was no return label, no post mark, not even a stamp. Curious, Kevin unwrapped the sky blue paper and opened the small box.

He gasped. Clutching the box, he dropped to his knees.

The End

Duel Monster Database

Name: Kuriboh
Level: 1
Type: Fiend/Effect
Attribute: Dark
ATK: 300
DEF: 200

A/N: And so ends the second of my three original Yu-Gi-Oh! Avatar arcs. I would like to thank everyone who stuck around to read it. And next is the big one, the one story arc that had probably around 2.5 duels and lots of surprises. Expect more surprises as everything is revealed. Stay tuned for the next Yu-Gi-Oh! Avatar story arc.

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