on destiny island two friends were playing a game with toy swords. "ok try a combo now, and be careful." the 16 year old boy said to the 15 year old girl. she whent hard and hit him 17 times but he blocked each one of her attacks. "your strong riku." she said as she sat on the beach. riku walked away and said, "i got to go kairi." "o, ok." she said waving at him. she got on her feet and closed her eyes as she felt the wind on her face. "kairi." a familer voice said and walked to her. "hi sora." kairi said and walked to him. " you comen on the isle with me and riku." sora said " soon i have to do something." "ok see ya." sora said running to the isle. suddenly kairi saw a bottle in the water and picked it up. she ran to riku and sora how were talking. "nothings changed." riku said looking at the sun rise. "nope nothing will. hey riku what do you think it was the door to the light." sora said wile riku jumed of the bent paupu tree. "this." " this." sora said looking at his heart. " yea, its always closer than you think." sora smiled. "sora, riku." kairi said running at them. "hey whats that." "look." she said "from the king." sora said taking the letter from her hands. they all looked at the letterover soras shoulder.

dear riku sora and kairi.

sorry to bug you but we got proublems. come to the hall of the cornerstone at my castle. mickey

"lets go." sora said. "how?" roxas are you there. /yea why./ we need to get to other worlds so help./ k i got just the thing./ thanks./ noproblem. a dark portal apeared in front of sora."how did." riku and kairi said in unison. "lets go." sora said going in the portal. "i love nobodeis." sora said when riku and kairi had that oh look on there face. when they arived at the HOC sora saw a dark portal infront of him. "what is that." he asked and went in. riku and kairi followed. "forgoten we are but live among. the shatered bond and broken heart that gives us form. and the key to become us in we who protect all." a strange voice said. "what was that." sora said. but then they were flung out of the portaland on the ground in the HOC. "owe." kairi wined and got up. "what was that. what did he mean." sora asked wile riku sruged his shoulders in confusion. "early ey." mickey said. " your magesty." they said in unison. "we got problems. see a strange force showed itself and i fear that the worlds may be in danger." the king said as yensid walked in the door. "sora i must tell you something about this new enemy'. "im al ears." sora said. "a man nown as the master of the keybalde is coming. he comand thousands of keybldes. and is a well known sordsman. but the only ones who stood a chance were the chasers. the chasers were keyblade wielders and mickeys ancestors hired them. the chasers are bounty hunters collecting hearts and returning to the person, they made qeet a living. bravely they fouwt but lost. it took all there power to put him into a state of suspended anamation and they suffered greatly." yen sid said. "so how can we beat him, if hes as strong as you say we will be fried." riku said. "dont not be afraid the three of you ca do it." yen sid persisted. "but kairi cant come." sora said and kairi looked at him angraly. "why not." she said annoyed. "because you are not as strong as me and riku and i cant let anything happen to you." "no she must come, only the tree of you can acomplish this goal, she wields the keyblade too." yen sid said. " thank you someone trusts me atleast." she said happely. "now go back to your island and pack we will be gone for awile." mickey said. "o.k." sora said closing his eyes. roxas help/sora my powers are weak so i can only make two more portals ok/ ok/ good. the portal aperaed and they all walked through.

they came to the island and saw a boy colapsed in the sand. "hey are you ok." they all asked. "he's not breathing." kairi said and then gave CPR. sora had an angry look on his face. riku noticing soras jelasy chuccled a little. the boy woke up coufinf a bit then stood up. "thankyou you saved my life." "o shure." kairi said slightly blushing but then asked, "who are you." "im zink." zink said as he looked around and said, "were am i." "destiny island." sora said in a slightly angry tone. "wait what happened to my home." he said and in a short state of shok. "tell us what happened." kairi said. "i was making diner than i ran away from home." "why." riku asked. "my parents were abusive to me and... never mind any way." the boy dressed in black jeans, white t-shirt, a black lether jaket, black hair, jade green eyes, and biker boots said, "theys jiant things attacked me and i forget the rest." "thats tereable." kairi said. "lets go we need to hurry." mickey said and yen sid said , "we'll wait here. now go." they ran to there houses and packed food, drinks, extra clothes, and picters of there family. they ran fast so there parents wouldnt catch them. at the beach, "STOP." soras, rikus, and kairis parents yelled together. "were do you think your going young man." soras mom said. "will you be gone another year riku." rikus dad said. he stuttered, "mabey." " your not going and thats that kairi." kairis grand ma said. "were sorry but we must go, its our duty to save the worlds from the darkness." sorras mom yelled, "N.O NO." rikus dad said, "think we'll believe that." with an angry tone. sora pulled out his keyblade with the flash of light and explained every thing. after the story yen sid the king and zink came to help talk them into it. " but i cant lose you sora." soras mom said. "we'll be fine, basides you got my nobodie looking after me." he said and roxas came out in his gostely form. "dont worry mom, i know the darkness like the back of my hand." roxas said. soras mom was shoked and said, "i have twins." "in a way, yes." sora said as a dark portal appeared in front. kairis grand mother pulled kairis hear and said, "you not going." kairi ran inside and so did riku, sora, mickey, yen sid and zink.

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