The sun is rising and there is a beautiful golden glow that fills the field of flowers. The flowers range from violets, red roses, and healthy dafadills (I don't know alot of flows). A young man is walking down the path enjoying the beautiful sight, he starts gathering some of the flowers for something. The boy begins to talk, no sound comes from his moving but still able to hear. "Thank you for all that you have done." The boy said. He has brown spiky hair, Blue eyes, and has a white T-shirt on. He has blue shorts on. On his feet he had sandles. Then a young girl comes. the two look no older than 5. The girl had long dirty blond hair. She had a large long sleeve shirt that went down to her nees. It hides the broun shorts that she has. She had white sandles and blue eyes. They were playing a game of tag, runing around and laugphing. Every second there were a bit more clouds than usual, untill it completly blocked out the sun.


We controle all

Short, I know but compared to the game KHII the secret ending is short. Who are the mysteryess children, were are they, what do those words mean, and why does it grow dark?