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"Come on, we have to find them!" Azula yelled. All five others followed her as she ran out of the area. "Split up!" Zuko yelled.

Haru, Jet, and Zuko ran in one direction and Azula, Mai and Ty Lee ran in the other direction.


Just by the giant smoke cloud that Aang had made two individuals watched from behind some bushes. "Come on Toph! We have to go see if Katara is okay!" Yue whispered.

"And we need to find out who she was with." Toph replied. Yue nodded and then the two were quick on their feet and quietly followed Katara and Aang, making sure that nobody knew that they were following them.


Katara and Aang were still running. As Katara looked back she saw the distance figures of Zuko, Jet, and Haru. Katara grabbed Aang's hand and pulled him down an ally and around the corner of a building. Then she led him around another corner and stopped for a second. She poked her head around the corner and quickly pulled it back as Haru, Jet, and Zuko ran past the ally.

Katara gave a sigh relief and again grabbed Aang's hand and spoke. "Come on!"

Katara took Aang down some backstreets and then to a store. They ran inside and ducked under the counter and out the backdoor pausing only a second for Katara to speak to the woman running the store. "Hi Ms. Yagoda!" she yelled.

"Hello Katara, here take this basket of food home for you and you're brother." She said giving Katara the basket.

"Thanks!" Katara yelled as she ran out of the store with the basket. She handed the basket to Aang as they approached the back yard. Katara pulled Aang towards a big fence and then she jumped it followed by Aang.

"Where are we going?" he asked.

"Short cut!" Katara yelled as she saw Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee coming up from behind them.

They down through another ally but this one was a dead end. Up above their heads was a fire escape. Katara quickly flipped and reached the ladder. She climbed up and reached her hand out to Aang. He gladly took it and hoisted himself up and they climbed to the roof.

When they go to the top Katara rushed over to the corner and stopped to talk to Aang. "Do exactly what I do and hurry!" she spoke in a whisper. Taking action she jumped off of the roof and slid down the gutter. Aang followed orders and did what she did.

Above them Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee were looking around baffled because they didn't know where they went.

Katara, however, took this as an opportunity and ran down a few more streets cut through some allies and finally arrived at Katara's house.

Katara pulled a key out of her pocket and opened the door and they ran in. She then shut the door and locked it tight. Sokka was in the kitchen eating and didn't even notice that she came home. "Sokka! I'm home and I'll be in my room!" she yelled as she pulled Aang upstairs and into her room and shut the door.

They both collapsed on her bed panting heavily. "You okay?" Aang asked Katara.

"Yeah, just tired." She responded.

"You were so amazing!" Aang shouted excitedly. "I mean…you really know this neighborhood!"

Katara blushed. "Thanks." She responded. "Once you've lived here your whole life you kinda have everything wired."

"But what about you? How did you jump so high when you saved us? I mean that's like impossible unless you're an-" Katara started.

"Unless I'm an Airbender?" Aang finished.

Katara was speechless. "Katara, I am an Airbender." He said.

"But wait…then that means…" Katara suddenly stopped.

"It means I'm the Avatar." Aang said.

Katara just stared as realization struck her. "You're the Avatar?" she asked. Aang nodded

"You're the Avatar…" she repeated

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