Six year old Haruno Sakura ran to her home where her parents were waiting for her to start they're mission to Suna.


Sakuras mom tried hurriedly to unlocked the door to there temporary apartment for her husband who was carrying a sleeping Sakura. " Ami hurry she's slipping" Sakuras father demanded. You're a ninja and you can't even hold a sleeping six year old? Ami thought bitterly. During they're stay Sakuras parents have to assist the Kazekage in anyway they can.

Sakura slowly cracked one eye open to peer around an unfamiliar room, she bolted upright and ran out of the room. Her parents were no where in sight, all she found was a note on the kitchen table.

Dear Sakura;

Your father and I were summoned to the Kazekage early feel free to go to the park down the street but don't wander to far.

Love, mom and dad.

Sakura sighed, I bet they just tease me about my forehead she thought as she headed out the door. She carefully made her way to the park where she saw a group of kids playing soccer, as Sakura opened her mouth slightly to call out to them she could only gasp as she saw the soccer ball fly right for her face. She shut her eyes tight waiting for the pain but it never came, slowly she opened her eyes to see the soccer ball inches from her face wrapped in sand.

Sakuras eyes followed the sand back to its owner who was a boy about her age with crimson red hair and sea foam green eyes. She was suddenly snapped out of her trance by hearing the other kids gasp. Slowly turning around she was met with about five terrified faces she opened her mouth to ask what was wrong but was interrupted. " Its him! Its Sabuko no Gaara!!" one of the kids yelled and some whimpered in fright in response before they all ran off.

Gaara looked at the running children painfully, his sand swirled around him dangerously as a dark voice commanded him to kill them for running away from him. One hand reached up to clutch the cloth covering his heart, why ,he thought , kill them, kill them for running, ki- " Wait! Why are you leaving?!" said the person who interrupted the voice in my head. I turned around to see a little girl with pink hair and emerald green eyes. Why isn't she running away Gaara thought, drag her over here and maybe she will play said the oh to familiar voice in his head. But Gaara ignored the voice as the little girl began to cry, " Even here no one wants to be my friend" he heard the girl mumble to herself.

Gaara gulped nervously before speaking, " would y-you like t-t-to pl-play with m-me" Gaara stuttered quietly. Sakura looked up and wiped her eyes before grinning, " Sure!!" she said jumping up and flashing a bright smile to Gaara. Gaara blushed slightly but nodded, " Do you want to swing?" he asked. Sakura blushed in embarrassment before answering, " I-I don't know how to swing though" Sakura said. Gaara smiled slightly, " its okay I'll push you" the pink on Sakuras cheeks darkened to match her hair and she nodded.


Hours past and the two played many games like, soccer, tag, and sometimes just sat and talked. Gaara was having the time of his life, he wasn't alone anymore and when he was near Sakura the voice in his head seemed to disappear. Sakura was currently sitting in the grass beside Gaara talking about anything and everything until she suddenly noticed the sun was setting. " oh! I have to go or I'll be late for dinner" Sakura exclaimed jumping to her feet she was about to run off when she felt a hand grab her wrist. She turned around to face Gaara who had panic written all over his face, " I will see you again right?" Gaara asked a little afraid of the answer. Sakura beamed at him, " of course you will, meet me here tomorrow okay Gaara? ….. You're my best friend!" She said excitedly hugging him and running off giggling.

Gaara slowly trudged home thinking about what Sakura had said, friend that word ran through his mind as he was walking home. As soon as he saw his home he bounded off, opening the door he ran inside to find Yashamaru who was in the kitchen. " Yashamaru! Guess what! I made a friend today!" Gaara yelled happily. " You did?" Yashamaru asked wearily. " Yeah her names Haruno Sakura!" He exclaimed before running to his own room. Yashamarus face expressed shock and fear, that's my new teammates little girl he thought worriedly, please, let him keep control around her he pleaded.

Sakura ran into her own home only to be crushed in a tight embrace, " oh sakura I was so worried it was almost dark" Her mother cried. " its okay mom I was just playing with my new friend" Sakura answered. " You made a friend Sakura that's great!" Her mom exclaimed. " yep! His names Gaara!" Sakura said and ran up to her room before her mom could say anything. Ami walked into the kitchen where Sakuras father was drinking coffee, " Dear I think we need to send Sakura back to Konoha" Ami started. " Why?" He asked. Ami leaned down and whispered everything that Sakura had said to her husband whose face was growing paler by the second. After Ami's story was done Sakuras father could only nod in agreement. " tomorrow we send Sakura home" Her father agreed.