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Sakura's view:

As the black splotches cleared from my eyes I found myself staring up at a bright white ceiling.

The hospital.

Of course I was in the hospital...Where else would I be after that?

I sighed and leaned back against the overly-fluffed pillow they always put on hospital beds, as if a fluffy pillow would distract you from all the pain your in. I knew I should be worried sick about Gaara and Sasuke, but I just knew things were going to work out for both of them. I also knew Gaara must be furious at me, but I was sure we would both make it okay as well.

Back in the forest I made a choice that would change my life forever. I would follow Gaara. I loved him, loved him more than Konoha, and my broken life here. I would follow Gaara where ever he went.

"Sakura-chan! Your awake! I was so worried about you...They said you almost died." My head snapped up to see Naruto run into the room, and straight to my bedside.

"Nar-" Just as I opened my mouth to ask him the obvious question about what happened he cut me off. Ugh. So the typical Naruto.

"They said you almost died Sakura-chan! You probably would have to if not for my awesome timing!" I watched him warily as he paced at the foot of my bed.


"They had to lock Sasuke up! He really flipped out before that Gaara guy knocked him out. I don't know what you could have been thinking to make you do tha-!"

"NARUTO!! SHUT UP and listen to me!" He opened his mouth to protest but the words never came as he looked into my eyes.

"Naruto, I need to know what happened. A-and...is Gaara okay?" Was I had his attention I continued in a softer voice. "I know you don't like him... But I-I love him Naruto." I let my voice fade, visibly wincing when the rooms sudden atmoshere turned solemn.

"You want to know what happened?" Not trusting my voice I nodded in response, keeping my eyes locked on my trembling hands that rested in my lap.

"Once I got there..."


I skidded to a stop once I entered the clearing where I had heard a battle taking place. And sure enough there stood Sasuke and Gaara, Gaara with his back...well I think its his back...just sorta deformed, but yeah, with his back to me.

I stiffened, the smell of fresh blood hit me hard.

It wasn't just me either, both Gaara and Sasuke seemed frozen in place. I felt a frown slid into place on my face...Now that I could see them I did notice Sasuke's face was splattered with blood. Well covered in blood would be a better word, even drenched. I began to tremble as my gaze locked on his hair...it was dripping blood, like he just got out of a shower.

"S-Sasuke?" I took a few shaky steps forward and froze again, shock numbing my whole body and every reaction.


Her eyes were wide and dilated in either shock or pain. I couldn't tell, blood was dribbling down her chin too but thats not what held my attention. What held my gaze was Gaara's arm stuck inside her whole abdomen. Her blood had soaked the entire ground, making it look as if the earth was bleeding.

I ran forward and skidded to a stop in front of them, tugging at Gaara's shoulder.

"What are you doing?! Do something...Snap out of it!" My words seemed to wake Gaara up, I immediately let go of him as he began to slowly slide his arm out of Sakura's middle. I moved and caught her before she hit the ground. Her eyes had fluttered closed.


My fists had clenched on my lap by the time Naruto was ending his story.

"And then when Sasuke tried to take you away from me Gaara flipped, and threw him against a tree!" He threw his arms up for emphasis before sinking to the foot of my bed.

"Sasuke's changed...He woke up a few hours before you did, a-and when he did he attacked the nurse." His eyes had lost all of their previous excitement from when he was talking about the battle...Now all they held were a deep sadness.

"They had to lock him away, Sakura-chan. It...It just wasn't him!" His eyes were filled with tears, tears that I knew he held back for me. I let out a long sigh, Naruto was always trying to be strong for me, and strong for everyone. But the look on his face right now made me want to hug him.

"Naruto...I-I don't want to be rude but...but where is Gaara?" I watched as he stiffened, the tears in his eyes receding for a moment.

"Sakura-chan, you really love him don't you?" I studied him carefully but there was nothing but serenity and...sadness in his eyes.

"Yeah," I blushed and looked away from his face,"Yeah, I really do." His eyes saddened further and I felt even worse. I was just about to comfort him when he cut me off.

"I could be selfish, and tell you that he doesn't deserve you but I've seen the way he looks at you, and how you look at him." He sighed and I reached out for him, desperate to comfort him somehow, but he only brushed me away.

"He said he was leaving today. Going back to Suna." I felt my heart sink. How could he just leave? After everything that happened to us.

"Don't give up Sakura-c-Sakura. Don't let him walk away without a fight!" He flashed me his usual grin but somehow this one seemed duller, sadder than his usual.

"Well, what are you waiting for Sakura?! Go to him."

I ran as fast as I could through Main Street, not pausing to even process the angry shouts I heard from behind me. I could not miss him, I just couldn't.

I sped up as the village gates came into view, sighing in relief as I saw four familiar figures just approaching it. I was catching up. I could see him clearly now, and it was like seeing him for the first time.

His bright crismon locks stood out the most from the rest of his family. And from where I was I saw the faint outlining of his arm and back muscles. The ones I knew looked better up close,...and uncovered.

"Gaara! Wait!" I stopped right behind him, watching as his whole body tensed. The other members of his family looked to Gaara, disappearing with a blur of speed when Gaara nodded his head.

"Gaara...How could you just l-leave?" I told myself I wasn't going to cry over him but I could already feel the the tears swelling in my eyes. Gaara turned slowly around, his expression carefully blank.

"I have to return to Suna." His voice was colder then I had ever heard it. He didn't even meet my gaze.

"B-but what about u-us?" My voice began to crack as I began to tremble. I couldn't live if Gaara left me.

I stared at Gaara in shock, after everything that he put me through he had no right to just walk away. I frowned as I watched Gaara begin to tremble, his fists clenching at his side.

"I almost killed you!" His sand spun wildly around his feet as he spoke, and as weird as it sounds I was happy. I was happy because I now knew he didn't want to leave to get away from, just to protect me. Protect me from himself.

"You know I don't care about that, Gaara. I love you." I spoke slowly and softly, to make sure he heard every word of my confession. But that only seemed to make him madder.

"But Icare about that!...You might have been saved this time but what about next time?" He sighed, looking down at his feet. "I can't lose you Sakura."

"Then what...what am I suppose to do? What about us?!" I had had enough, I launched myself into Gaara's arms. And I could have cried for joy when I felt his arms around me, crushing me to his chest.

"Naruto...got me thinking. I want to change, I don't the demon to rule my life." He spoke quietly into my ear as if he were embarrassed to be admitting this. I frowned even though I knew I should be happy for him.

"A-And what about us?" I choked on my words, already knowing that his plans didn't include me, at least not yet.

"I can't risk losing you..." I felt his lips press against my head as my tears spilt. "But I'll come back for you." I pulled his head up and crushed my lips to his, desperate for some kind of closer. My heart fluttered with joy as he kissed me back, his hands fisting in my hair. After a few minutes we pulled apart, both of us gasping for air.

"I'll be waiting for you, Gaara."


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