Disclaimer: Not Mine. Summary: While touring Hogsmade, Snape sees a runaway slave and catches her. When he sees who her "masters" are, he buys her and allows her to stay with him. At first, this girl is nothing but trouble and rebels at the slightest thing. But slowly, as the days pass and months blend into seasons, she starts to like him…a lot. What will happen when she finds out his past and present job? And if Voldemort and the Death Eaters go to Snape's house for the summer, for a meeting, will this girl blow his cover just for her freedom?

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The Grim Reaper strolled from Hogwarts grounds and towards Hogsmeade. From a distance, anyone could mistake Professor Severus Snape as the Grim Reaper. A scowl was attached to his face as he stalked over there. It was the first Monday of winter and, because of recent actives in Hogsmeade, no students were allowed. That was a small relief for the Potions Master.

Earlier that day, as Severus attempted to read a Muggle mystery book, Dumbledore walked in and insisted…psh, commanded that he'd take a break. Where to? Hogsmeade of course! So there went his plans of relaxing with a nice book and elf made wine! As if that hadn't put him in a bad mood, the weather was freezing and clouded with rain that refused to transform into snow.

When he reached the deserted area, he noticed just one bar was open and full of shouting men; the Three Broomsticks. Just as he placed his hand on the door, a sign caught his attention. It read: "Slave Auction Tonight Only!" His upper lip curled in disgust. What kind of human in their right mind would willingly sell others to some perverted old men? Then again…with what he's been and seen, he didn't want to answer that without sounding hypocritical.

He made his way towards the abounded Candy Shop when he heard a loud booming laugh. Glancing behind him, he saw two figures; one was round with beady eyes and sausage like hands which gripped the girl's arm. A screech of a different language was heard as the girl, who had her back turned to Snape, struggled in vain. The fat man frowned, holding onto her forearms. It was obvious that he understood the language.

In a swift blur of a motion, the man raised his hand and slapped her across the face. Not expecting the force, she fell to the ground and skidded in the mud. Her body was tense with adrenalin. Quickly, she stood up and broke into a stumbling run. The suit wearing guy yelled, "Stop that girl!"

She got a few yards away before Snape grabbed her arms, effectively stopping her escape. As she twisted and turned, her long jet black hair swung wildly around her, making it impossible to see any more details of her face. The over weight man stopped and rested against a wall, breathing heavily. "She's…mine!" He exclaimed. It was a short distance; surely he wouldn't have a heart attack from it…right?

Severus raised an eyebrow as the girl calmed down, "She's but a child, why would you buy her? I highly doubt…" It hit him like a ton of bricks. Ignoring the churn of his stomach, he threw a large amount of gold towards his direction. "All that for her, deal?" The greedy pig grabbed the money and took off.

Snape looked back at her and, as gentle as he could be, brushed her hair from her face. He noted that the jet black hair had highlights of dark green, wondering if they were natural. Her pale face was caked with dirt and a few bruises, one recent from a few minutes ago. Dark green eyes stared with fear and anger, a few strands of green hair falling in front of her face. Her almost black lips opened only to insult him, "Le cochon, me permettre d'aller!" (Pig, let me go!) Severus gave a mock glare as he pulled her closer, ensuring she wouldn't try to run.

"What's your name? Or must I give you one?" He questioned with his usual sneer. She turned her head sharply, taking a new interest in the mold covered brick wall. Taking advantage of her distracted state of mind, he glanced her up and down. Thin cuts covered her thin yet muscled legs, scars around her wrist and ankles and neck gave the impression that she was kept tied up.

Repeating himself once more, he grew impatient and grasped her chin. Forcing her to turn to him, he stared into her eyes. "Jade Taylor, eh?" He shoved her back a bit after finding his answer. She looked a little shocked but didn't reply, just bit his hand to move back. She didn't run, just stood there and looked at him.

"…What name should I detest for buying me?" Jade spat with weak venom, somewhat relieved she was away from the other guy.

He raised an eyebrow, tilting his head slightly so his greasy hair would fall on his shoulder, "Detest? I saved you from that perverted pig…unless you'd like to go back." When she shook her head, he went on, "I'm Severus Snape, Potions Master of Hogwarts. Come along." Not waiting for her response, he turned and headed back to the school.

Jade glared at his smug attitude but said nothing, following against her will. It took a while but when they reached it, her mouth dropped in amazement. The castle was huge and down right beautiful! Ignoring the students whispering behind their backs, Jade jogged after Snape downstairs into the dark gloomy dungeons. With a disgusted sneer, she turned her nose up, "This place is vile!" Of course this wasn't the worse place she had lived in but still.

Looking at him from the corner of his eye, the Potion master frowned, "This is where you'll be living. Unless you'd like to be in the slime covered rat infested Forest." Jade didn't bother to answer, looking around silently.

They stopped abruptly, making the girl collide into him once more. He whispered a password to a portrait of a snake. Immediately, it opened and showed a whole different room. The cold floor against her bare feet was covered in areas of black carpet, the couches were silver and leathery, the fireplace rested under a bunch of dark green curtains.

"You'll be sleeping in the same bed with me so don't get any funny ideas, girl. During…" Snape didn't get that far for an elder man with a long white beard walked in. He looked like a grandfather; the twinkle in his blue eyes gave a calming sense through his half moon glasses, his smile gentle.

Jade quickly hid, watching closely and listening. "Ah, Severus my boy!" He smiled as he walked inside.

Snape glared, "Headmaster, you deliberately told me to go to that place so I would find her! You knew they were having a slave auction!"

The man looked innocent, "No, Severus, I merely sent you there to relax. It's purely coincidence that you found the girl. But I must know, what do you plan to do with the young witch?"

Collapsing in the armchair, the Potions Master poured himself Fire whiskey. "I suppose she can attend classes, but I don't want her to be in any house. If she gets in trouble, I shall deal with her myself. Since winter breaks coming up, I'll allow her to stay at my house or here with me."

Jade bitterly thought, "So he plans to keep me on a short leash…not for long!" Silently, avoiding the chatting men, she walked out and into the maze of stone walls. She knew she looked like a mess with dirt covering nearly every inch of her body, but she didn't care.

After climbing the never-ending stairs, she looked at the huge door which she entered. Glancing around to make an escape, she sprinted outside and stopped as the sun came out. The grounds were silent with the occasion song from the birds. She was lost in thought as she walked on and on. Her new master seemed cold and mean but so far didn't even threaten to hit her! Plus, she would attend classes and meet new people. That thought scared her but at the same time made her anxious. She needed to talk to people, to friends perhaps, since she had been alone for years.

Not noticing the Quidditch practice going on, Jade looked at the sky and walked passed it. "Watch out!" A panicked voice reached her ears. Turning to the direction of the voice, she gasped to see a bludger coming at her full force. Closing her eyes, she held her arms in front of her and waited for the pain to come.

But it didn't, however. Instead of the pounding force from the bludger, she felt two arms encircle her and turn her away from the attacking bludger. Looking up, she saw…

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