Title: Galleria
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Genre: Gen/Drama
Version: Anime/Manga
Rating: PG

The white wall was stark and naked with the sunlight streaming in. She stood before the portrait, looming over her. "Hm," someone murmured. Glancing to her right, she saw his pale form, almost blending into the wall beyond him. He was almost a ghost – a half-dream.

"Do you like roses, madam?" He asked politely, and if one did not know him, they would have taken his question to be a serious one. His face was impassive, but she did not miss that small sparkle of light when he glanced back at her from the corner of his eye.

She did not answer right away, but turned back to the portrait. "Do you like peeking into other people's dreams?" she asked causally as she crossed her arms instead. She cradled her limbs as the dark of her suit made her stand out against the whites and greys and blacks before and around them.

"Only if it interests me," he answered, playing along and not at all insulted by her easy accusations.

"Should I be disturbed?" she wondered aloud. "What if it's a very private dream? People have those, you know, Priest?"

His lips twitched as if he was suppressing a grin. "I will keep my mouth shut about those. I am good with confessions." He put his hands behind his back and loosely clasped them when she did not argue with him on the nature of confessions or dreams or secrets. "Should I bring you roses next time? You make allusions to them so often in your dreams."

"No," she answered and did not tease him about spying on her more than once, or act surprised that he had watched her at all up to this point. "Do you like women with long hair?" she added casually instead.

"Should I?" he retorted with the same ease.

"Cotton candy?" a man in a suit with a pink ball of sugar offered the pale-haired man beside her. He glanced at her surprised. His mouth twitched again when he saw her casually sipping wine from a flute that had not been there before.

"Doing away with subtleties tonight?" he asked with a quirk of his eye brow as he accepted the offer.

She smiled secretively as he took a piece of the sugary fluff. "Am I?" she asked him with the same attitude he had given her but moments ago. "It is my dream after all. Should I not be able to do as I please with it?"

He paused and looked down to see a white rabbit nudging at his leg. It was as pale as his pale trousers with red eyes, quivering ever so slightly as it shivered against him. "Tease," he accused her lightly as he licked the sugar off his fingers. "You're much better at being mysterious awake," he told her.

"Since we are doing away with subtleties," he said. A rose suddenly blossomed from the center of the portrait, amongst the spread of dark hair and red petals. He reached up and plucked it out, leaving not a blemish on the picture before them. His long fingers tenderly pulled the flower to him. He turned and extended his hand to her then, offering her a gift more directly.

"Two can play this game," she told him with a bored expression on her face but held no menace. She did not elaborate on who, of the two of them, she was referring to.

The pale priest only smiled at her. He still offered her his rose. "It won't clash with your suit," he told her as he raised his arm up a little higher without a timid tremble or a side-ways glance of discomfort. For a priest, he was bolder than he looked.

"No," she drawled out at last and finally took the flower from his hand. "I don't suppose white can clash." She said to the white man in the white room, almost sardonically. The smile on her face was, however, very tender as she tucked the flower into her breast pocket, close to her heart.

He lowered his hand and smiled at her with equal tenderness, but did not reply.