Dear Hermione
by Summer_Dragonfly

Note: Follow-up to the fic "I Thought You Loved Me". As always, a H/H fic. Seriously not for those
who are Harry/Cho shippers. I don't own Harry, Hermione, or Cho.

Dear Hermione,

I can feel the sweat in my hand gripping this eagle-feather quill right now. I
don't know how to put this in words, Herm. I just hope you can forgive me after all
these months. I never knew about your feelings for me, Herm. I never knew. I
wish I could tell you why I did what I did back in seventh year, but I am just
so ashamed about it that even now I can't put it into words.

Herm, first off, I want to say that I am so terribly sorry for what I did. I know
I shouldn't blame anyone, but Cho---she forced me. It doesn't matter now. I never
knew we were so serious Hermione. I remember when I made you the promise that I would love you
until the end of time. I know I can't just kiss you and make it all better. I
know I hurt you beyond words, and your last letter was like the Cruciatus Curse
on me.

If you want to know, Cho walked out on me. Right at the altar on our wedding. She
saw Malfoy---yes, Malfoy---standing outside the church. She scoffed at me and ran out to
join him. That was when I realized you were right about her. I recieved your letter shortly
after the non-wedding. It hurts, a lot, to be turned down twice in one day, Herm.

I know I have no right to be complaining. You should. You loved me so much and I never
knew. I knew I loved you, but I never thought my love for you was no where near the amount
of your love for me. I was never good at promises. I always broke them. But when I broke the promise
I made to you it was the worst mistake of my life. I can't believe we weren't even friends

The guilt trip is definately gotten the better of me. It should. I know you can never
look at me the same way again, and I just want to kill myself because of that. I don't deserve
your love Hermione. I don't deserve to be cared for the way you care about me. I
don't deserve to have you even look at me.

I hope this reaches you in time, Hermione. Because now, I'm going to the States for a while...
take my mind off things. I just want you to know that letting you go, letting the brightest
star in the sky go, was the biggest mistake of my life. You're right. I had the Snitch for
a short, happy, great interval and I just...let you go. "Hermione Potter" was what I always
dreamed you would be.

I will love you until the end of time, Hermione, because it's's always been you...
and it always will be you.

My Promise Is Now Repaired,

Harry Potter