Timmy felt the cold metal sink into his pale skin with a nauseating slicing sound. He felt the sword sink into him like a knife would if it were cutting butter. With his dark sapphire eyes widening, the excruciating pain hit him like lightning would a tree, leaving him breathless. He felt warm blood flood onto his stainless pink shirt as he felt the sword dig deeper into the area right below his heart.

Almost choking on his own blood he barely heard the voice that had been haunting him for weeks whisper "Does it hurt?"

Timmy tried to argue but when he opened his mouth all that came out was more blood. He felt the hand that held the sword grip it tighter as blood flowed onto them both in enormous amounts. Timmy let out a pained gasp, his throat burning, every part of his body screaming in pain. He knew he had reached his limit and yet he had kept going and now it was costing him dearly.

"I had always been interested in how the human body worked" said the voice as if taunting him. Timmy felt another cold hand brush against his bloodied and bruised arm almost in a loving way as the voice continued "I was always amazed at how fragile the human body was" the freezing hand descended to his wrist that he had tried to protect himself with and gripped it strongly "I was amazed at how easily your bones could break" without warning Timmy felt pain shoot up from his wrist and he let out a scream that sliced through the air leaving echoes in the wake. It took him barely a moment to realize that the voice had just broken his wrist, like someone would've broken a toothpick.

"Amazed at how easily your skin is scarred" Timmy let out another scream as he felt a second sword slash right across his veins on his wrist causing his entire left side to go numb. He saw blood drip from his broken wrist onto the cold murky ground. The red mixed in with the water from an previous storm making the water seem pink almost. Finally Timmy was able to let one word escape from his mouth "Why?" The voice then laughed cruelly at the almost pathetic question. "Why? You should've figured that out by now, my dear."

Timmy winced slightly as he felt more blood flow from his wrist and chest. "Your special" he heard the voice whisper "Your the only one who even has a chance against me, so of course you should be one of the first ones to go."

Timmy slowly felt his entire body grow numb as the seconds passed and knew that his body was finally giving up. His eyelids seemed to grow heavy as he felt the sword slowly pull out of his body spilling even more blood. Just before the sword came all the way out Timmy let himself think 'I can't...can't let it end this way.'

Reading his thoughts the voice laughed again "There's nothing that you could do about it" it whispered. Timmy felt the sword leave his body all together and found himself falling backwards into the eternal darkness. He heard the voice yell out to him as he fell "Don't worry! I'll take good care of your precious fairy friends." He felt the darkness surround him like it was trying to drown him and heard that laughter that had made shivers go down his spine, but now it just gave him a sickening feeling knowing that the voice had finally won. He fell downward and downward all the while he heard so many familiar voices ring in his head...

"What would you do?"

"What would you sacrifice?"

"Do you love them enough to give up your life?!"

'Have I...Have I finally proved how much they mean to me?' he thought as he finally subcummed to the darkness and ceased his struggling with the inevitable. 'Or...was this just a waste of my time?' was his final thought as he gave up and knew nothing more.


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