Chapter 16: Through Trials of Despair

At first all Wanda felt was a sharp pain all over her body. But then it subsided into a sudden numbness as she slowly opened her eyes surveying the room around her. With a wince she placed her hands on the dirt floor and pushed herself off of it. The walls surrounding her were completely made of stone, only two small torches hung by the walls for a dimming light. No windows, she saw, but one door made of steel that probably led to escape, but also looked like nothing in the world could budge it.

While she was looking around, the memories of what had happened came to her in a rush. She then remembered everything. She had been in the observatory with Lady Althaia, the Goddess of Light, when suddenly an earthquake had shook the foundation and sent them both sprawled to the ground. A dark, frightening man had come into the room and swept her up before either of them could even blink. She had thought she heard Althaia trying to fight back but he had already thrown her into that prison hold made of darkness. She then remembered looking down at Timmy and Cosmo's forms wondering if they would be able to save her. Then Cosmo had been captured as well, then she supposed both of them had been knocked out.

The memories of Timmy crying out to them still rang sadly in her heart. But before she could think anymore she heard a soft moan from behind her. When she turned around she exclaimed "Cosmo!"

Her idiotic husband was lying on the floor as well about 5 feet away from her. She quickly stood up on her feet and ran towards him, to surprised to remember to use her wings. She kneeled down and slightly shook his shoulder slightly in an attempt to wake him from his sleep. But all he did was continue to grunt and moan, even as she shook harder. Finally she sighed before yelling "Cosmo, you have 5 seconds to wake up before I severely hurt you!"

The effect was instant. Immeadiately Cosmo's emerald eyes snapped open and he sat bolt upright shouting "I'm up! Just don't hurt me!"

Happy that he was finally awake but slightly annoyed she thought 'Works every time...'

Cosmo turned his face toward her asking "Where are we...?" But then he gasped and pulled himself free of her gasp and stood up looking around the room. He noticed that their wands were nowhere to be seen and since even he knew that without their wands their magic was diminished greatly, he ran to door and started banging on it as hard as he could. Wanda got up as well and yelled "Stop it, Cosmo! Banging on the door isn't gonna get us out of here!"

Cosmo then turned towards her with anger and sadness in his eyes and yelled "Then tell me! Where is he?!"

"Who?" asked Wanda.

"Timmy!" he exclaimed "Where's Timmy?!"

Wanda didn't answer since she didn't know any more than he did. When she heard him yell she lowered her gaze, unwilling to admit the truth that he might be gone. Cosmo looked at her for a long moment before turning back and once again started banging on the door. She was about to stop him but then stopped herself. Even in the past Cosmo had always been extremely stubborn, and protective of Timmy. The bond between those two baffled her even after these 3 years.

'Could it be true, Cosmo?' she thought 'That your really lifebonded to him?'


"Wanda, I need to talk to you about Cosmo and Timmy's bond as lovers." said Lady Althaia as she sat down behind the desk of the large observatory.

"What about them, Your Highness?" asked Wanda.

"First tell me of your observations of their bond" said Althaia "Then I shall tell you my own."

Wanda smiled softly instantly "Cosmo and Timmy love each other very much. It seems like Cosmo would do anything if it were for Timmy's happiness. During all those times we were fighting against enemies such as Crocker, even when Timmy got a small scratch from the enemy, Cosmo would blow up and get so angry that he actually pulverized Crocker once" she chuckled at the thought, remembering Timmy's confused face as they watched Cosmo beat the crud out of his crazy fairy hunting teacher.

"So that is your belief then, Wanda?" asked Althaia "That they merely love each other?"

Wana stopped chuckling at that and didn't answer her question.

"Have you noticed anything unusual? Like when one of them is happy, the other is also happy. When one is sad, the other is sad. When one is hurt it seems as if the other could feel their pain as well."

"What do you mean, Your Highness?"

"Damion and I have believed for quite some time now that the bond between Cosmo and Timmy is stronger than just an ordinary bond between lovers" Althaia said, her gaze now holding a grim expression.

"W-What other bonds is there, Your Highness?" asked Wanda.

"We believe, and this has also been approved of Aker and Sehkmet, that Cosmo and Timmy...are lifebonded."

Althaia waited for a response from the fairy but nothing seemed to register. Wanda stood there with a blank look on her face, but then she shook her head and said with a chuckle "I think your mistaken, Your Highness. Timmy and Cosmo can't be...lifebonded, I mean...There's just no way. A-A lifebond is..."

"Lifebond, is actually a word that in the past, that was used as a another word for 'soul mate'. Two people who are the completion of each others soul. Two people who find happiness and serenity with the other. Two people who love each other much more than the usual bondings."

"What are you saying?"

Althaia sighed before actually saying "I'm sorry to put this on you, dear. But you have to know that...there is no doubt in any ones mind of the fact that Cosmo and Timmy are lifebonded. Aker himself has delved into Timmy's subconscious and found many traces of the lines that lifebonding gives off in the mind. He found that Cosmo means everything to him, all his thoughts were directed as to whether or not he might wake up to see his lovers face again or not. Aker, being lifebonded himself to Sehkmet, told me that he has no doubt of the connection that lies between them."

"I-I see..." whispered Wanda in a hushed voice. Althaia couldn't read her expression at all. With a wave of her hand, a white chair appeared behind the fairy and she motioned for her to sit down. Once she had, Althaia asked "Do you have any objections to the lifebond, dear?"

Wanda, who had been looking downward, shot her head up and exclaimed "No! It's not's just that...Even though I love both of them, I'm not sure if they know the full responsibility of being lifebonded...I just don't want to see Timmy get hurt if Cosmo decides that after his 18th birthday..."

"So, you believe that their is a chance that Cosmo will do to Timmy what he did to you...?" Althaia asked slowly, fully aware of the painful memories that might resurface.

But what she didn't expect was to see a soft smile appear on her face and a slight chuckle escape from her lips.

"Cosmo...wasn't the one who broke us up, my Lady" Wanda said, her lips forming a sad smile "I had known for the longest time that we weren't meant to be. Cosmo was just too much of an idiot back then to know. When we started dating I had thought that my feelings would grow for him, but when he asked me to marry him I was scared that I would break his heart. And...a thousand years later, I did."

"You told him..."

"I told him that deep down inside we both knew that we were meant for each other and at first he denied it saying that we were, but after a couple of weeks of moping, he finally came to agree with me. He told me that he still loved me but just not as much as he thought and so we both agreed to keep it our little secret. We kept our job and I started dating again. So did he but nothing really ever worked for him. I found a nice man after awhile but Cosmo never found anybody. When it was starting to get close to our 10,000 year anniversary, he became certain that he would never find anybody...but of course that was when we got assigned to Timmy."

"And...then what happened?" asked Althaia.

"He...he changed. From gloomy to happy. It was like Timmy had lit a candle in his soul and nothing could put it out. He and Timmy became great friends and they both held a strong bond. They loved each other so much. I believe Cosmo had told me that it was exactly one week after Timmy had turned 13 that they had professed their love for each other and their bond grew even stronger...I just never would've thought that it would turn into something as heavy as a lifebond."

"And that is what I need to talk to you about" said Althaia.

"What do you mean?" asked Wanda.

Lady Althaia sighed as she stood up from her chair. She walked over to the open window, her long white hair catching drift of some of the salty wind coming from outside. She placed her pale right hand on the edge of the sill when she said "The whole idea of a lifebonding is rare and wonderous. All the species that have the ability to lifebond, consider it a amazing honor. And even though only few have been lifebonded, it still is considered highly among all. But what I need to talk to you about is the downfall of a lifebond."

Wanda stared at the back of the Goddess of Light and said after a moment of silence "Go on."

"A lifebonding between two people is something special indeed. Not only are they connected by the heart but they also become connected by the mind and the soul. They begin to share feelings and emotions. Which is one of the weakness' of the lifebonding."

"I don't...understand, Your Highness" said Wanda "What do you mean by weakness? And what does this have to do with Timmy and Cosmo?"

"Let me tell you a story, of a young prince named Lavan and a young woman named Akana. They fell in love at first sight and soon Lavan had proposed to her and she quickly said yes. Later, all their friends saw that their bond was much stronger than any others. Lavan and Akana were the very first life bonds in our history. Their love was strong but disaster soon struck."

"Disaster, Your Highness?" asked Wanda.

"You see...Lavan, even though he was a great man and prince, had many enemies in different countries. They all wanted him off the throne but they also knew he was an amazing warrior. Then they heard of Akana. His lifebond. The person he could never live without. One day when Akana was riding through the city...they ambushed her."


Lady Althaia turned around, tears creeping into her eyes "They killed her. Stabbed her through the heart. Her love's name on her lips as she had taken her last breath. Lavan was in the court room filling out constitutions when...he became mad. He started sobbing uncontrolably. He kept yelling for his love. You see, dear. He had felt his love die. Lifebonds are connected to the heart and soul. He had felt her die and the half of his soul that had completed by her had become a void space. He mourned for months until finally he couldn't take it anymore. His enemies succeeded in gaining the kingdom because not 6 months after the death of his lifebond...he threw himself off the belltower, killing himself on impact."

"He killed himself? Wait, I still don't see what this has to do with Timmy and Cosmo" said Wanda, noticing the tears that the Goddess was trying to hide.

"We are going into a war that will consume all the worlds, my dear. A war that will more than likely kill many people. If Timmy never agrees with Rakesh's demands then he will have no choice but to kill as many of our Warriors as possible...what I mean to say is that I want you to stay with Cosmo till the end because there is a great possibility that Timmy will be killed by the end of the war."

"If Timmy ever dies, I have no doubt that Cosmo will have the same thoughts as Lavan did. The same if Cosmo ever dies then Timmy will have nothing to lose as well. During the upcoming war, we all want to save as many lives as we can."

"You don't think that if Timmy ever dies that Cosmo would..."

"I have no doubt of it..."

"But why do you believe there's a high chance of Timmy dying?" asked Wanda, almost afraid of the answer.

Althaia wiped her eyes for the final time and said "Because Timmy is now The Chosen One. And as the Chosen One, he has also become the The Ultimate Sacrifice."

"And the war?" asked Wanda.

"It may come sooner than we all thought..."


Cosmo stopped pounding on the door once his hands were raw and stinging. He turned around frantically, looking around for any chance of escape. "We have to get out of here!" he yelled "We have to get to Timmy!"

All Wanda did was stand there, her gaze towards the ground. Cosmo made a frustrated groan "Wanda, come on! What are you doing? Don't you wanna get back to Timmy?!"

"Of course I do..." said Wanda in a hushed voice "But without our wands, our magic is almost completely useless. Why don't we try to wait and see if..."

"I don't want to wait, Wanda! Timmy could be dead by now for all we know and another thing..."

"No..." Wanda interrupted him saying "Because if Timmy was dead, you would know about it, wouldn't you?"

"What are you talking about?" asked Cosmo.

"A lifebond can always tell whether it's lover is dead or not Cosmo..." Wanda said, almost glaring at him.

Cosmo didn't reply, too shocked to say anything. Wanda narrowed her eyes at him and exclaimed "Well that's something you forgot to mention, isn't it? That you and Timmy are lifebonded!"

"Wanda..." Cosmo tried to say more but she interrupted him again exclaiming "Why didn't you tell me?! Was it too much out of your way to say 'Oh by the way, Wanda, me and Timmy are lifebonded now.' Is that too much to ask for?! I mean, it was bad enough trying to figure out why you and Timmy were spending so much time together and then you told me that you had been 'seeing' each other for 2 freaking years, and not even giving me a hint about it! Now, I figure out from another person that you two are not only lovers but also lifebonded."

"Wait, who told you?" asked Cosmo, unfazed by her outburst.

"It doesn't matter Cosmo!" yelled Wanda "Timmy is only a human! He can't possibly know the full responsibility of being lifebonded! I don't think you do either!"

"What are you saying, Wanda?! Do you really disapprove of our relationship that much?!" he yelled back.

"I don't disapprove of it, Cosmo. I never have! You have good intentions, but you have to think about Timmy's needs. No matter what you do, when it comes to Timmy's 18th birthday, your gonna have to leave him. As if it wasn't bad enough that you two love each other but most lifebonds grow crazy when their apart from each other for more than a year or so. Do you really think you can handle that? Do you think Timmy can handle that?"

"What are you talking about?!"

"Face the facts, Cosmo! No matter what you do, your gonna end up hurting him!" yelled Wanda.

Cosmo froze for a second but then he glared at her with such an intensity that it took all of her will not to flinch. "How dare you!" he yelled "I would never hurt him! I love him damnit!!"

"Oh for the love of Pete! You say you love alot of things, Cosmo! A couple thousand years ago, you said you loved me. Even if your able to keep Timmy by your side for the next ten thousand years, how would know that you wouldn't just throw him aside for another god child?!"

At that Cosmo glared at her more fierce than ever before turning away from her and began pounding on the door once again. "Don't you dare ignore me!" yelled Wanda, tired of it all. Cosmo did indeed stop but his hands scratched at the door and he laid his head on the metal, his shoulders shaking slightly, still listening to Wanda's yelling "If you haven't guessed, there's a war coming soon and Timmy is in the middle of it! What would happen if Timmy got killed? What would you..."

"What do you want from me?!" yelled Cosmo, he turned back around to her. Wanda stared at him, tears were running down his face, his eyes were narrowed down with unspoken rage. When she didn't say anything, he turned back around to the door and leaned against it once more. She saw his shoulders shaking again, a sign that he was silently crying. She wanted to reach out to him, but she stopped herself. This was the out come of their bottled up feelings. The out come of thousands of years of pent up frustration.

She, yelling at the top of her lungs, on the verge of tears. He, broken down and miserable. Long moments of silence stretched on until Wanda finally heard Cosmo say "If Timmy ever dies...I've already decided that I'm going to die with him."

Wanda sighed, at the same time wiping away her tears that has refused to fall. "Why?" she asked "And don't tell me 'Because he's my lifebond' Cause that won't work anymore."

"He isn't just my lifebond, Wanda" he said, still not able to look at her "He's...everything to me. He's my soul mate. My other half" at that he turned to her and she saw, for the first time, the desperation and need in his eyes as he said "He's the single most important person in my life, who lets me go through the day knowing that it's all worthwhile...if at the end of the day, I can hold him in my arms and never let go."

"Of course..." Wanda said, looking directly at him "It makes sense now..."

"What do you mean?" asked Cosmo, a little confused at the change in subject.

Wanda turned away from him and walked to the opposite wall, placing her hand on the stones "You needed someone to love and Timmy needed someone to love him. You two were perfect for each other...I can't believe I haven't figured it out till now."

"Wanda..." Cosmo pleaded, still slightly afraid of another outburst "If it means anything to you...I-I never meant to hurt you. I would've never guessed that I would fall in love with my god child. I is the most forbidden taboo in our race. But..."

"But fate cannot change...and neither can the bonds between soul mates" Wanda said, interrupting him "I know, Cosmo. I just wish that sometimes you wouldn't keep me in the dark."

Cosmo slowly walked over to her and placed a single hand on her shoulder. He looked her straight in the eye and said "I'm sorry."

Wanda gave him a small smile "That's alright. As long as you never do it again!"

Cosmo smiled as well "I promise..." but then his smile turned back into a frown as he gazed longingly at the door. Wanda knew what he was thinking so she said "We'll find a way out of here, Cosmo...we just have to be patient."