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Prologue- 14 years ago

I never knew when to keep my mouth shut. As the bars slammed shut in front of me, I mentally smacked myself. I was surprised Annebelle hadn't killed me already. Of course she taught me everything she knew so I could easily match her. And I knew that she knew that I knew that very fact. I shook the bars and let out a low growl when they didn't budge. Who did she think she was? Caging me up like some animal. I stood in the corner of the cell, then dropped to the floor. I lowered my head in my knees and let my mind wander .

Ten years had passed since my transformation. It'd been ten short years since that eventful day. . . I'd been mourning the loss of Edward when Annebelle snuck up on me. Her hands wrapped around my neck and she hissed in my ear. Her eyes were a feral red, wild and inhibited. " I'll give you a choice." She told me. The choice was that I died and became an immortal or that I got the blood drained from me and I died permanently. Of course, I chose the former. Her bite was savage. She tore my flesh with her sharp canines and I could hear her slurping my blood. For the three days of hell, she stayed by my side. She talked about her plans for me. She said she knew I was special. Between the spurts of unbearable pain, I managed to tell her about my past. About the Cullens and about Edward. She just laughed and brushed a piece of my hair from my sweaty face. " They're weak, those so called vegetarians. The blood of humans makes us powerful, it gives us strength that they could never wish of having." She told me. I shivered and looked into those deep red eyes. She frightened but fascinated me.

" But that would make you a monster. To take the life of someone." I said weakly. She laughed again and waved her hand nonchalantly.

" Noleen, you'll learn in due time my dear. All in due time. Now rest my child. And when you wake you shall be reborn! That's why I took the liberty of changing your name. Isabella sounds so. . . Innocent. You, my dear, will be fierce." She bent her head down. I could feel her lips touching my ear softly. " You will be unstoppable." She whispered.

When I awoke I was no longer alive. I glanced in the mirror and saw my bright crimson eyes, my pale skin and high cheekbones. I was beautiful. I was deadly. Annebelle handed me a cup of blood, its sickly sweet scent called to me. I gladly put the chalice to my lips and drank. I could feel the warm liquid dribble down my cheek. She giggled and wiped it off, licking her finger afterwards. Little did I know the woman who'd changed me was a monster. The things she would do were unspeakable. Things of your deadliest nightmares. I fought hard to keep a shred of my humanity, but she ripped it away from me. She molded me into her greatest creation. She changed so many people, there was a house full of us. I befriended some, hated most. To survive I had to give in, because Annebelle had no problem with killing those she made. So I allowed her to train me, teach me, beat things I didn't want to do into me. I had to allow her to make me into a warrior; someone who had no problem when it came to killing.

A sudden noise tore me from my thoughts. I looked up and saw my best friend, Lanina, standing at the bars. Her right boot was crossed over her left and she was leaning against the metal. A smirk was played upon her face and her beautiful blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders. " You just can't help it can you?" She asked me. I grinned and stood up, brushing the dirt and grime off of my clothes.

" Nope, I just love seeing how far I can push evil before it breaks." I replied. She chuckled and straightened her posture. " What are you doing here? Come to break me out Thelma?" I watched as she took the keys out of her black leather pants. She let out a sigh and stuck them in the keyhole.

" You know me so well Louise." She answered. I laughed as she unlocked the door and slid the bars over. " You so owe me." She mumbled.

" Thank you oh greatest friend in the world." I kissed her cheek and then we headed up the stairs and to our room. On our way there Annebelle stepped out of the shadows. Her arms were crossed over her chest and amusement danced in her eyes.

" Lanina, bribe the guard again? I simply must fire him. And by fire, I mean eat." She said, laughter lacing her melodic voice. I stiffened and nudged Lan.

" Get out of here." I whispered. I could see the argument in her eyes before she had to speak it. " Just go." I added. She nodded and was gone. I turned to Annebelle and cleared my throat. " Want me to go lock myself up and throw away the key?" I questioned her sarcastically. She grinned and shook her head.

" I want you to join me for dinner." I didn't attempt to mask the surprise that was so clearly strewn upon my face. I nodded my head, wondering why she wasn't angry that I'd broken out. I didn't decline simply because you didn't say no to Annebelle. I had learned that the hard way. Once, I wouldn't kill a woman she'd wanted me too. So she threw me in the cell for two weeks. But then I was nearly mad with hunger. Finally she threw the same woman in my cell and told me that if I wanted to survive, I would drain her. I ended up having to, I simply couldn't fight off the hunger. I could still see her lifeless eyes staring at me as I drank the last drop. I followed her into the lavishly decorated dining room. On the walls, the weapons we used in training hung. I swallowed and sat down at the table, I noticed there were no glasses of blood atop it.

" What do you need Annebelle?" I asked wearily, my stomach churning. I had a bad feeling about this. She smiled and put her arms on the table. She leaned forward and licked her lips.

" That's so like you Noleen. Always cutting to the chase." She gave me as a reply. I tried to smile, but was sure it turned out to look like a grimace.

" Yes, that's like me. But you know, I value time. I hate wasting it." She laughed, her eyes twinkling. I tried my best not to scoff. She made it off like she was some wonderful sire. When in reality, the had to be in alliance with the devil.

" Ah, your jokes always brighten my night. Waiter, will you please bring in mine and Noleen's food for tonight?" I wasn't prepared for what the waiter brought out. He dragged two little children in, tears were streaming down their faces as they whimpered for their mother. I immediately stood up, my chair clattered to the floor. Annebelle chuckled and took the little boy in her arms. " Ssh, my child it's okay. We're here to play a game!" She wiped the tears from his eyes and kissed his cheek. " You like games don't you?" He nodded his head and sniffled.

" Games!" I snarled. " Is that what you call this? Some game?" She laughed. She turned towards me and shrugged her shoulders.

" Well what would you call it? Besides, you need more than those murderers and rapists that you eat. You need more of a variety Noleen darling."

" They deserve it! This is disgusting!" I spat. Her face dropped and the monster in her was beginning to show.

" Don't you dare talk to me like that Noleen. Now you will eat your supper." I chuckled bitterly and stepped in front of the little girl she'd left for me.

" I will do no such thing you foul, murdering bitch!" She growled and took the boys neck in hers, then I watched in horror as she bit down. I covered my ears as he began to scream and took the little girl in my arms. " It'll be okay. I promise sweetie, it'll all be-" I shouted as I felt someone grab my hair and drag me. I fought like hell. I thrashed around and dug my nails into Annebelle's arms. She cursed and dropped me. Her eyes had darkened to a full onyx. I closed my eyes as she slapped me right across the face, leaving nail marks across my cheeks.

" I made you what you are. You will learn to be grateful!" She yelled. I pushed her back and let out a scoff.

" You made me into a monster! Just like you!" She screamed and ran at me, throwing me into the ground. I kicked her off and got to my feet. But not soon enough. The girl was screaming before I realized what had happened. I bent down to the floor and felt blood work its way up my mouth. We threw up, but it was blood and not food. Annebelle laughed and yanked my head up, forcing me to look at the bleeding body in front of me.

" What Noleen? Can't handle the sight of blood suddenly? You sure like it when you meet a thief on the street." She lifted me up and put a hand on my cheek. " My sweet, sweet Noleen. What am I going to do with you." I let out a sob and tore my eyes away from the body. That's when I saw the sword on the wall. Before she knew what was happening, I knocked her down and picked it up. She darted back up, her own sword in hand.

" You know this will do nothing Noleen." She sighed. " Just drink the rest, come on. Can't you hear it? Her tiny heartbeat beginning to slow? She's going to die anyways." I let out a yell and lunged. We fought, swords clanked against one another. I could hear my strained and not needed breathing. Then, I swung the sword and watched as her head toppled off of her shoulders. I dropped the sword and stared at her in surprise. How did I do that?

" What the hell?" I whispered and bolted up the stairs. I heard someone scream as I was running. It was blood-curling. I knew that couldn't be good, and what I just did was probably going to come back and bite me in the ass. I just didn't know how hard. I couldn't have known how hard. .

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