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So they talked. They talked for a really really long time. And after all that talking, they came to a conclusion. They had to be together. There was no getting around that one. But the problem was that she had seen him in action. She had seen him lying on a cold stone floor and thought the worst. She sure as hell was not going to go through that ever again.

She refused to cry.

And Bruce had come to his own conclusions, ones he hadn't shared with her because it would have made her mad. He had known in the deepest recesses of his mind since he met her that he would give it up. It was the same old argument: she would be in too much danger if his identity was ever discovered. It was the eleventh hour, James Grey knew and he was pissed. Bruce was resigned but determined. He could have it both way, coming back to Gotham for emergencies. But one thing was for sure. They would leave.

Six monthes later….

Two figures in dark jackets have been sitting on the boardwalk for four hours now. They're part of the scenery. Gulls have settled around them. They sit near each other, touching, but not talking. The sea is grey and insubstantial. A breeze gusts up and blows her hair into his face. They move finally, laughingly he turns to look at her then moves in to murmur something in her ear.

They take the long walk back, down the beach. The rickety house was dark but she anticipated a fire and a long snuggle on the couch. She had been on cloud nine lately. This was what it was like living in sin with your boyfriend. She liked sin. When they went in the door however, Bruce turned to her and looked at her oddly. Then said "Come with me."

Curious she followed him out into the sunroom that was not sunny today. He didn't look at her again. He went right to the window and shoved his hands in his pockets. He was like ice.

"I'm leaving."

"What do you mean?" she said confused "Where?"

"Back to Gotham."

"Bruce I thought we decided--"

"I'm not coming back. You're staying here."

She was silent. Then said quietly "No."

That shook him up. He reared his head back like a stallion and said "What do you mean 'no', yes you are."

"No I'm not. And you can't make me. I broke off all my ties, Eileen, my family. For this. And I'm keeping it dammit."

That's when he lost it completely. He spun around and crossed the floor in a split second. He grabbed her arms in a vice like grip and pinned her against the wall.

He said fiercely, "I've been going back to Gotham and haven't told you. Are you angry? You should be. I'm angry at myself. What was I thinking, coming and going like that. Anybody could have followed me…" He trailed off. She was unmoving, staring into his eyes. This seemed to infuriate him more.

"You can't understand. They will find out about you. They will know that I would do anything, go to the ends of the earth for you. They would torture, rape, kill you to get to Batman. You think I could live with myself if something happened to you because of me?"

His voice had reached a fever pitch by the end of this rant, but she remained calm, gazing into his eyes, willing him to look at her. He let go of her arms and slowly took a step back, staring at her pleadingly, broken. Then his gaze dropped to her shoes. He was going to wrench himself away from her, starting now. When he spoke his voice was low and husky.

"I'm too old for you. Too old and too dangerous. You deserve security. You deserve more than I have to offer."

He turned his back to her staring out at the trees.

She had not moved from the wall.

"So this is it then. After this, anything else would just take second place. I can't predict the future, but mine would be very drab if it didn't involve you. I believe in soul mates Bruce. Most people never find theirs, and they still lead happy lives. I feel bad for those people. Even if I never see you again after today, I'll be ok eventually. Because I had something amazing with you. Something that is impossible to replicate. Now I know that 'one true love' isn't just a mystical, fairy tale ending. It's out there…I found it. Having it for just a little while and losing it is better than thinking it doesn't exist at all."

They rushed toward each other at the same time and embraced, clinging like a castaway to dry land. She felt his hot, strong arms holding on like he never intended to let go, the full length of his body pressed against hers, his cheek against her temple. He was crushing her but she was past caring.


Two old women sit gossiping together in a drawing room of a dreary old manor. One has come to tell the other that James Grey has been thrown in jail. Something to do with evidence from a court case. Stupid man.

"Whatever happened to that younger man? Wayne? He was withdrawn but very well-off. I was thinking of getting him for my Clara."

"Oh haven't you heard? He disappeared. The old butler Alfred still checks into the place from time to time. But the master is gone. Just up and left one day."

The other replied about how that was funny business. And they sat and sipped and moved onto other gossip.

The two dark figures walked down the beach. One took the other's hand. This is the definition of forever.