Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Legends

A tug boat pulled up to the docks of Academy Island where Dr. Crowler awaited. "Morning, Dr. Croissant."

"It's Crowler," the teacher corrected, his eyebrow twitching.

"Sorry, Doctor Cruller, but I have your mail here." He tossed a pile of letters into Crowler's hands. "And I also have a package here for someone on your island." He placed a package on top of the letters. "Feels heavy," he said. "Well see you, Dr. Krueger."

"It's Crow…" But the mail boat was already backing up. "Never mind." He looked down at the package. "Now who would be sending that slacker a package?" He took a look at the return label and his jaw dropped.

Episode 19: Arthur's Christmas Carol

"Before we all enjoy our last day of classes before Christmas vacation," Professor Banner said at breakfast. "I would just like to remind you all that those who plan on staying here must submit both their request forms and permission slip or letter from their parents to Chancellor Shepherd's office by four o'clock. Exceptions will be made but only based on good reason. 'My parents don't know how to write' is not one."

"Excuse me, Professor Banner," Crowler said walking in. From the disdain look on his face, Crowler did not want to be here surrounded by so many red coats.

"Oh, good morning, Dr. Crowler," Banner said, his smile never leaving his face. "How may I help you today?"

"I'm afraid that a package for one of your…" He cast his eye around at the kids in the room. "Students, has come across my hands by accident."

"Well as you can see, Dr. Crowler, all the Slifer Red students are present here so you can just hand it to the student."

"Yes." Crowler walked between the student tables, making the Slifers cringe at his very passing finally stopping at the table where Arthur was eating breakfast with Jaden, Syrus, and Chumley.

"Wonder what he wants," Chumley whispered.

"Don't know," Jaden said, his mouth full of noodles. Crowler removed the package and dropped it on Arthur's lap. Going to the door, Crowler said, "Don't let me interrupt your…" he shivered. "Meal." And he shut the door to the cafeteria.

"Wow, Arthur got a package," Syrus said.

"Who's it from?" Jaden asked.

Arthur looked at the return label. "No way!" Arthur said. He got up. "Excuse me, Professor Banner." He grabbed his package and ran out. Jaden and Syrus looked at each other before running after him.

They caught up to him as Arthur was about to enter his room. "Hey Arthur, what's up?" Jaden asked.

"Who did you receive a package from?"

"Professor Yu."


"No!" Arthur stared at the package. "Professor Xing Yu, she raised me for the past twelve years."

"So she's your mother?" Jaden asked.

"No, she wasn't the one who gave birth to me, but she did raise me."

"Well that's cool, you got an early Christmas surprise from your step-mom," Jaden said.

"You're wrong, Jaden," Arthur said. "It's not a surprise, she does this to me every year, it usually means that… I'm not going home for Christmas break." And Arthur went into his door and shut it leaving two bewildered Slifer Reds standing there.

"He's not going home?" Alexis stared at Jaden bewildered. "Are you sure that's what he said, Jaden?"

"Yup," Jaden replied. "I don't get it either."

"Even if he was telling the truth, there's no way he would be able to get his slips in on time," Bastion pointed out. The five (Chumley and Syrus were there too) were discussing Arthur's behavior. Arthur himself was nearby and had a feeling that they were talking about him.

"Arthur and I were going to have a tutoring session this afternoon," Alexis said. 'I'll find out what the deal is there."

"Good morning, class," Dr. Crowler said walking in. "Now today we'll be going over some advance fusion techniques."

"Hey, fusions, my specialty," Jaden said.

"Indeed," Crowler said dryly. "Then, Jaden, perhaps you can tell me of a card other than Polymerization that allows you to summon fusion monsters."

"That's easy," Jaden said leaning back in his chair. "Fusion Gate. I can summon all the fusion monsters I want."

"And what else?"

"Huh, you mean there're more?" Jaden asked causing some of the others to laugh.

Crowler sighed, "Slacker," he moaned.

"Jaden," Syrus whispered. He held up one of his cards.

"Power Bond?"

"Good, what else?" Crowler asked. Both Jaden and Syrus were silent. Crowler sighed, "Fine, let's call on someone with some intelligence… on second thought, maybe later. Arthur Yu!" Arthur didn't hear Dr. Crowler, he just stared at his desktop. Crowler grabbed a ruler and slammed it in front of Arthur startling the boy. "If you can spare us some of your busy time, name us a fusion card other than Polymerization."

"Um… Fusion Gate."

"Already mentioned, try again."

"Power Bond?"

"Also already mentioned. Mr. Yu, my patience is not without limits. If you're going to keep wasting my time, maybe you don't…"

"Excuse me, Dr. Crowler." Chancellor Shepherd's face appeared on the monitor screen. "Would you please send Arthur Yu to my office immediately?"

Crowler sighed again, "As you wish, Chancellor Shepherd." He looked down at Arthur, "Well don't just sit there like the sap you are, get a move on." Arthur quietly got up and left the classroom aware of the stares the others were giving him, some concern, others disdain, others just annoyance.

"So it's okay with you?" Shepherd asked.

"I don't have any choice in the matter," Arthur pointed out.

"Very well then, I'll talk to Professor Banner about arranging for a chaperone."

As Arthur opened up the door to Shepherd's office, Jaden, Syrus, Chumley, and Bastion fell into the doorway.

"What are you four doing here?" Shepherd asked.

"Uh… this isn't the bathroom," Jaden said.

"Arthur, is it true?" Syrus asked. "Are you really staying here for Christmas break?"

Arthur reflexively stepped back. He didn't want to confront the others about it so soon. He ran through them and out the door.

"Man, Arthur is acting more alone than usual," Jaden commented as they left.

"I agree," Alexis said walking up to them. "And I'm worried. My cousin once told me about a friend of hers who was acting the same way. One day… he tried cutting himself!"

The boys gasped. "But… Arthur would never do anything like that… would he?" Syrus asked.

"And even if he is willing to do it, why would he?" Bastion added.

"Both of those I intend to find out," Alexis said.

It was a brisk day as Arthur joined Alexis by the old well. "I'm here, Sempai."

"Good, I thought we would have a duel today."

"A duel?"

"The best way to learn is by doing," Alexis said. "So, are you ready?" Arthur nodded.

The two took their usual places.

(Al: 4000)
(Ar: 4000)

"I'll start by summoning Gemini Elf (1) in attack mode."

A monster with 1900 attack points, I can't summon any monster like that, Arthur thought. He started his turn. Or maybe I can. "I play the spell Solar Flare. I pay half my life points to summon a light attribute monster from my deck, and I choose Jack's Knight (2)!"

(Al: 4000)
(Ar: 2000)

"Too bad," Alexis said. "You spent half your life points and our monsters' attack points are the same."

"Not for long, I play another spell card, Banner of Courage, now when my monster attacks, it gains 200 attack points. Jack's Knight, attack Gemini Elf!"

(JK: 1900-2100)

Jack's Knight got both elves with one swipe of his sword.

(Al: 3800)
(Ar: 2000)

"Next I sacrifice Jack's Knight to summon Luminous Soldier (3) and end my turn."

"Bad move, kid, you should've attacked with your soldier instead of your knight." Alexis drew a card. "I play Polymerization combining Blade Skater (4) with Etoile Cyber (5) to form Cyber Blader (6)! Now attack Luminous Soldier!"

"Too bad, my Luminous Soldier gets stronger from battling a dark attribute monster."

"Too bad my monster's an earth-attribute monster." Arthur gasped, he didn't know that. Cyber Blader spin-kicked her adversary, sending him almost colliding into Arthur. Fortunately, he disappeared before he collided with the Duelist. "I'll end my turn there. Hey kid, how about a deal?"

"A… a deal?"

"If I win the duel, you tell me what was in that package and why it means you're not going home for Christmas." She smiled at him.

"I… I guess so."

"Good, it's your move."

Arthur drew a new card. "I play Polymerization, fusing my two Thunder Dragons (7) together to form Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (8)! Attack her Cyber monster!"

(THTD: 2800-3000)

The two-headed dragon fired bolts of lightning. When the blast subsided, Cyber Blader remained.

(Al: 2900)
(Ar: 2000)

"Forgot? When there's one monster on your side of the field, Cyber Blader can't be destroyed!"

"I haven't forgotten," Arthur said.

(THTD: 3000-2800)

"In fact, I'm counting on Cyber Blader remaining, because then I can keep hitting it to cause 900 points of damage to you."

"Oh, you think so?" Alexis asked drawing a card. "Because I'm about to blast your theory to pieces, I play the spell card The Shallow Grave!"

"Shallow Grave?"

"With this, we each take a monster from our graveyard and set it face-down on the field."

"But why would you do that for me?"

"Have you forgotten Cyber Blader's other abilities?" Alexis asked. "When my opponent controls two monsters, her attack points double."

"D… double?"

(CB: 2100-4200)

"Cyber Blader, attack Twin Thunder Dragon with Whirlwind Wrecker!" Cyber Blader became a whirlwind and quickly engulfed Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon.

(Al: 2900)
(Ar: 600)

(CB: 4200-2100)

"Doesn't look good for you, kid."

Yeah, it doesn't, Arthur thought as he started his turn. "I'll flip-summon the monster I got back thanks to Shallow Grave, Luminous Soldier! Now attack her Cyber Blader!"

(LS: 2100-2300)

(Al: 2700)
(Ar: 600)

(LS: 2300-2100)

"Now you're showing some bite," Alexis said drawing a card. "A shame it's too little, too late. I play the equip spell card Fusion Weapon!"

"Not that!"

"Now my Cyber Blader gains 1500 attack and defense points."

(CB: 2100-3600, 800-2300)

"Cyber Blader attacks Luminous Soldier for game!" Cyber Blader fired a spiral-shaped lightning blast which engulfed Luminous Soldier.

(Al: 1900)
(Ar: 0)

Arthur's Duel Disk deactivated and he sunk to his knees.

A little while later, Arthur and Alexis were on the roof of the main building. "It's always the same," Arthur began. "They mail me my Christmas presents. Well… technically, I guess its Christmas present; they always send me one thing. Last year it was a spelunking lamp, and the year before that a pair of jeans, and the year before that it was… heck, I forget, one Christmas is just like any other."

"What did they send you this year?"

"A book on the Dark Ages, probably something they picked up on their most recent expedition."

"Haven't you ever had a normal Christmas?"

"You mean with a tree, cake, decorations, and all that? Yeah, I did once. Eleven years ago."

"I'm surprised you even remember that one."

"So am I,' Arthur said but he agreed for a different reason than Alexis. "Anyway, every year they mail me my present as a sign that they won't be able to come visit me for Christmas."

"So then what do you do?"

Arthur turned away from the edge and shrugged, "Nothing."

"You do nothing?"

"Yup, not a thing."

"But Christmas is supposed to be a season of happiness that everyone should experience."

"Then I guess I hadn't experienced true happiness. Excuse me, Sempai, I have to get back for dinner."

Alexis stared at Arthur.

"A party?" Jaden asked.

"Yeah, a small one, tomorrow, before the boat leaves," Alexis explained.

"Hey, I'm always up for a party."

"We know," Syrus said. "That's why Dr. Crowler's having us stay here over the break."

"Are you three that behind?" Alexis asked.

"Hey, I'd do anything to get out of eating my Dad's hot sauce soufflé," Chumley said.

"I think we'd rather NOT hear about that," Jaden said.

"So what do you say, can you guys help out?"

"For Arthur, sure."

"I still can't believe he's never had a real Christmas," Syrus said.

"It's true," Alexis said. "Arthur doesn't lie."

"If you ask me," Banner said suddenly appearing behind Alexis. "A Christmas party sounds like a great idea."

"Do you really mean that, Professor Banner?" Jaden asked.

"Of course, I have some old decorations in my closet. And everyone should have at least one Christmas party in their life."

"But what about presents?" Syrus asked. "I mean it's not like the mall is just a bus ride across town."

"Sy, this is Duel Academy," Jaden pointed out. "We can all get him some rare cards."

"Well I'll be," Banner said. "Jaden actually had a good idea."

The others had a good laugh at Jaden's expense.

Arthur sat on the beach, staring at the ocean. Talking with Alexis had brought up all the memories of all the Christmases he had since he could remember. And except for the first one, none of them were very good. He noticed the ocean and how inviting it looked. He just wanted to just walk out until he drowned. Maybe that was for the best.

Everyone had a job to do to get ready for the party. Alexis and Chumley were assigned to make Christmas Cake and cookies.

They were having a little difficulty.

"Chumley, that's the third egg you dropped. Here, you stir the flour and sugar, I'll get the eggs."

Staring at the ocean, Arthur felt lulled into a trance. He's never known a real Christmas. Christmas was supposed to be the season of happiness. Did that mean that he had never known happiness? Arthur got up.

Jaden and Professor Banner were setting up decorations. But Pharaoh complicated things when he got entangled in the lights and, as a result, so did Jaden and Professor Banner.

"Can't breathe," Jaden gasped as he struggled to get the string of lights away from his neck.

Arthur was now at the edge of the water. The tide was going out. He wanted to follow it.

Bastion and Syrus went to the card shop. When Dorothy and Sadie learned what they were doing, they were glad to donate some cards.

"Figuring out the right support cards for a deck that encompasses monsters of a single attribute is a difficult formula to crack," Bastion commented.

"Why can't he just speak in English," Syrus wondered.

Arthur's feet were wet, his shoes were getting heavy. He kept going.

"Hey, something's burning," Chumley said sniffing the air. He and Alexis turned to see smoke coming from the oven. The two older students screamed.

Arthur was now up to his pelvis. He kept going.

"Jaden, hold the ladder steady," Professor Banner instructed as he struggled to drape a string of lights around a protruding hook.

"Have you ever thought of getting a metal ladder?" Jaden asked. "Or at least as one that's bigger than me." It was then that the rickety wooden ladder gave away and Professor Banner fell to a comfy landing on Jaden's back. "At least now I know what to get you for next Christmas."

Chumley and Alexis let out a collective sigh. They were able to salvage the cake, but the cookies were hopelessly burnt. "I told you that was 350, not 550," Alexis said.

"Sorry, I failed math."

"And now we know why."

"So what do we do now?"

Alexis made a show of pushing up her sleeves (even though her uniform didn't have any sleeve). "Chumley, get a new bowl, we're going to do this again."

"Again?" Chumley moaned.

"It's for Arthur, Chumley."

Chumley's tired look suddenly transformed into one of determination. "Let's do it!"

Arthur was now up to his chest. His gloves were becoming heavy taking in all the moisture. He kept going.

Syrus, Dorothy, and Sadie were getting irritated at Bastion's decision, or lack thereof. "JUST PICK ONE!" They finally snapped.

"Genius can not be rushed," Bastion said.

"But you can," Syrus said. "We'll just take any light attribute monsters you've got."

Arthur was literally up to his neck in sea water. As he went under, he felt himself black out. I'm done.

"We're done," Jaden finally declared.

"Indeed we are," Professor Banner replied.

"We're done," Alexis said happily looking at the newly-finished cake.

"Good, can we go eat now?" Chumley asked. "I'll settle for some Grilled Cheese." Alexis gave him a dirty look.

"Finally we're done," Syrus said as he and Bastion left the Card Shop.

"I still think we were being a little rash in our decisions," Bastion said.

"Knowing Arthur, he'd probably like them anyway."

After falling in battle, the legend's body was brought here, sealed beyond time and space, guided by the Four Maidens. Two who supported him, one who opposed him, and one who loved him. He will remain here beyond human reach until such time as he will be needed again, sent forth from the island to protect the world of man from a threat beyond space, beyond time.

Three times he will fall, three times he will rise. But only by descending into darkness will he truly see the light.

Arthur awoke with a fright. He found himself back in his room again. His uniform was hanging on a hook in his open closet. "I… must've been dreaming," Arthur said to himself. He got his uniform on. As he was zipping up his jacket, he heard a tap on his door.

Actually, it sounded more like a scratch.

Arthur opened the door to discover Pharaoh holding a piece of paper in his mouth. Arthur took the piece of paper from the cat's mouth and opened it. Inside were two words:

Follow me.

Arthur turned to look at Pharaoh but the cat was already taking off. Just before it reached the top of the stairs, Pharaoh turned back to look at Arthur and meowed.

Arthur looked from Pharaoh to the paper. "Okay, if you want me to follow you."

Arthur went down the stairs with Pharaoh to Professor Banner who was waiting outside the cafeteria. "Ah, Arthur, did you have a good nap?"

"Professor Banner, what's going on?"

Banner smiled, a tiny glint in his glasses. "I'll show you." He slid the door open. "After you."

Arthur gazed at the Professor oddly before entering…

And stopped immediately.

The wall and ceiling of the meal hall were decorated in multi-colored strings of lights. Wreaths were scattered throughout the room. Several of the tables were pushed together at the center where a half-eaten cake lid as well as cookies and other various goodies. Slifers and even a few Ras mingled here and there.

"Wh… what's going on?" Arthur gasped.

"It's a Christmas party, Arthur," Banner said. "We have decorations, music, cake and cookies, even gifts."

"We even have a tree," Jaden said pointing to a two-foot fern with two Christmas ornaments and a star on top. "Best we could do in four hours."

"There was only one thing that was missing," Banner said.

"And what was that?"

"You, Arthur."

"Yeah, it's no fun unless everyone's here to celebrate!"

"You guys… were waiting for me?" Arthur asked still trying to ingest everything that was happening.

"That's right, Arthur," Alexis said. "We even saved you a slice of cake. I thought that since you haven't had a real Christmas party, this would be as good a time as any."

"You guys… did all this… for me? But… why?"

"Because that's what friends do," Jaden said. "So come on, Arthur, and get your party on!"

"Thank you all," Arthur said solemnly. "Even if… even if I don't have another Christmas party again, I'll always cherish this one."

"I'm sure you'll have plenty of Christmas parties, Arthur," Chumley said.

"Including this year," Alexis said as a slight blush crept into her cheeks. "I… uh… called home and… I would really like it if you would spend Christmas with me and my family. With my brother gone, having a friend around is more important than ever to me."

"Me? Spend Christmas with you? I… uh… don't know what to say."

"Yes sounds like a good start," Jaden said.

"Um… okay, I accept! Sempai, I don't know how I could thank you."

"It's Christmas, Arthur, the season of miracles."

Arthur's eyes started to tear up. He ran to Alexis and threw his arms around her sobbing into her mantle. "Thank you, Sempai, thank you for everything."

"You're welcome."

"Hey, no more tears," Jaden said handing Arthur a slice of cake. "Let's celebrate, it's Christmas after all."

"Right," Arthur said drying his eyes.

"Sorry we're late," Syrus said as he and Bastion came in. "Bastion couldn't figure out what to get."

"I'm a thinker, not a doer," Bastion said.

"Here you go, Arthur," Syrus said handing Arthur something that was wrapped in white paper. Arthur tore off the paper to reveal a stack of Duel Monster cards.

"Thanks, everyone, I'm just sorry I didn't get you anything."

"We'll all get presents at home," Syrus said. "But you deserve something much more than spelunker lamps or books on the dark ages."

Alexis noticed that the top card was a light attribute monster that she recognized all too well. He's one step closer to doing it, she thought. He just needs one of the key cards to do it.

Arthur smiled, "I guess, the only thing I can give you guys in return is my thanks and Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas," everyone said.

"Banner!" It suddenly got very cold in the room as Dr. Crowler walked in. "I saw two of your slackers walking…" He stopped when he saw the party. "What is going on here?"

"It's a Christmas party, Dr. Crowler," Banner replied. "You're more than welcome to join us."

Crowler's face got pale (well, paler) at that notion. "I would never stoop so low as to mingle with the commoners. And he turned and walked out."

"I guess he isn't filled with the Christmas Spirit," Chumley said.

"Who cares about him," Arthur said. "Let's just enjoy the party while we can. After all," he smiled at Alexis. "I have a boat to catch in the morning."

"Yeah!" Everyone cried and the party resumed.

Crowler could hear the ruckus from outside. "Humbug," he said and stomped away.

The End

Duel Monster Database

Name: Gemini Elf
Level: 4
Type: Spellcaster
Attribute: Earth
ATK: 1900
DEF: 800

Name: Jack's Knight
Level: 5
Type: Warrior
Attribute: Light
ATK: 1900
DEF: 1000

Name: Luminous Soldier
Level: 5
Type: Warrior/Effect
Attribute: Light
ATK: 2100
DEF: 1400

Name: Blade Skater
Level: 4
Type: Warrior
Attribute: Earth
ATK: 1400
DEF: 1500

Name: Etoile Cyber
Level: 4
Type: Warrior/Effect
Attribute: Earth
ATK: 1200
DEF: 1600

Name: Cyber Blader
Level: 7
Type: Warrior/Fusion/Effect
Attribute: Earth
ATK: 2100
DEF: 800

Name: Thunder Dragon
Level: 5
Type: Thunder/Effect
Attribute: Light
ATK: 1600
DEF: 1500

Name: Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon
Level: 7
Type: Thunder/Fusion
Attribute: Light
ATK: 2800
DEF: 2100

Next Episode:

Syrus: Isn't it exciting? Yugi Moto's deck is coming to Duel Academy!

Jaden: Hey, he's the guy who gave me Winged Kuriboh.

Everyone: Yugi Moto gave you Winged Kuriboh?

"Heh-heh-heh, the legendary deck is now mine!"

Arthur: Who's that?

Bastion: That's Dimitri, he duels using other people's decks, he's known as the Copycat Duelist.

Dimitri: I'm not Dimitri, I'm Yugi! And now that I'm back with my deck, nothing can stop me from being the best.

Syrus: This guy's gone bonkers!

Bastion: Yeah, Dimitri does get caught up in the deck.

Jaden: Next episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Legends: The Legendary Deck Pt 1

Chumley: Dimitri took Yugi's deck!

Dimitri: Took it back, you mean.

All (save Dimitri): Ho boy.

A/N: Merry Christmas, everybody. In celebration of the holiday season, I have given you not one, not two, but THREE new episodes of GX Legends as well as a revamped and new episode of Avatar. And I'm giving myself a present too: a couple months off. I need a break after cranking out four chapters in the span of a few weeks. Also, in case you were wondering, in Japan they celebrate by eating special Christmas cake, which has lots of frosting and strawberries on it. I've heard it's quite good.