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Natsuki picked up her phone to dial Shizuru's number. It was their first day for freshman year at the high school, and Natsuki needed a ride.

A few streets away in a big house, a certain chestnut haired girl was putting on her shirt. Half-way through with one of arms snaking up to go through one of the holes, her phone rung.

Shizuru looked towards the phone and smiled. Natsuki didn't like it, but Shizuru put 'Girlfriend' by Avril Lavinge for her ringtone.

'Hey hey, you you, I don't like your Girlfirend…'

Okay, Natsuki didn't just NOT like it, she hated it and threatened to kill Shizuru for putting it there. But she didn't because they were best friends, the best that they could be.

'No way, no way, I think you need a new one…'

Shizuru finished putting on her shirt before walking to her dresser where her cell phone laid. Still smirking, she answered her phone. "Good morning baby."

"What the fuck…? Shizuru! Don't call me that!"

Shizuru let out a sly smile, she knew with out a doubt by the tone of Natsuki's voice that she was blushing.

"Ara, Natsuki…we both know that you sleep like a baby, and you most likely just woke up, so that means you are still in baby-mode. Kawaii…"

"U-ususei Shizuru!!! Mou…I'm trying to ask for your help but you just tease me…"

"Ah…Gomen Natsuki…It's an addiction, I swear…but…you need help?"

Natsuki cradled her phone with her shoulder as she tied her black and blue Converses on. "Emm…I need a ride. My bike's outta gas. You mind pickin' me up on the way?"

Shizuru smiled. "Of course…and you don't have to ask. I need to drop off tonight's set of clothes…"


Natsuki scratched her head. Sleep…over…? Oh yeah…Shizuru's sleeping over tonight, parents outta town, movie night/and more school shopping…damn…

"Oh yeah…you wanna walk home with me after school then?"

"Oh…okay. Ookini Natsuki!"

Natsuki sighed. "No need to thank Shizuru…we've known each other all our lives. I don't know why'd you want to thank me for walking home with me…"

Natsuki almost dropped her phone while she picked up her bag.

"That's cause I'm grateful I get to spend time with Natsuki…"

Heavily blushing, Natsuki tripped over her shoe.


Shizuru giggled at the sound Natsuki made. "Ara, Natsuki better be careful. Meanwhile, I'll get Romiro. I'll see you in … about 5 minutes? Don't kill yourself sweetie…"

Shizuru hung up before she could here Natsuki yell at her, which she did moments after.


Natsuki stared at the 'Call Ended' on her phone. Sighing, she flipped it closed, and went to her refrigerator. Inside was juice, soda, water, mayo…mayo…some bread, mayo, more mayo, and whipped cream.

Why she had whipped cream? Natsuki enjoyed pouring it on her mayonnaise when it was on her ice cream. Mmm…thinking about it made Natsuki hungry, but she took her hands off and closed the door.

Its 6:50…school starts at 7:40. The ride there is ten minutes…and the school is big enough for us to get lost. We have Science, History, Math, and English together. P.E. and our Electives are different. However, Shizuru is going to be a T.A. (Teacher's Assistant) for my elective, so we can be in one more class together, making her P.E. the same period I will be in. How thoughtful of her, now I can copy all of her homework! Mwhaha, I'm so evil.

Stretching in her blue shirt and black denim jacket, she let out a small yawn. "Mmm…Maybe I'll take a nap…Shizuru knows where my spare key is…nighty night…"


"Thanks Romiro, I'll go get Natsuki, please wait here." The elder man smiled as the young girl jumped out of the silver Mercedes Benz. Approaching Natsuki's house, she knocked softly on the door.

No answer.

Knocking a bit harder, she paced the coldness outside.

No answer still.

Shizuru sighed, figuring Natsuki was in the bathroom, she bent down and lifted the 'WELCOME' mat. Inside was a key, but not the house key. For Natsuki to make three extra cautious safe keys and little puzzle to solve where the spare key was, was smart.

She took the safe key, and went to the the corner where the garage stuck out, which was righ next to the door. There was a little rock in the corner, and Shizuru lifted it. Inside was a small cement hole with the safe saftely lodged inside. Shizuru put the key in, twisted, and pulled at the little handle. Inside was the spare key.

Picking it up, Shizuru put it in door, unlocked it, and put the spare key and the safe key in their original places.

Entering the living room, Shizuru's eyes widened at the sigh. There, on the couch, was the adorable Natsuki curled up napping. A small brown puppy came and jumped on too Shizuru's foot, its tail wagging. "Hello Duran, looks like Natsuki is napping like a baby again…shall I wake her?"

Duran yipped, and ran around in circles. Shizuru picked it up, it was still weeks old since Natsuki found it; it was just born and was in a box shivering. The small Jack Russell, jumped on the couch and circled until it found a comfy spot and laid down.

Shizuru smiled and pet his bed, before shaking Natsuki. "Hey, Natsuki…uppity up, its time to go…"

"five more..mmf…minutes…"

Shizuru sighed.

She picked up Natsuki's bag, and picked up Natsuki herself. The younger girl cuddled against Shizuru's breast, making her blush, and went out the door. She walked up to the parked car and set Natsuki in the back seat, lying her down fully. She sat in the front next to Romiro and nodded for him to go.

Natsuki was in the world of mayonnaise with Shizuru, they were going through the jungle of Mayonnaise and kept stepping in the gooey white stuff. For some reason, everytime Natsuki innocently said 'yummy gooey white stuff' with a mouth full of it, Shizuru would giggle. It was so like her.

All of a sudden, a 2-dimmensional monkey with an evil/mostly-messed-up face jumped in and stole Shizuru. And then the world went 'Ba-boom' like a nuclear explosion and Natsuki was then flying in the air like a Chibi.

She flew around until she met a giant gingerbread; it turned out he was God. He made an apple and orange and called them Adam and Eve, and they started to do all this Rated-R stuff, which Natsuki was blinded by for a moment. But then a giant Duran ate God, and Natsuki went 'Oh My God!' in some sort of language called "Osaka-ben" and she pointed at Duran with her chin stretching to the floor.

The dog barked around and licked her, making her all wet but it also turned out Shizuru was back and on his head. "Oh, hi Shizuru!" she had said, and all of a sudden, Duran went mechanical and for some reason Natsuki shouted 'Load Silver Cartridge', and…

Natsuki opened her eyes. "Whatttttt…theeee…fuck??" Her couch was moving, her dream was weird, and her white ceiling turned grey. She sat up, and found out she was in a car with an old guy in a nice suit driving.

"Holy crap! I've been kidnapped in my sleep!!!" Suddenly, a soft chuckle happened and Shizuru's creamy white smooth face appeared from the front.

Natsuki went silent and her eyes widened as she put together what had happened.

I was sleeping, Shizuru went to pick me up…I wake up and I'm in a car…that must mean…!?

"You kidnapped me Shizuru!?"

Shizuru playfully hit Natsuki on the forehead. "No silly, I carried you to the car. And you really do sleep like a baby, you were sucking your thumb and all curled up…and…you drooled too!"

Natsuki glared at Shizuru while she wiped her mouth. "I do not drool, suck my thumb! However, curling up while sleeping is very warm. Hmmph." Natsuki said while she crossed her arms; her eyes wandered to the driver's seat.

They approached a red light and the old man turned around with a bright smile. "Oh, Ohayo Romiro! I didn't know it was you. Did you helped dear ojou-sama kidnap me?"

Romiro, Shizuru's caretaker, smiled and chuckled. "No, however I was influenced by her to drug you."

Natsuki's eyes playfully widened and she gasped. "NO! Shi-zu-ruuuuu…"

Shizuru smiled and turned around, raising her hands. "All right, I told him to drug you, big deal, I surrender."

"Good grief Shizuru! This…this is OUTRAGEOUS! I am going to charge you!"

Shizuru put her hands to her head and howled. "Oh. No. I. am. Getting. Charged. What in the world shall I do?"

Romiro smiled. "One things sure, you two can get your butts outta this car cause we're here at your school."

Natsuki and Shizuru grinned as they exit the car, and Romiro bid them a good day. Together the two walked to the new school, unaware of the things they would face at their four year stay at this place.


At the campus, a boy with blue side bangs in the front and black spiky hair in the back watched his spiky haired brother eying the two beautiful other freshman exit the car. Sighing, Kazuko hit Takeda. "Oi, stop being a lecherous perv."

Takeda, a football jock and jerk looked at his younger brother. "Little bro, I can get any girl, and see those two chicks? I am soooo getting' them in my pants. Look at them, they're begging for it."

Kazuko glared at him, and picked up his skateboard. He really wanted to get away from his ugly brother. Or maybe… Kazuko grinned. He could make his brother pissed, which was something he enjoyed. The skinny boy dropped his skateboard and rode to the two laughing beauties, and pretended to hit the midnight-blue haired one.

"Oh, sorry I didn'-"

He froze at the monstrous gaze, not from the girl who he 'hit', but from her friend. She had a cold, murderous gaze, and she sent a millions jolts of shivers down his spine. He got scared even more at the angry glare from the girl he hit.

"Shit. I'm seriously sorry, please don't hurt me, I beg! My older brother was checking you two out he was annoying me so I wanted to annoy him by telling you that so you could…I dunno…do that chick-" he still saw the glares, "that girl thing which scares guys…more like this, but not to me! To him!" He took a enormously large breath and secretly pointed to his brother and started to back away.


He turned to the emerald eyed girl who softened her gaze. "It's okay…but thanks for telling us that, I guess…"

Kazuko let out a sigh and smiled. "I'm Kazuko. Masashi Kazuko at your service."

Natsuki stared at the guy, unaware that Shizuru was glaring her eyes out at him. "I didn't ask for your name…"

"But it's a gentleman's policy. I'd give you the book, but you're a girl, so its forbidden."

Natsuki grinned thinking that the guy was okay, and sighed again. "Kuga. Kuga Natsuki, and this is-"

"Her best friend Shizuru Fujino." Shizuru's cold voice made Natsuki turn and give her a concerned look, making her to stop her murderous feeling. Oh Kami, please don't tell me I was … over protective…what has gotten into me! Shizuru shook her head, and let up a faulty smile. "Ano, sorry about that, I am Shizuru. Fujino Shizuru."

Kazuko smiled. "Cool, so, you two freshmans?"

Natsuki stood up, wiping at the butt her black skinny jeans, Shizuru unconsciously watching her.

"Yep, we came from Bluemarks Junior High…you?"

"North Town Junior High. So we're all freshman…awesome. What's you guy's first period?"

Natsuki held up her schedule. "Umm…first is English with Cunlit-sensei. You?"

"Wait, AP?"


"We have that together, plus, I Heard Cunlit-sensei is pretty cool…and.."

"Hey ladies, you wanna chill with me instead of my annoying brother?"

Shizuru looked at the spiky haired boy and hid her irritation with a calm smile. "Umm, excuse me, but if he was annoying then we would have shoo-ed him away. We only do that to annoying people so…Shoo please!" Shizuru flashed him a sarcastic smile, making him glare at her, and he walked away.

Natsuki looked at Shizuru. "Nice one Shizuru!"

Shizuru's heart jumped at Natsuki's words. Whoa…when did a simple compliment make me feel like this…?


Kazuko grinned and put his arms around the two girls. "So, hot stuffs, you guys wanna walk to first period together? Its homeroom, so we're homies now!"

Shizuru grinned and playfully pushed her and Natsuki's newly found friend. Natsuki on reflex from him touching Shizuru glared at him and really did push him to the floor. "You call Shizuru- and me, that one more time and I'll be shoving your skateboard up your ass."

Kazuko sweat dropped and smiled at her, getting up and carrying his skateboard. Okay, bad idea Kazuko, these girls are weird. They are like…oohh…heh, I get it. I'm getting 'those' vibes from them…

Grinning slightly, he muttered, "Plan, plan…"

Natsuki turned to him. "Plan..?"

"Oh, nothing! So, how did you two meet?"


Natsuki shifted her weight onto her other foot and awkwardly glanced at Shizuru, her eyes asking if it was okay to tell him. Shizuru looked at Natsuki, and down. She opened her mouth and-



All three jumped and held their hands up, shouting.

They looked at each other and giggled, while people stared at them. Soon enough, a group of girl's came by. A blonde one looked at the neatly dressed Shizuru, then disgustedly stared at the way Natsuki dressed and Kazuko.

"Ugh, hello, I'm Serui, and I fear you are hanging out with the…wrong type of people…."

Shizuru was about to glare at the girl for calling Natsuki a 'wrong' type, but smiled a fake smile. "I'm Fujino Shizuru, and I believe that Natsuki is my best friend and Kazuko seems like a good one."

Kazuko slightly blushed by Shizuru's honest words, while Natsuki glared at the 'Serui' girl who tried to steal her Shizuru away. …wait…Her? She's not mine…Natsuki what are you thinking about! Mou!

Serui was about to consider this new girl a 'bad' person herself, but then stopped when she heard 'Fujino'. She grinned in her thoughts, she could mooch of this girl if she got her on the 'right' side. Fujino Shizuru, The Fujino's, ahh, it was a lucky day for her. Plan, plan…

Unlike Serui, the other girls with her who heard that the other girl was a Fujino, started to spread the appearance of her around.

Shizuru sighed, now her school years will be like her old years. Natsuki grabbed Shizuru's hand- in a friendly way- and pulled her. "C'mon Shizuru, we don't have to deal with people like this. Let's go, class is going to start…ne?"

Kazuko grinned, and pushed the two. "Hai hai, let's go now! Natsuki-chan is right!"

Natsuki glared at Kazuko but then continued to pull Shizuru to class since Shizuru's feet weren't moving; Shizuru was to busy blushing for some reason.

Okay. This is weird. I've held Natsuki's hand before. Why is it like this…now? Her heart was bursting from this new feeling given from Natsuki, and oh so, she didn't want to lose it. Kazuko followed closely behind, examining the two. By the time they reached the door, Shizuru had stopped the blood flowing to her face and let it back down to circulate.

Inside the class, there were desks paired for two. Natsuki and Shizuru took a seat at the back of the classroom, while Kazuko sat in front of them. Natsuki sighed and folded her arms behind her head, put her foot on the table, and leaned the chair back closing her eyes. Shizuru put one are on her desk and rested her chin on it while she looked at Natsuki.

Natsuki looked back and let out her soft smile; one she only gave out to Shizuru, making her blush a bit. Natsuki

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