"She'll be hurt…badly. Na-chan she really, really likes you…"

Natsuki stopped from looking in her sister's eyes, not understanding if she felt shame or guilt from hearing that. Wasn't it simple? She did something stupid, something she wasn't ready for! It wasn't her fault! And Kiana used her nickname for Natsuki…something she only did when it was just them alone.

"You…you wouldn't understand Kia-nee… you wouldn't."

"How can I not understand! The way she looks at you…the way…Na-chan, you have to understand…you'll break her heart."

"Will you shut the fuck up!!! This isn't even your fucking situation! Can't you understand my feelings!! I Do like her…I just…I'm not ready for a relationship, and I should have thought it through before doing such a thing!" Natsuki yelled, emphasizing her statement by slamming her hand down on her bed.

Kiana sighed, and looked at Natsuki with disappointment. "I've always tried to help boneheads like you see the truth but-"

"What is there to see! I can't have fun fun! Everytime I look at her, I think she's my friend still! I can't think of her as a best friend! I don't know what I'm supposed to do!"

"Then don't! Let yourself find out. Dump Shizuru. Go ahead Natsuki, break her heart. But I'm not saying you shouldn't dump her suddenly because you felt this way, I think it'd be better if you talked it out with her…"

"….Fine…." Natsuki grumbled, and rest on her bed, closing her eyes. She needed a release; so when Kiana left, Natsuki got up and jumped out her window.


Kazuko picked up his phone, seeing as it was Natsuki. "Hello babe?"

"Shut up."

"Ooh, someones mad?"

"Kazuko, just shut up!"

"Ugh; fine. What?"

"Can I come over?"

"Uhh, sureee, but not to long, its New Year's Eve, I gotta big party with my family tonight."

"Well okay, I'm outside, open the door."

"Yeah, yeah, sure." Kazuko said sarcastically and slowly went towards the door. The minute he opened it, Natsuki pushed her way in through. "Whoa girl, you on your period?"

"Kazuko, please, just shut up!"

Kazuko looked at Natsuki, a bit hurt, but shook it off. "You wanna talk it out?"

Natsuki bore her emerald eyes into him, and he saw guilt, shame, and pain. It was obvious she came here to talk.

The two headed to Kazuko's room, shutting the door and locking it to make sure nobody would get in. "So, what's your problem? Natsuki, seriously, you look really…stressed."

Natsuki sighed, before looking at Kazuko. "Kazuko, does Shizuru like me?"

Kazuko turned his head, nervously scratching his cheek, before realizing Natsuki was serious. "Yeah…I always thought she did like you."



"Kazuko…look…this is serious. I asked her out a few days ago…and until now, all its been is us hugging…or kissing. I mean, I was happy, completely, blissfully happy but…it all faded away. Now I get…uncomfortable…its awkward. I really, really, really miss it when we were best friends…Its like my privileges were tooken away, because I can't do the things I did before…"

"Natsuki, I honestly think you had liked Shizuru too, and I do now know you do like her…but this…you shouldn't have asked her out. You didn't think of the consequences…did you…?"

"Consequences? You mean we can't go back to being 'just friends'?"

"Natsuki. You'll break her heart. No offense, but you aren't mature enough, or even ready for a relationship with her."

Kiana said that too…Natsuki thought sadly. "But, Kazuko, look, I can't just kiss her when I still think of her as just a friend! Its…different! I guess I'm not ready, and I know I'm not, that's why I need to break up with her!"

Natsukiyou don't understand…I know for a fact she doesn't just like you… "Natsuki, your rushing through things. You got together with her, so suddenly, and now your breaking up with her? Your crushing her hopes!"

"You don't understand!" Why can't he just get it, this is completely different! This isn't just about me…I did think of the consequences…if I hold this up until later…I'll shatter her. It'll completely destroy her… "Kazuko…I know Shizuru longer than you, and as wrong as this is, this is the only thing I can do."

Kazuko sighed. "I'm disappointed, Natsuki."