Title: In this room...
Theme: sm-monthly LJ community: February (Usagi and Mamoru) 1st - No Longer a Hero
Genre: Romance [Love in all its facets, divided by two
Version: Anime
Rating: G
"Hey," she whispers as if they were sharing a secret and keeping it from prying ears. Her fingers curl over his softly, and they are small hands, fragile looking hands, but somehow he knows she has the power to save the world, or more importantly, she has the power to save him. The look in her eyes are warm, like summer skies. She has never doubted her feelings. After the memories, after his rejections, his loss, his fears, she has always been waiting for him. Always, she has welcomed him with her childish speech-patterns hiding a woman's... intuition (a woman's heart).

He's the one that's nervous, even though she's the one with everything to lose. Tomorrow they're going to tell her parents of how they've met and how they've loved. Maybe not all the details (a very abbreviated version), but Tsukino Usagi could never keep secrets from her loved ones and she wanted to tell her Mother, more than anyone else, that she's Sailormoon and she's going to marry a man more worthy of her heart than any she will ever meet again.

"Usako," he sighs all his worries into the palm of her hand when he kisses the soft flesh there. Despite the way she smiles at him a little knowingly, he cannot calm the doubts racing through his head, though that was what will always be the difference between the two of them.

"You don't have to save me from this one, Mamo-chan." She reassures him the only way she knows how, by leaning in close and letting him hold her. Sometimes, Mamoru needs to be held more than anyone she knew, and she is glad that she is the only one who knows this. He always makes himself so aloof and untouchable, using his arrogance and his intelligence, keeping the world at bay. It took her awhile to understand this, and some days she isn't very good at understanding it all in her head. Somehow, all Usagi can do is trust in her heart, because that's all she has to offer him (while his had been the only thing she had ever really wanted).

"I love you," she tells him with her lips against the collar of his shirt. She inhales, loving the way he smells and the warmth of his radiance seeping into her. She doesn't need to say those words when she looks at him like that, though, not when she pulls back enough to meet him in the eyes. She always says it with their faces close and their hands laced together, so that he will never doubt her words. He feels it, can almost taste it in the air, and thinks that words are like the whispers fading into the pounding sound of his heart.

In this room, neither one of them are heroes - he is not Tuxedo Kamen and she is not Sailormoon - nor are either prince or princess, and most of all, they are not just two lost souls with a common past... They are just two people whose hands met a bit clumsily and whose hearts aren't always so sure. But they love as only people can love: Believing that none has loved as much before them and knowing, for certain, that none will ever love like them again...

In Mamoru's little apartment, they had fought and found their own type of forever today...

They can be heroes again, tomorrow.