FULL TITLE: Lying is the most fun Naruto can have without taking his cloths off.

SUMMARY: Sasuke and Naruto are two high school students at Konoha academy all boys school. At a school were Naurto Uzumaki is the school whore and is trying to get into everyones pants what happens when he goes after Sasuke Uchiha?




2:15 P.M Mr. Iruka's class a. k. a the last class of the day. The students are counting down the minutes, the seconds till class will be let out; as Mr. Iruka goes further into the plans for the next few months of the school year a certain blonde hair boy can't take it anymore.

Naruto's POV:

The name's Naruto Uzumaki sex god extraordinaire...god I really need to stop talking to myself. Well I need some way to entertain myself.

God I'm so bored! Bored, bored, bored, BORED!

Well...what do I usually do when I'm bored? Let's see...eat ramen, sleep, go out clubbing, have sex, ad check out guys.

Let's see I can't eat ramen...because I'm in the middle of class...I can't sleep cause Iruka will beat my ass, not literally which is to bad cause I could use a good fuck...wait eww that'd be like fucking my dad...wait what was I just thinking about? Oh right, I can't go out clubbing cause I'm in the middle of class...I can't have sex because I'm in the middle of CLASS!

Okay, well...I can still check out guys.

My eyes began to roam around the room trying to find a worthy guy to have eye sex with.

Let's see...Neji? No Kiba will kill me if I did anything to him yes...even eye sex...even though I've already had him.

Kiba...? Eww not he's my best friend...with privileges...

Choji...nope he's to busy eating...god that talented mouth of his...

Shikamaru...he's sleeping just like last night...


A smile then appeared on my face as I began to try getting his attention.

Crap why won't he look at me? Well...come to think of it Sasuke's the only guy in this class...hell in this grade I've never done it with which is a shame because he's hot but he is a jerk...but he's hot...but he's a snob...but he's hot...but he's a...


Sasuke's Pov:

I rolled my eyes as Iruka yelled Naruto's name. And also as Naruto fell out of his chair onto the floor and in result all the idiots in class laughing like a bunch of morons.

The idiot Naruto slowly slid back into his chair and chuckled.

"What is it Iruka?" Naruto asked casually as I sighed and began to pay attention to the show in front of me.

"That's MR to you."

"Yeah, yeah what do you want MR?"

Iruka's eye twitched. "Uzumak I can you repeat to the class what I just said?"

Naruto scratched his head with a stupid look of confusion on his face. "Umm...I don't know..."

"Then I suggest you start paying attention!" Iruka's eyes then met mine. "Uchiha!"

My ears perked up as my eyes then met Irukas'. "Yes Mr. Iruka?"

"Can you repeat to Naruto" Iruka semi yelled and shot Naruto a glare. "And the class what the instructions are for our next project?"

"We will be doing a project in a group of three to four we will be given a song and a artist where we will have to perform the song and the actions of the artist thus mimicking the artist's performance and making it our own in result performing for the school we have two to three weeks to do so, and we will be graded on performance and team work."

The whole class looked at me in awe as Naruto gave me a look of disgust and Iruka smiled." Very good Uchiha, You hear that Naruto or where you not paying attention again?"

Naruto's POV:

"Yeah I herd it..."

"Then you should thank sasuke properly for repeating it for you."

I huffed and shook my head.

"Naruto do it!"

I sighed in defeat and turned towards Sasuke. "Thank you so much for the instructions Sasuke."

"No problem." Sasuke said smirking at me. Sasuke then turned around facing forward.

I then let a little smile cross my face.

God he's so hot...

The bell rang.

"All right you are excused."

I cheered and got out of my seat and ran to my locker at full speed making sure to run into Sasuke.

I ran pass Sasuke as he began to yell. I chuckled to myself as I made my way to my locker.

I took my orange bag out and began to put my stuff in it.


3rd person POV:

Kiba yelled Naruto's name as he tackled the poor boy to the floor.

"What the hell Kiba you just don't run up behind people and tackle them!" Naruto yelled as got back up and began to dust off his pants.

Kiba chuckled as he got and closed Naruto's locker and locked the lock. "Calm down Naruto your starting to sound like Neji!"

Naruto rolled his eyes as he pulled Kiba into a hug and a quick peck on the lips. "Whatever..."

Kiba perked up and slung his arm around Naruto's shoulder. "Come on Naruto ol'buddy let's go to the arcade and grab a burger!"

As Naruto was getting ready to agree he saw Uchiha Sasuke exit the school. Naruto shook his head and got out of Kiba's grasp and began running at full speed after the Uchiha. "Maybe later Kiba I have something to do!"

"Aww not again Naruto!" Naruto chuckled as Kiba yelled to him in the distance. Naruto slowed down as he was only a few steps away from Sasuke.

"Hey Uchiha!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "What do you want Naru..." Sasuke stopped mid sentence as he felt Naruto rap his arms around his waste. "What do you think your doing?"

Naruto chuckled and brought his mouth over to Sasuke's ear. "Oh Sasuke..." Naruto began as he brought his fingers to ghost over Sasuke's crotch. "Sasuke...why don't you sleep over tonight..." Naruto began to nip on the Uchiha's neck as Sasuke's eyes grew wide with horror.

Sasuke soon snapped back to reality as he felt Naruto's full grip on his forming erection. Sasuke brought his arm back quickly to hit Naruto's stomach hard with full force.

Naruto fell to the floor as the Uchiha ran off safely to his home.

Naruto stood on the floor for a few seconds as a smile began to form on his face. Naruto realized how much fun this was going to be.

Naruto slowly stood up and stared out at the direction the Uchiha ran off to.

Naruto smirked, "I love a challenge."

End ch.1


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