FULL TITLE: Lying is the most fun Naruto can have without taking his cloths off.

SUMMARY: Sasuke and Naruto are two high school students at Konoha academy all boys school. At a school were Naurto Uzumaki is the school whore and is trying to get into everyones pants what happens when he goes after Sasuke Uchiha?



3rd Person POV:

7:05 AM

"Crap we're gonna be late!" Naruto sighed jogging to the school with his fingers linked with Sasuke's. "This wouldn't be happening if you didn't let me sleep in!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "Well you looked so peaceful, besides I assumed you needed all the rest you could get after last night."

"I can't imagine how bad everyone would freak out if they heard Sasuke, the school prude talking like-what are you doing?" Naruto squealed when he felt the Uchiha scoop him into his arms.

"Your in no condition to be running. Besides we'll get to the school faster this way."

Naruto smiled and decided not to argue with his boyfriend. In no time the two boys were entering the school and were close to their class room.

"Sasuke I'm serious, put me down! We're close to our class and I can walk the rest of the way myself!"

Sasuke huffed and ignored the blond who was fighting his grip. Sasuke opened the classroom door making sure to keep his tight grip on Naruto.

"Sasuke I swear if you don't let me down right now, I'll never let you top ever ag-" Naruto stopped mid sentence when he heard cat calls. The blond then noticed something...he was in class and Sasuke was still carrying him.

Iruka blushed and cleared his throat, "I'm glad that you two finally decided to join us. Now, take your seats please."

Sasuke blushed and carried Naruto to his seat setting him down ignoring Kiba's whistling. Sasuke took his seat, glancing at Iruka who gave him quick smile giving him an approving nod.

"Alright now that everyone is here...and seeing as class is almost over lets talk about yesterdays performances. Over all you all exceeded my expectations. Especially team seven...even though you four were more...rated R then I would have liked but great job anyways." As if on cue the bell rang signaling the end of class. Everyone stood up and began heading to their next class.

Sasuke headed to Naruto's desk, "Want me to carry you to your next class?"

Naruto pouted and looked away from Sasuke, "I'm fine, I can walk to class by myself, thank you very much!"

Sasuke smiled and laced his fingers with Naruto's as they made their way into the hall way. Everyone stared at the two boys in shock, others weren't very surprised at all. But most were jealous or disappointed. Jealous that someone managed to snag Sasuke, and disappointed that the sex god was now in a relationship.

Gaara looked at the two boys with a sad glint in his eyes.

"Don't look so sad my cute little raccoon boy."

Gaara blushed and turned around to see Lee standing behind him with a grin on his lips.

"I'm not sad...okay maybe a little...but I'll get over it as long as your willing to help a little." Lee smiled and held Gaara's hand as they made their way to class. "Oh and Lee...don't call me raccoon."

Lee smiled and nuzzled Gaara's neck affectionately.

12:15 P.M

Lunch time

Shikamaru and Choji glared at Gaara who was now eating lunch with their group of friends. Lee oblivious to his friends glaring at his boyfriend the dark haired boy just sat there nuzzling his boyfriend's neck. Neji walked over to Shikamaru and Choji he then smacked the two boys on the back of their heads. The long haired boy then made his way over to his boyfriend who was currently eating his food like a mad man.

Choji smiled and glanced over at the door that led to the roof of the school. "So the rumors are true!"

Everyone's eyes were now on the blond and raven haired teen who were making their way to their group of friends.

"I never thought I'd see the day when the great sex god settled down and started a relationship." Neji smirked looking between the two boys with knowing eyes.

"Yup I never thought this moment would come! They grow up so fast!"

Naruto growled and glared at Kiba as his eye twitched a few times. Neji knew all to well what that look meant. Neji sighed and scooted away from his boyfriend. Without any warning Naruto tackled his best friend to the ground and the two boys began wrestling. Neji sighed and glanced over to the Uchiha and signaled him to come over and sit by him. Sasuke walked over to were Neji was sitting and took a seat next to him. They glanced at each other and shrugged knowing that it was a waste of energy to get involved in their boyfriends fight.

Lee looked between the two boys worriedly, Lee stood up from where he was sitting, "You two please stop!"

Gaara sighed and grabbed his boyfriends hand from were he was sitting. "Just leave them be."

Lee nodded his head and took his seat and snugged into his boyfriends arms.

Shikamaru watched the two boys fight before he sighed and stood up making his way to the door. "This is getting tiresome...I'm going to take a nap before class starts."

"Wait I'll come with!" Choji yelled running after Shikamaru.

Neji looked over from Choji then back over to Lee and smiled, "You think he's finally going to confess his feelings?"

Neji and Lee began to laugh. The two boys sighed and glanced over at the two boys who were still fighting on the floor. "Some things never change."

3:00 P.M

After School:

The blond emptied out his bag and put its contents into his locker, the Uchiha fidgeted with his fingers nervously. The blond glanced over at the Uchiha with a confused look on his features.

"Sasuke...what's wrong?"

"Naruto I was wondering...since my house is so big and your house is so-"

"Naruto!" The blond turned around to see his best friend walking towards him, the two boys greeted each other with a kiss on the cheek. Neji and Sasuke glanced at each other with indifferent looks on their face. "Neji and I are going to the arcade, do you two wanna come?"

Naruto smiled and shook his head, "Maybe tomorrow, I'm moving in with Sasuke today; apparently my house isn't good enough."

The Uchiha groaned, "I never said that, I want you to move in with me because your house is small and lonely, and mine is big and has plenty of space. Besides...I'd like to be able to just walk across the hall and see you whenever I want."

Naruto smiled and rolled his eyes, "You just want to be able to have sex with me whenever you want."

Kiba and Neji glanced over at Sasuke who began blushing as he got an annoyed look on his face. The two boys snuck away so they wouldn't get in the middle of their friends lovers spat.

"That's not the only reason I want you to live with me! That's just a perk..."

Naruto rolled his eyes and gave the Uchiha a kiss on the lips and took the Uchiha's hand in his. "Come on lets go to my house and get my stuff."

Sasuke smiled and laced his fingers with Naruto's as they made their way to the parking lot. The two teens made their way to Itachi's car to find Itachi and Kisame already in the car waiting. The two boys got into the back seat.

Itachi started his car and began exiting the school parking lot. Sasuke sighed and cleared his throat, "I was hoping Naruto could move in with us since he lives alone and we have plenty of room...and if he can, can we stop by his house to pick up his stuff?"

Itachi glanced at Sasuke through his rear view mirror and nodded his head, "Okay Naruto can live with us, but we'll have to set some rules. I will not have you two interrupting my sleep just because you two decide your horny in the middle of the night."

Sasuke began coughing as Naruto blushed like a fool, Kisame sat in his seat and giggled.

"Also don't think I don't know what you two did last night, I'm not stupid." Itachi looked behind him and gave the two boys a stern look. "First rule: be in your own rooms by 9:30, second rule: absolutely no sleeping in each others room. Third rule, on the weekends your allowed to stay up together till midnight but keep your doors open and keep your volumes down. Oh and one more thing, I'll be doing random check ups on you two. Do we have an agreement?"

The two boys looked at each other and sighed, "What happens if we break one of those rules?"

Kisame and Itachi glanced at each other and began laughing hysterically. The blond and raven haired teen looked at each other in shock both too scared to ask any questions. The two finally stopped laughing when they finally arrived at the blonds apartment.

"Hurry up and get everything, we'll be waiting out here in the car."

The two boys nodded their heads and exited the car. The pair made their way to Naruto's apartment. The blond found a trash bag and began filling it with different things such as ramen, clothes, and his tooth brush.

"Is that really all you have?"

Naruto nodded his head and carried the bag with him. "Oh one more thing."

Naruto made his way to the apartment door that was across from his. Naruto knocked on the door and waited patiently for someone to open the door.

"Naruto what are we..."

Before the Uchiha could finish his sentence the door opened to reveal a very confused looking Iruka. "Naruto what are you..."

"I'm moving in with Sasuke." Before Iruka could respond the blond threw himself into Iruka's arms. "Thank you for everything you are like the father I've never had. I know I don't say this enough but I truly mean it. I'll be sure to come back and visit you I promise."

"Iruka whose at the door?"

Naruto let go of the slightly taller man and stared at Kakashi who was standing behind Iruka. The blond put his hands on the man's shoulders and gave them a squeeze. "I approve of you being with Iruka. But I swear if you hurt him I'll be paying you a visit I don't care if your a teacher."

Kakashi stared at the blond boy, he then nodded his head. "I'll take good care of your father...I promise."

Naruto nodded his head and laced his fingers with the Uchiha's.

Iruka was getting ready to say good bye when he remembered something, "You two wait here one moment I have something to give you Naruto!"

Iruka went into his aparenment for a few moments with in seconds he was back. He was holding a picture frame. He handed it to the blond. "I want you to keep that...so you can remember that if something doesn't work out you always have a place with me."

Naruto looked at the picture for a few moments as tears began to form in his eyes. It was a picture of a happy Iruka with an ecstatic young Naruto on his shoulders.

Iruka walked over to Sasuke and smiled at the taller boy. "I'm not saying you two are doomed, but Naruto here is a difficult one to deal with so be sure to be patient with him and keep and eye on him. He can be quite reckless and irresponsible when he wants to. I have faith in you Sasuke, don't hurt him he's had too much of that through out his life."

Sasuke smiled at Iruka warmly, "I'll do my best."

The four said their good byes. The two boys headed back to the car and got in. In no time they were at Sasuke's house. The four made their way into the house.

Itachi slipped off his shoes and turned to the two boys, "We have many guest rooms to choose from. I'd prefer it that you choose a guest room that is not in the same part of the house as Sasuke's. I don't want you two to get tempted."

Sasuke sighed, "Alright we'll give him the room by the pool room, seeing as that its on the opposite side of the house and its not even on the same floor."

Sasuke began walking, the blond fallowed slowly behind. "I don't like pool much, I think its kind of boring."

Sasuke rolled his eyes as he opened up the fancy looking double doors, "Not pool as in the game...a actual pool."

The two boys stepped into the pool room, "You guys have an in door pool?"

Sasuke looked at the blond boy in amusement and headed to the farthest door, Sasuke opened the door. There was a medium sized bed, a tv, a dresser, and the bedroom had its own bathroom.

Naruto whistled and made his way over to the bed and laid down. The Uchiha joined the blond on the bed. The blond cuddled up with the Uchiha and sighed. "I can't believe how lucky I am. Just yesterday I was street trash. I was just some common whore...now I have a real home and someone who loves me...I have Iruka who loves me but its a different kind of love."

Sasuke smiled and held onto the blond tightly. "I'm also lucky...not to long ago I was a stuck up prick...I also have a new sexy blond boyfriend."

Before the blond could respond he felt a hand travel down to his ass and give it a squeeze Naruto yipped and smacked Sasuke on the arm. "Pervert."

The raven haired teen smiled, "It's your fault."

Naruto smiled and rested his head in the crook of Sasuke's neck and held onto the Uchiha for dear life hoping he'd never have to leg go.

End lying is the most fun

Ha! Cliche ending? Well yes I think so I know this probably seemed a bit dragged out but I wanted to give this a proper ending and tie up a bunch of loose ends.

I have one of the one shots relating back to this story almost done I also have a few more planned after this that go into the lives of everyone after the story and before it.

Anyways I hoped you guys liked this story and thank you for reading it, and for sticking with me!

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