First, I showed him around Colorado Springs. I let him catch in all the sights before the sun began to set. It was amazing how his eyes lit up and took in the simple pleasure of the landscapes and buildings. It reminded me of my first time in the Springs. I spent all night driving around just looking at the different places. Bray'tac looked over in my direction, the sparkle in his eyes made me grin like an idiot.

"This is truly an amazing place. I have always wondered how a society would thrive when the Gou'ald were driven away." he remarked.

"Just wait until you try the dessert I have for you, then you'll enjoy your excursion even more!"

"I am sure anything that you have made will be enjoyable."

I felt myself blush again. Why couldn't I get that under control? I pulled into my driveway and shut off the car. We both got out and headed up to the doorway. I opened the door and stepped aside for him to enter first, but he was ever the gentleman allowing me to enter before him. I took his coat and hung it on the coat rack.

"Shall we watch television while enjoying dessert Bray'tac?" I asked. His name felt so wonderful rolling off the end of my tongue. He turned his head towards me and nodded.

"I am interested in seeing this picture box that Teal'c was telling me about. He said that many of the programs are very entertaining." he said.

I picked up the remote and found some half decent movie that was playing on HBO. 'Oh yeah, how appropriate, a love story!' I remarked in my head.

Secretly I was watching him out of the corner of my eye while I got the pie out of the oven where it had been setting. I got two pieces and something to drink for the both of us. Taking it out to the living room I noticed that he was staring at the screen with rapt interest in the film. I raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

He took a bite of the pie, closing his eyes with a smile on his face. "This is delicious! What sort of food is this?" he asked.

"Ah, that would be pie. Pumpkin pie to be specific. Fall is the season for eating pumpkin pie." I grinned. At least someone savored my cooking!

"Not only are you skilled in the medical world, but also in the kitchen my dear." he complimented.

We both enjoyed our slices of pie (with Bray'tac wanting more of my excellent masterpiece), and continued to watch the movie. After 20 minutes of sitting next to each other, I felt an arm go around my shoulders. I turned towards him, raising an eyebrow. He held my gaze, smiling. That twinkle was back in his eye! Suddenly he spoke.

"I wanted to truly thank you for today. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to see some of the sights on your planet. The sights were even more pleasant because of your heavenly presence. Thank you again for all you have done today." he confessed while still staring intensely into my eyes.

I was shocked into silence. I had absolutely no idea how to respond. Bray'tac is a true gentleman. I stared at him a few more seconds, taking in his rugged handsome features. Really, I was trying to compose my thoughts in to some kind of organization that would make sense when it came flying out of my mouth. That darned color was back in my cheeks, and I felt my body temperature rise several degrees. How does he do it?

"You are more than welcome, handsome. I had a wonderful evening with you. And yes, the landscapes were even more memorable with you by my side. I will always remember today." Okay, wow, where had that come from? It just slipped out before I could reign in my wayward thoughts.

He started to lean forward. Oh, he's going to kiss me! Now the day is complete! As his lips descended on mine I felt this surge of electric travel through my body. Tough warrior he may be, but he is still gentle and affectionate. Our sweet kiss lasted near 15 seconds, although it could have been an hour for all I know. Looking in each others eyes, it was clear that he felt for me what I was feeling for him.

"Now, it is even more memorable for me." he said. He smiled, a real, broad smile that touched the tips of his eyes. Oh god, I think I just felt my insides turn to goo. I am a goner!

"Yes, and I will be anxiously awaiting your next visit. Don't make it too far in the future, handsome." I remarked.

"Rest assured, I shall be dropping by more often my dear. If only to see you, and partake in more of your excellent pumpkin pie!" he laughed.