Here is what happened to everyone in the years to come.

When Draco and Hermione's children were 5, she gave birth to a set of fraternal twins, Addison and Alexander. They looked just like their father, except they had their mothers eyes.

Sadie, Rylie, Howie and Gabbie had the brains and wits of their parents. They were all unique in their own way. When their time came to go to Hogwarts, Sadie and Howie were sorted into Ravenclaw for their cleverness and studious ways and Gabbie and Rylie were sorted into Gryffindor for thier bravery and loyalty.

Two years after Draco and Hermione had wed, Harry proposed to his girlfriend, Katie. Their wedding was the event of the year and Hermione was a bridesmaid along with Katie's cousin, Michelle and her Maid Of Honor, Monique.

Three years later, Harry and Katie became proud parents of twin boy, whom they named, James and Sirius, in honor of Harry's father and godfather. They had light brown hair and green eyes. Apparently the Potter eyes are a dominant trait. When the twins were three Katie then gave birth to their third child, a girl named Lilianna, Lili for short. James and Sirius adored their baby sister who had Harrys raven hair and Katies blue eyes.

James and Sirius would later attend school with Alex and Addi, starting the same year.

Ginny and Blaise eloped and moved to America , but promising to keep in touch with their friends. A year later Ginny gave birth to a baby girl named,Calista and two years later gave birth to a boy, Cooper . The family never returned to live in England, but brought their chlidren down every summer to see their friends.

Ron never married. He was happy being an uncle and had no desire to reproduce. He did date a few girls when he traveled back between America and England, but never found the one.


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