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Axel- Heheh...

Yosh- Shut up.

Axel- Can't help it. It's just too funny.

Roxas- It's not funny! It's sounded painful!

Axel- Painful...but funny.

Yosh- Both of you, shush! Oh, and my Disclaimer...you know what...here.

Title: Axel Is Annoying
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: M
Reason: Language and Sexual Themes
Pairings: A little AkuRoku and maybe some Demyx thrown in the mix there (grin). Zexion, too. Oh, and possibly some RikuSora. (shrug) Who knows?
Discalimer: I do not own the RIGHTS to Kingdom Hearts. BUT I do own the games. Kingdom Hearts (RIGHTS) belong to Tetsuya Nomura and affiliates.

Yosh- I think that's it, therefore, ONWARD!

Chapter 1: HEY ZEXY!

You would think, on a beautiful day such a this, the people would be peaceful. You would think that no one would TRY to piss someone off, but OH! Lookie there! That was EXACTLY Zexion's predicament.

"Hey, Zexy!" the red-head screamed from across the room, just before Zexion's escape succeeded. He stopped dead in his tracks, eye twitching in anger. Spinning around he stomped his foot in frustration and impatience as Axel strode over to him.

"I thought I told you to stop calling me that?"

"Calling you what?"

"Calling me...y-you know..."

"I know what?"

"Zexy, dumbass!"

"Oh, hey now! You may look good, but don't get all up on your high-horse just yet! Show some modesty!" Zexion's fist spasmed as he clenched it tighter. Axel could REALLY irritate the hell out of someone. "Besides, you can't use my words!"

"YOUR words? That's my name!"

"Hey, hey! What'd I just say about modesty!"

"Modesty my ass! In fact, speaking of asses, why don't I shove THIS up yours!" He flung out his hand and Axel's own weapon appeared in a burst of flames and smoke. Axel began to sweat, stepping back, smiling, and waving his hands in front of him.

"Oh, come on! It was just a joke!"

"For the past three years 'it was just a joke'! I'm getting sick of jokes, Axel!"

"Well, the thing was...ano..." he began searching the room quickly for a scape-goat. Chairs, vases, walls, Roxas, chandelier...wait...ROXAS! "I wasn't talking to you anyway! I was talking to Roxas!"

At hearing his name, Roxas looked up from the book he was reading and turned to them.


"Roxas! Hey, Zexy!" Zexion's eye twitched as Axel ran over to Roxas, ignoring him. Although Axel was the most annoying man the world (that never was) had ever known, Zexion still liked the attention and was angered when it was switched to Roxas. Roxas ALWAYS got attention.

As Axel reached him, Roxas tried his best to continue reading, knowing very well where this was going to lead. Even though it was all just pretend, Axel loved to flirt. With everyone. Even Xemnas.


"You know, Roxas..." he whispered, wrapping an arm around his shoulders from behind.

"..." Roxas, flushed, expecting some snappy line.

"You 'rox' my socks." Roxas swetdropped. That sucked.

"You're an idiot."

"We're not done, Axel!" Zexion called. Axel waved a hand to shoo him away, not even looking up from Roxas.

"What'cha readin'?"

"Read the cover..." Axel smirked, snatching the book from his grasp, marking the page unnoticably and flipping it to the front.

"Hey!" Roxas said, spinning around on the couch and reaching for the bundle of bound papers.

"Ah, ah, ah! You told me to read the cover!"

"I meant to go around and read it from the front!"

"Ah, but you didn't specify!" Roxas growled, noticing Zexion steaming as he stomped off. Axel looked at the book. 'Tropical Island And Their Natural Fruit'. (1)

"Axel! You made me lose my spot!"

"Oh, please! Look!" He flipped it open to the page he had been on and showed it to Roxas. "I'm not mean." He pulled it back again as Roxas swiped for it. "So, what kinda 'fruit' are you reading about?" He saw a picture of some kind of star-shaped 'thing' and turned it back into his view. He pointed at it. "What's that?" Roxas blushed a deep crimson, looking away, arms draped over the back of the couch in defeat.

"A fruit." Axel took a second look.

"What the fuck kinda fruit is that?"

"It's a damn fruit, Axel!"

"What's it called?"

"Can you not READ?" Axel pouted, causing Roxas guilt. But only a shallow guilt considering he lacked full emotion. He did have half a heart afterall. "It's called a Paopu fruit."

"And it's shaped like a fucking star, why?"

"How the fuck should I know?"

"Where's it from?"

"This place a few worlds away called Destiny Islands."

"Sounds familiar..."

"Tell me about it. I heard the name and saw the pictures and automatically thought I'd been there before."

"Been there? But you haven't even been out of Castle Oblivion since we brought you here."

"I know that...but, maybe...I dunno...before, I guess, I might've lived there...well, not me, but...you know what I mean." He buried his chin in the fabric of the couch, eyes glazed in thought. Axel grinned stupidly, leaning in closer to him.

"Wow, Roxas! Your somebody lived on an island! That's 'hot'!" he said, trying to make a pun. Roxas sighed.

"Please stop that."

"Stop what?"


"Stop joking?" He gave a hurt look.

"No, actually, I taked that back..." Axel smiled, full of hope. "Just...stop talking in general."

"But..!" He was cut off as Roxas pulled him in towards him and pressed their lips together, softly. Axel immediately stopped trying to talk (or move). Pulling away, Roxas snatched his book and stood, walking away, leaving Axel standing there in shock.

"Later, Zexy," he called back as he left the room.

And the rest of the day, all of Organization XIII wondered as to why Axel gave no irritations, flirtations or commentations.

Yosh- Ok, so, to answer your questions now. 'No, this is not the end', 'No, Axel did NOT know Roxas liked him OR that Roxas is starting to remember Sora', and 'Yes, this is stupid, I know.'

Axel- He...he kissed me...

Roxas- Yeah? So?

Axel- (chibi form) (tackles Roxas) icha icha, icha icha, rub rub, rub rub...

Roxas- (blush) Ah! What the fuck!

Yosh- (giggle) YAY! Chibi Axel is here! Anyway, I got to go! Ja ne! R&R please!

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