Yoshimi- Okay, so, here's chapter 2 of...what's this called again?

Roxas- (slaps forehead)

Yosh- ...WHAT?

Axel- (chuckle)

Yosh- STFU

Axel- (sticks out tongue)

Yosh- (pulls out scissors)

Axel- 8P !!!!! (pulls tongue back in)

Yosh- I thought so...anyway, chapter 2. (click-click-click)

"To demand of love that it be without jealousy is to ask of light that it cast no shadows."

-Oscar Hammling

Chapter 2: To Demand Of Love

"Hey, Roxas!"


"Yo, Rox!"


"Number 13..."


That's what had been going on all day. Anyone who even spoke a single word to Roxas was screamed at and insulted by Axel. For being a usually calm, collected, flirtatious guy, Axel was being EXTREMELY protective. Nobody knew why he was being so posessive with the thirteenth member of the organization. Excessive obsession was usually down Vexen's lane. Besides, yelling at Xemnas was not very intelligent.

He blinked. Not once. Not twice. But three whole times.

"Excuse me, Axel, but I believe you need your eyes checked. Do you not see who you are talking to?" Axel puffed up his chest trying to act big and mighty. Roxas sweatdropped. The idiot was going to get them in trouble.

"I can see damn well who I'm talking to."

"Then I suggest you calm yourself before I have you terminated."

"I don't care! No one talks to my Roxy!" Roxas slapped his forehead.

"Please don't call me that..."

"Axel. Calm yourself. Why are you being so posessive."


Suddenly. Without warning. Demyx came barrelling into the room, wild-eyed.

"MUFFINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And as quick as he came, he was gone. Silence.

"...Do either of you know what happened to him?" Xemnas asked. They shook their heads in the negative. "Yes, well. Never mind. I'll get Vexen to do it." Roxas nodded and turned around to leave, Axel right on his heels.

Vexen stepped into the room, rubbing his hands together, eyes wide and deranged. He set his gaze upon Roxas and leapt.

"ROXAS! Please! Let me experiment on you!" At the same moment, in midair, Vexen was sent flying. He skidded to a stop at Xemnas' feet.

"HI-YAH!" Axel landed from the kick in a fighting stance and Roxas took his chance to run. Axel, noticing that Roxas was running away, followed. "ROXY! Come back! The mean-old man is gone! He won't hurt you! Don't run from him! He's nothing to be afraid of!"

"I'm not running from him!"

Xemnas sighed, rubbing his temples. The people he dealt with on a daily basis. He peered down at Vexen who stared up at him hungrily.

"No, Vexen. You are not experimenting on me." Vexen slumped to the floor in defeat.

Yosh- Yes. I know. Pure crack.

Axel- (tackles Roxas)

Roxas- OOMPH!

Axel- (huggle)

Roxas- (sigh) I give up...

Yosh- Okay. Then you won't mind me writing some smex?

Roxas- (blush) YES I MIND!

Yosh- No smex?

Roxas- No smex.

Yosh- No yaoi?

Roxas- No yaoi.

Yosh- No shounen-ai?

Roxas- (ponders) Ok, but that's it.


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