Is moving really that bad?

A little bit of info:

POV: point of view

Italic: flashback

'words'Inner thoughts

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'wow. . . well another new school. . . more new friends. . . god, moving SUCKS. Oh well might as well make the best of it.'

A Pepto-Bismol pink haired girl watched her mom unload the truck; growing bored she hopped out of the moving van and onto the sidewalk.

"Hey mom, I'll unload the rest okay?"

"Okay honey!"

Sakura's POV

I start taking the boxes and put them on the porch. On my second trip to the porch I bumped into a blonde girl with four ponytails.

"Howdy neighbor! Need any help with that?" she grins "By the way the name's Temari, what's yours?"

"Uh, Sakura . . . nice to meet you" I smile back "I got this one, but if you want, there are a few more boxes in the truck, thanks"

"Okay, hey do you have any brothers, or sisters? It's a pretty big house. I should know, I have one just like it!" Temari said excitedly

'Talkative isn't she . . . well I guess she is just trying to be nice, I should do the same'

"No, it's just me and my mom. That's it; she's gone at work most of the time, so it's usually just me"

Normal POV

"Okay, well want me to introduce you to everyone? We are having a party, all of my friends are there . . . they're all neighbors too!" she gestures to the noise and loud music coming from next door "Come on!

"Well I guess it would be okay, I just have to tell my mom and get changed, and I'd rather not be introduced in my PJs."

"No prob! I'll be waiting!" Temari sat on the porch and waited for her new friend to get ready. Meanwhile she ran up to her room brushed her hair, teeth, and put a pair of jeans on.

"What shirt should I wear…?" she said to herself "I guess a plain tank-top would do fine"

She threw on the black tank-top and put skull hairclips in her short pink hair and ran back down stairs to meet Temari.

"Lookin hot Sakura, but be forewarned the guys, mostly my bro, can get a little pervy, so watch your ass… literally.

"Will Do!" Sakura gave her a thumbs up

The two girls headed next door then hearing something crash causes Sakura to raise an eyebrow and Temari starts twitching in anger.

"You might want me to go first, I'll take care of this"

Sakura nodded and stood behind her. Temari looked inside and her mouth dropped to the floor. The house was a mess! Plants were spilled, dirt was all over, pots were cracked (one was shattered that was the noise), pizza crusts were everywhere, a midnight-purple haired girl was blushing like mad and passed out, the girls sitting next to her were laughing hysterically, one boy was sleeping, two others were running around wrestling, it was chaos and there was hell to pay for it. Yes, there would be much hell to pay.

"NARUTO GAARA!!!! STOP WRESTLING!!! KANKURO THROW AWAY THOSE PIZZA CRUSTS!!! SHIKAMARU GET OFF YOUR ASS! INO, TENTEN LEAVE HINATA ALONE!!! KIBA CLEANUP THE MESS YOUR DOG MADE!!! NEJI PUT AWAY THE SAKE!!! I'M AWAY FOR TEN MINUTES AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS??!?!?!!!" Temari gasped for air after all of that yelling and rubbed her temples "You guys will be the death of me I swear" She seemed to be in charge because everyone looked petrified of her and her yelling . . . including Sakura

They all scrambled to their feet and started cleaning and within minutes everything was back to normal.

"Now I want you to meet our new neighbor" Temari said "Now be nice, okay"

The redhead whispered the blond boy, "If Temari says to be nice, then I bet that the new dude is probably one ugly son of a b-"

He stopped when Sakura walked through the door. He blinked a few times to make sure he registered the girl in his head "Hello everyone"

'You wanna continue that?' 'Shut up' 'She's a hot one, no? 'No, err… yes…. Augh! Just shut up!' 'Whatever, I'll be back'

The three girls ran up to Sakura as the guys just stared at her. The blond boy smirked and turned to the redhead "what were you saying?" "…".

Sakura's POV

"Hello, I'm Hinata, I see introductions are in order" the midnight haired girl cleared her throat "Again I'm Hinata, this is Ino" she points to a blonde girl with one ponytail "Tenten" she points to a brunette girl with two buns on the side of her noggin "Gaara" she points to the only redhead 'Oh he's cute!!!!' 'A little…' 'A LITTLE??!!?!? I'M LIKE YOUR FRICKEN CONCINCE DON'T LIE TO ME!!! 'Ok, ok yes he's HOT H-O-T HOT! Happy now?' 'Ecstatic'

"That's Naruto" Hinata seemed to blush as she said his name, "Shikamaru, Kankuro, Kiba, and my cousin Neji" She points to the rest of the guys

"Nice to meet you all! I'm Sakura." I smiled and the guy Kankuro rushed up to me with hearts in his eyes and took my hand

"No, no, no, the pleasure is all mine! Welcome to our humble abode my little flower!" he pulled me close and put a hand on my ass then has the guts to smirk! Everyone just stared at him . . . well glared at him.


I smiled a let-go-or-I'll-rip-your-nuts-off smile at him "I'd appreciate it if you would take your hand off my ass"

"If I refuse?" he smirked again

'I love it when they say that!!!'


"Well then. . ." she kneed him in the nuts then punched him in the face making him fly across the room "That happens…, any questions?" He groaned. She smirked "good". Everyone burst out laughing. She turned to Temari "sorry about that Temari" "No problem Sakura, he deserved it, and that was funny as hell!!!"

'A fighter too? Gaara, you thinking what I'm thinking?' 'Well DUH!'

'Not what I meant, I want her to be ours . . . sugar and spice dude, SUGAR AND SPICE!!!' 'Ya……right.' 'Hey . . . I bet she's good in bed too . . . hehe' 'you're sick and twisted, ya know that?' 'Look who's callin the kettle black' '. . .' 'I believe I have won that argument!'

And with that the party continued.


"So do Neji and Kiba ever quit playing Virtual Fighter?" Sakura asked

"Unfortunately not. Only when another guy wants to play. He's like connected to the controller, plus he's never been beat…" Tenten sweat dropped

"Yeah Kiba too, but he actually talks to it… like it's alive, it's sooooo weird. Gaara and Naruto are even worse, and Shikamaru really doesn't care…" Ino added

"You know what would be funny? If one of us beat Neji and Kiba" Temari said

"Yeah, but does anyone know how to play video games besides me?"

All four girls raised their hands

"Oooooooook, do any of you know how to play video gamed well?"

This time only Sakura raised her hand

"That settles it, go Sakura go!" Hinata cheered

Sakura came up to Neji while he was Kiba for the 24th time.

"Hey Neji, do you mind if I play you and Kiba after this round?" Sakura asked sweetly

"Sure Sakura, Kiba do you mind? Of course I'll win, but you might have the slightest chance to beat Kiba. He sucks" Neji said jokingly

Kiba flipped him off "At least I don't suck dick…LIKE YOUR MOM!!!" Kiba and Sakura laughed hysterically

"Haha very funny" Neji said sarcastically "Let start the game."


"Awwww, common Sakura at least let me win once…."Neji pouted as the anime tears came by the buckets

Sakura cackled evilly "NEVER!!!! MUAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" she was kicking his and Kiba's ass in Virtual Fighter 5 "HAHAA!!! COMBO!!! SUCK IT NEJI!!!! YOU TOO KIBA!!!

"Sakura you're kinda scary…BUT IT'S SO FUNNY!!! You've KO-ed Neji like a billion times already" Kiba laughed

'GAME OVER WINNER PLAYER 3' The game said before a very pissed Neji turned it off.

"Awwww, wis widdle bitty Neji mad because a wittle girly-girl beat him?" Gaara talked baby-like before Sakura hit him over the head

"Stupid ass! Who are you calling a girly-girl?" Sakura asked apparently mad

"Uhhh, you!" Gaara smirked

Sakura got supper pissed and went to hit him again, but this time he caught her arm and pinned her against the wall

"WHAT THE HELL!? Sakura was even more pissed than before (if that's possible)

Gaara just stared at her causing a pink tint to creep across her face. Then moved closer to her and lowered his voice so only she could hear "Ya'know, you're cute when you're mad" She blushed even more, and with that he let her go and sat on the couch.

The others just watched as that was happening.

"Did I miss something" Naruto asked bewildered. Everyone but Gaara looked at him and yelled in unison "BAKA!!!" which was followed by a crack on the head by Ino and Kiba

Kiba leaned over to Naruto as the girls started dragging Sakura out the door "Dude, I think Gaara just made a move on Sakura"

"Oooooooh, that's why she blushed" Naruto nodded in understanding. Kiba slapped his forehead

"My god, you're slow…"


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