Blarf… I just bought two Adam Sandler albums:

Blarf… I just bought two Adam Sandler albums:

They're the best albums EVER!! O.o It's filled with skits!!

What the Hell happened to me?

They're all gonna laugh at you!

That is all…

Oh and a key piece of information… Sasuke lives in the next court over from Sakura and Hinata… Just to let you know… :3


"Finally! That must have been the longest day in the history of fucking HISTORY!! THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!" Naruto stretched.

"There were more tests than usual…" Hinata said quietly.

"It defiantly seemed that way" Sakura said, and patted her exhausted friend's back.

"Hey, I'm going to go to the bathroom, Hinata wanna come?" She asked as the three walked down the outside hallway.

"Sure, be back in a bit, Naruto…" She said as she and Sakura walked toward the bathrooms.

"I never did understand why girls had to pee in groups…" He said to himself and waited on the stairs.


Sakura and Hinata just finished washing their hands, and surprise surprise! There were no paper towels.

"There never are paper towels are there?" Sakura said to no one in particular, as she wiped her hands on her pants. The two walked out of the bathroom, and were suddenly pushed to the wall. Two of Sasuke's goons had the two girl's arms pinned to the wall.

"Well look who we've got here…" He said suavely "Two very fine ladies, and no boyfriends to protect them… what a shame."

"I don't need protection, Sasuke." Sakura said as she looked him in the eye.

"And why would that be, little cherry?" He asked.

"Because I can do this…" She bit the guy that was holding her, so he would let go, and did a round-house kick to Sasuke's pretty boy face. She kicked the other goon as well, and in steel toed boots, that hurt like hell.

"Bitch!" Sasuke yelled, as Sakura grabbed Hinata's hand and ran to the front of the school. When they got to their friends they stopped, and sat on the ground. When they caught their breath, they started laughing hysterically.

"Hey, did I miss something?" Gaara and Naruto asked simultaneously, which made them laugh even harder. They told their story after they stopped laughing, and the guys were pissed, so were their other friends. The two girls calmed them down so Sasuke wouldn't be killed… yet.


That Sunday night…

"What should we do tonight?" Ino asked, really bored on Temari's couch.

"Not much to do… It's Sunday… nothing is open" Shikamaru said lazily.

"Can we play a game?" Sakura asked.

"What kind of a game, Sakura?" Temari asked.

"A Sexual game perhaps?" Kankuro asked, followed by a klunk on the noggin by both Gaara and Temari.

"No, it's kind of like Hide and Seek, but a bit different." She explained.

"How different?" Tenten asked.

"Well, one person hides, and everyone else goes inside and counts for two minutes, and, of course, they can't watch where the person hides. Everyone has to turn all the lights off in front of their houses too. After the group is finished counting the group splits up and everyone tries to search for that person. And when someone finds that person, instead of telling everyone where they are, they hide with them. And it goes on, and on. When there is one person is left, everyone else waits for them to come near their hiding spot, then jump out and scare that person. Then that person gets to hide, and the game restarts. It's called 'Sardines' because everyone tries to pack into one hiding place." Sakura explained.

"Now that sounds interesting" Kiba said enthusiastically.

"It does sound fun…" Neji commented

"It's pretty warm outside so we won't be freezing our asses off!" Naruto threw in.

"I guess it's unanimous then?" Hinata stated.

"Hell yes!" Temari yelled "Just one more thing…"

"Wh-NOT IT!!" Temari yelled.

"NOT IT!!" Kiba Naruto and Tenten shouted simultaneously.

"Not it" Shikamaru, Neji, Hinata, and Gaara said calmly, but quickly.

"Wha…Oh!" Sakura realized what was happening.

"No-NOT IT!!" Kankuro shouted and interrupted Sakura.

"…it?" Sakura finished.

"Seems like you're the one who has to hide, Sakura…" Temari said

"It seems so…"Sakura said "Well, you guys stay here, I'll go hide.

(Btw: They live on a court, so there are many hiding spots!!)

Sakura closed the door, as Naruto tried to peek, but he was grabbed by the collar by Neji "No peeking, Naruto".


With Sakura…

'Where do we hide?' 'Dunno… but we have like forty seconds left!' 'Go between Tenten and Hinata's house!' 'That's a good choice…'

The space between the two houses was a good spot; the streetlight couldn't reach where she was, so it was completely dark. She stifled a giggle, as the group scattered looking for her.


"Hm…" Gaara thought to himself and looked at all of the completely dark places with his eyes. 'I know where she is…' 'Sharing is caring?' 'Check in between the houses' 'which houses?' 'That you will have to find out for yourself' 'Great…'

Gaara looked at the people remaining, and Hinata was gone. He looked in between His and Sakura's, Neji and Shikamaru's, and then Kiba and Hinata's. Since they had the least streetlight light. He took attendance, and now his sister and Shikamaru were missing as well. He heard a soft rustling in the bushes next to Tenten and Hinata's house. He saw one of his sister's ponytails, and made sure none of the others saw where he went.

"Boo." He whispered.

"Shhh" Sakura and Hinata shushed Gaara, and he sat down next to Sakura. They all watched as the others continued searching. Neji and Tenten found the spot, which just left Kiba, Kankuro, Ino, and Naruto. Ino found them soon after, and Kankuro found them after, like ever and ever. The group tried their best not to laugh as Kiba came by, and looked but then walked away. Naruto and Kiba sat in the middle of the street together, and started hollering in frustration.

"Hey Kiba…" Naruto asked, with a plan forming in his head.

"What?" He asked frustrated.

"Let's try to make them laugh, and then we'll know where they are…" He grinned.

"Good idea, ready?" Kiba grinned as well.

"One…" Naruto started to count.



"GOOPY GOO, GOOGLY GOOMA GOP!" Naruto spouted, Kiba didn't her anything, and he thought of something. He pushed Naruto over, and Naruto started yelling at him and Kiba started laughing.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR, DICK-HEAD?!" Kiba just kept on laughing, and he heard a very quiet laugh from in between Tenten and Hinata's houses.

"Hey Naruto, I think I heard something over there…" Kiba pointed in the exact opposite direction of where he heard the laughing. Naruto sprinted over, as Kiba snuck over to where the group was.

"That was great Kiba" Kankuro high-fived him. Now they all waited for the opportunity to scare Naruto. Naruto looked for Kiba and realized that he had been tricked, he yelled in frustration. He kicked the ground and threw a tantrum for a good four minutes. After he was done he kicked the ground one last time and his shoe went flying toward the group. It landed in the middle of all of them… Perfect. Naruto cursed, as he went to search for his shoe. Everyone backed up against the houses, so Naruto couldn't see them. As soon as he was in the middle, they all yelled at once.






And miscellaneous other noises. To say Naruto was surprised/scared was the understatement of all understatement. He nearly had an attack.

"Buh… Tha… Wua?" It was his turn to hide then, so everyone went inside, and began counting.


Gaara's turn… a few turns later

'Not the biggest spot, but good job…' Gaara hid under Naruto's table on his porch, which blocked him from the bugs and the light. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, eh? He watched silently, as the group looked for him, he saw Sakura near Naruto's porch.

"Ppppsssssstttt…."Gaara hinted. Sakura looked his way and shook her head, she climbed under the table, and he put her in front of him. She pulled her legs up, so they wouldn't stick out from under the table. He put both arms around her middle.

"So how are you?" Gaara whispered.

"Warm and cuddly" Sakura whispered back.

"Good to know." He whispered to her, and put his chin on her shoulder, and watched the scavenger hunt for them unfold. They had been going out for a good seven months now, and everyone knew it. Not everyone accepted it of course (coughsasukecough) but their happy relationship was known. Gaara looked at Sakura from the corner of his eyes, and almost laughed at the concentration she was putting into hiding. He pulled his head back and stared to nibble suck on her neck. Sakura jumped a bit, but then relaxed and giggled quietly as she blushed. She was his and she knew it. She also gave him a love bite after he finished with his. He was hers and he knew it. They were each-others, and they both knew it. Of course they hadn't had sex yet, Gaara was planning something special for that night…

"DAMNIT GAARA, WE GIVE UP, OLLI OLLI OXEN FREE ALREADY!!" Naruto shouted, it had been twenty five minutes, and only Sakura had found him. The two came out from under his table and walked toward the others, hand in hand.

"Why didn't you look there Neji?!" Tenten asked.

"I thought you looked on Naruto's porch, Tenten!" They simultaneously 'humphed' at each other, and turned away.


Many turns later… It was Hinata's turn.

"We're coming out Hinata!" Sakura yelled. Once again the group spread out in search for their friend. Sakura was the first to find her; she was hiding near the entrance of the court. When Sakura got near her, which was slightly easy since she wasn't hiding very well, she looked scared for some reason.

"Hinata, what's wrong?" Sakura asked.

"MAMUMA!! MOOK MOUT!!" Hinata tried to cry, but her mouth was gagged with a piece of cloth. Sakura turned to look behind her, and two strong arms held her. One of the hands had a cloth in it which smelled really strong, and within seconds, Sakura blacked out.


With Gaara…

"Have you found Hinata yet? It's been like thirty minutes…" Temari whined.

"What about Sakura? Has anyone seen her?" Tenten asked. Something clicked in Naruto, and he began to shake.

"Naruto…?"Neji looked at his panicking friend "What aren't you telling us?"

"Remember the first day of school, when Sakura fought with Sasuke?..."


"Nothing, Kiba, can I talk to Naruto for a bit?" Sakura asked and pulled him away from the group.

"Yeah Sakura what is it?" Naruto asked

"Sasuke said something to me about Hinata, has he ever tried to do anything with her?" She asked

"What'd he SAY?! I'll rip his arms off, WHAT DID HE SAY!?" Naruto asked getting riled up.

"He said he'd love to fuck both of us, so I'd be careful, and make sure she's safe, okay?" She said trying to calm him down.

"Thanks for the tip, and yeah, he did try to get her to out with him a while back, but she refused." Naruto said "Thank god.".

End the flashback…

"I've heard things around school lately, saying that Sasuke was going to something big, no one knew what it was though…" Temari said. Now everyone was panicking.

"SAKURA?!" Gaara yelled and ran to Sakura's house. Her mother hadn't seen her either.

"Gaara…? Where is my baby?!" Tsunade asked, now panicking as well.

"I... I don't…know…" for the first time in his life, Gaara, THE Gaara was frightened.

"HINATA?!" Naruto yelled, and he went to Hinata's house looking for her.

They were nowhere to be found…


Bum bum BUM… Cliffhanger… ha-ha :P