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He knocked sharply on the door.

No answer.

He knocked again.

Still no answer.

Neji rolled his eyes before knocking again "Hinata-Chan, It's time for your training. You must get up now."

Still no answer.

His felt the fear starting to creep up his spin. He frowned as stood and listened for a bit.

"Hinata-Chan…" he called when he heard nothing and slowly pushed the door open.

He moved into the large bedroom and scanned for any danger or signs of struggle. When he found none his gaze turned to the double bed that sat comfortably in the center of the room. He let out a sigh of relief as he saw the small lump under the covers. He walked over to the bed and sat on the edge.

"Hinata, you know you really need to get up. We have to get in some training before I leave this morning."

He sat there watching the small lump for a bit then frowned when she didn't respond.


He reached his hand down and pulled the covers down slowly, only to glare at it then rip the covers off the bed. He stood there looking down at a row of feathery soft pillows.

"What the hell…."

He looked around the room, only to have his eyes settle on the only other possible place she could be, her bathroom.

He walked over, praying to god she was in there. He knocked but there was no answer. He slowly turned the knob and pushed the door open.

No Hinata.

"Dammit!" he cursed as he ran out the room and slammed the door behind him.

'Where the hell is she?' He thought franticly in his mind. Images of a tied up and frighten Hinata filled his mind and his stomach tightened. He wouldn't be able to live with him self if something had happened to the young mistress. He could picture it now. Him sitting in the hard cold chair in front of Hiashi-San desk, having to tell him that his eldest daughter, the heir to the Hyuuga Clan, was missing. He shivered at the thought, not even wanting to imagine the things that Hiashi would do to him.

He quickly ran down the empty hall. Not wanting to yell her name and alert the other that he had been so careless as to not know where she was. He quickly rounded a corner and then stopped in shock as he felt something soft hit his chest then fall. He had run right into the raven haired girl he was looking for.

"I-I'm sorry cousin N-Neji-kun…." The girl stuttered out.

Neji simply nodded and helped the girl to her feet. She had no idea how worried she had gotten him. He wouldn't have to face Hiashi after all. He had found her and he felt so glad that he could almost kiss her! Um… He meant hug her….

"Where were you?" he demanded as she rubbed her butt and pouted.

"I woke up early and decided to go look for you to go train. You weren't in your room so I was going back to mine to wait for you to come when you ran into me." She blushed and smiled.

Neji sighed and rolled his eyes and he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her towards the training area.

"Come on, let's go train."


The loud ringing noise filled the apartment and his hand absently slammed the source of the racket. He didn't note how hard he hit it until he heard a crack and the clock hit the ground.

Sasuke frowned and laid in his bed staring up at the ceiling. He had been awake long before the stupid thing had begun to ring.

He grumbled has he got up and walked over to his window. The sun hadn't even begun to rise yet and the sky was a gloomy gray. He shifted his gaze to the empty street below as he sat in the window. The narrow street was lined with small shops and stalls. Most were not open, but still he could see the occasional movement of a shop owner beginning to set up for the long day ahead.

He stood up and walked out of his room. Entering the living room and walking straight for the kitchen. He came to a stop in front of the fridge and pulled it open. He settled on a box of cereal and pulled out the milk along with it. He grabbed a clean bowl and spoon from the cupboard and poured some of the cereal then some of the milk as he yawned then slowly began to eat. He tried to remember if he had any missions today but his mind was blank. He smirked. He could stay home today.

Since he had come back to the village after killing his brother and Orichimaru, The new Hokage and given him mission after mission as punishment for leaving the village. They had also had him on a twenty four hour watch and he couldn't leave his apartment without being accompanied by either Naruto or Sakura or Kakashi, but now he had served his punishment without complaint and now he was finally finished. Although, he still had to go on missions with Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi to keep him occupied.

He finished his breakfast and cleaned up his mess. He never really liked having a very messy apartment. (Unlike a certain blonde haired idiot ninja.) He walked back to his room and he pulled off his clothes and grabbed a towel before stalking to the shower.


Neji swung a punch at Hinata's head. She ducked and swung her leg at him. He ducked and counter attacked by throwing a kunai at her. She jumped out of the way and landed in the perfect spot and surprised Neji by jabbing him in the side, blocking one of his chakra points. Neji fell off balance and crashed to the ground.

He couldn't help but admit she was getting good.

It had taken a VERY long time, but finally she had made major improvements. Neji looked up as his younger cousin reached down to offer to help him up. He accepted and got up.

"That was a good try today Hinata. You actually hit me this time," He said as he looked at her. "That's enough for today."

"Hai." Hinata smiled and they bowed to each other before he turned to go shower and get ready for his mission with Lee and Tenten.


Hinata quickly made her way back to her room. She wanted to get showered and relax. She stopped as she got inside and saw her blanket laying in a ruffled mess on her floor.

She walked over and grabbed it and fixed the pillows she had placed along where she slept so she could hug something while she slept. After making her bed, she went to her bathroom and to get ready. She got out of her sweaty training clothes and stepped into the shower. The cool water sprayed over her and she closed her eyes, feeling the dirt and sweat wash away. She ran her hands through her hair and tried to recall if she had any missions today. She didn't.

She sighed as she opened her eyes and grabbed her favorite soap. She spread the smooth lavender soap on her on with to purple wash cloth and enjoyed the fragrance.

That means she could go for a walk after her shower. She really didn't want to stay on the compound and risk having to see her father again. She had done well in trying to avoid him for almost three days now. She smiled slightly as she rinsed herself and got out. She quietly got dressed and made her way out of the compound.


Sasuke had been looking out his window at the little village for thirty minutes now and he could already see how the place had changed. Now the sun and come up and most of the stores were open and people had already began their own busy day. He frowned at the noise lifting up and into his apartment through his closed windows. It wasn't going to stop any time soon. He made a mental not to find an apartment further out of the village now that his punishment was over.

He frowned as he decided to go for a walk. He lazily made his way out of the noisy area and went for an area with less noise. He moved quickly and tried to stay out of sight as he moved. Not wanting to be spotted by two certain girls. He really wasn't in the mood to be hassled at the moment. He hated those kinds of girls. His mind continued on the topic for a while before he noticed he had wondered out of the noisy town and into a park.

'At least it's quieter out here' he thought as he walked down a small path. He mind ran back to the pink and blonde haired girls that seemed to worship the ground he stood on and he sneered. He wished that he could find a girl that didn't see him as just "Hotty", as some girls described him, and see him differently, a girl that wasn't too loud and liked to keep a low profile like he did. Some one who he could talk to and they would listen and like wise. He frowned and turned of the path a little. Noticing a smaller path going through the trees, he followed it.


Hinata walked idly through the park. She didn't pay much attention on going some where in particular. She just want to find some place away from other people she could sit and think in. She smiled as she found a small path that went through the trees, she followed it.

After a short way, she came to a small clearing by a creek. The place was beautiful!

There was a big weeping willow that hung over the small creek and then there were dozens of Sakura trees. They hadn't bloomed yet as it was only November, but the mixture of the different shades of green was calming. She always thought green was a very relaxing color. She made her way to a small bench under a Sakura tree that faced the trickling water.


Sasuke walked along the path and ended up by a small creek. As soon as he walked a little further he decided to stay there. The green was calming to him. His eyes scanned the surrounding and found a small bench by the river. The only thing was, someone was already sitting there. He frowned as he thought about going some where else but looked at the girl and walked over any way. The girl looked quiet enough. She just sat there staring at the creek.

Hinata had heard some one approach. She sat perfectly still. Hoping they would leave. But they didn't, instead they approached her. She sat still, looking into the creek then she heard some one speak.

"Do you mind if I sit with you?"

Hinata looked up to see the dark haired boy staring at her.

"S-Sasuke-K-k-kun?" She asked staring up at him.

Sasuke frowned, then he remembered. "Hinata right?"

She nodded.

"Well Hinata, Do you mind if I join you?"

She nodded again.

They sat in silence for a bit. Each wrapped in their own thoughts. Sasuke tried to remember where he had seen the girl before. His mind clicked as he remembered the Chunin exams. She had been injured by her cousin. He couldn't help but wonder if she was still so weak. His mind flashed again as he remembered her blushing faces staring at Naruto. He raised a brow and curiosity took over. Finally the silence was broke when Sasuke spoke.

"Didn't you like Naruto?"

She blushed. "Y-yes. But not any more'

"Oh ok"

Silence again.

Sasuke had turned his head to ask her another question but instead he found her staring at him. Her eyes seemed a little dim so he figured she was in some deep thought. He looked back at her for a second before turning back to his thoughts.

He raised a brow; she was actually kind of attractive. He turned and looked at her profile just as she and looked at him and his eyes locked on her lavender ones, she seemed to snap out of her thoughts and realized. At first she looked shocked then she blushed and looked away.

Sasuke frowned. He wanted to see her eyes again. They intrigue him a bit. In all his 19 years he had never been that interested in anybody eyes except his own.

"Um, I-I-I have to go now." She stuttered as she began to stand up.

He stood up as well.

"I think I should get going as well."

"O-Ok" she replied and they turned to leave.

Sasuke walked along side her with his hands in his pockets and staring at the ground.

"How old are you Hinata?" he asked without lifting his gaze from the ground. She glanced at him and replied.

"I'm18. H-How old are you?"

"19" he replied.

He glanced at her as she turned her gaze to the ground on the other side of her.

Sasuke turned his gaze back to the ground. '

'She's not that bad.' He thought to him self. 'I actually enjoy her company.'

He glanced at her again one last time as they reached the main path.

"Nice meeting you again Hinata."

She glance at him and there eyes met.

"S-S-Same here" She replied keeping their eyes locked.

Finally she broke away when she began to blush.

"Bye Sasuke-kun" she called as she started walking the other way.

"Hn" he replied and made his way to back towards the town where his apartment was.


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