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Hinata sat at the window sill and stared out at the moon peaking from between two clouds. She didn't know how long she had been sitting there besides her flowers but it didn't matter. Days had seemed to melt together and time was like her father, taunting her every time she tried to look. She stopped looking.

She sighed and moved away from the window and across the darkened room. Night was the only time she would open the blinds to let her flowers bloom. They had three new buds getting ready to blossom with the full moon being four days away. She walking into the living room and sat quietly on the chair when a chill went up her spin. Someone was nearby, watching. She activated her Byakugan and glanced around, nothing. She was about to deactivate when she saw a flicker of chakra disappear over the roof of a nearby building. She waited silently and stared at the spot to see if it would return, a soft knock came at the door. She glanced towards it and saw the distinct outline of a woman, a familiar one.

"It's Kurenai." The voice came softly.

Hinata rose from her chair and unlatched the door. Soundlessly Kurenai swept into the room and looked around. After noting it was safe she looked down at her pupil with a saddened look and swept her into a hug.

"I'm so sorry Hinata. This shouldn't be happening to you." She said while hugging her.

"How did you find me?"Kurenai finally released her then sent her with a smirk and winked.

"I've had a vague idea since I saw you and Sasuke walking together once."

Hinata blushed and walked over to sink onto the coach. How many people could make the same connection? Was she as safe here as she thought?

"Don't worry. No one saw me come and no seems to have guessed you'd be here." She said as she noted the worried look on her face. "I don't think anyone would imagine Sasuke being….. well….. He's never exactly shown any interest in anyone. No one would think of him helping you."

Hinata blushed again.

"Regardless, I'm thankful that he is helping you." Kurenai added with a smile then looked around. "From the looks of it he isn't too worried about you here either. What's going on between you two exactly?"

"I-i-I don't know…" she said and looked down at her lap. "He's my friend?"

"I'm sure he is." Kurenai winked down at her and smirked. "That's why your sleeping in his bed and living in his place."

Hinata blushed again and turned away.

"Don't worry. I don't judge." She teased. "Asuma and I had been secretly living together since I turned seventeen."

Hinata turned back to see sadness settle unto her sensei's face.

"He was a good man." She said softly.

"He was." Kurenai replied then with a sigh she turned back to Hinata. "And he would hate to see what was going on in Konoha today. The Hokage can't be aware of this?"

"I don't know."

"I'll try and find out. If not, she will truly be surprised to find out the evils that are running rampant in her own city."

Hinata nodded and stared at her hands as her sensei sat in silent thought. If the Hokage knew and supported her father, it would mean no hope for her. But if she didn't, she could be saved. It was difficult to be certain and undoubtedly risky.

"You don't have to take such risks for me sensei."

"I'm not your sensei anymore Hinata. I'm your friend. And as your friend I insist." With a sigh she stood slowly and turned towards the door.

"I better get going before Sasuke gets back."

"H-h-he won't be coming back for another few days." Hinata replied softly as she stared up at her friend.

"Ah! I'd forgotten to tell you! Another reason I had a feeling you'd be here." She said with a smirk as she turned to Hinata. "Sasuke should be back before dawn. When I'd heard that his mission was completed ahead of schedule and that he's be returning and requesting a vacation period it helped to strengthen my already rock solid ideas."

Hinata stared at her for a moment and felt her heart beat double. Was she serious? But she had to be, He was coming back and Kurenai was a member of the ANBU so she had to know. She glanced up as she heard to quiet laughter coming from Kurenai.

"Relax Hinata. He's not going to eat you!" after a pause with a leery smile she added, "or maybe he will."

Hinata nearly choked on her own breath. She felt her whole body turn red from toes to finger tips. Kurenai laugh a bit more when she saw and gasped for breath. Hinata frowned and stared at her teacher.

"I think you need some sleep sensei. Maybe you should go home now."

"I might as well leave you a bit of time to rest as well since you obviously won't be once a certain Uchiha get's home."

"It's n-n-not l-like that!" Hinata blushed and began pushing her out of the door. Kurenai's laughter only died when her feet touched the threshold. She sighed and smiled fondly as she turned to her old student once more.

"Be careful Hinata. I'll do what I can and I'll let Sasuke know once he returns." Her smile saddened. "Everything will get better."

Hinata nodded and waved as Kurenai jumped away and into the night. Quietly she closed and locked the door then leaned against it helplessly. Her life had become a struggle that she didn't know if she could bare.

I can bare it. I'll get through this. Once Sasuke gets back-

She felt her eyes widen as she remembered. Sasuke was coming back. She ran to the window and looked out at the sky, already the pink tinges of dawn were spreading across the sky. She fidgeted and walked to the bathroom and gazed at her reflection. With a sigh she began to strip and turned on the shower. She wouldn't let him see her like this.

She blushed as she stepped into the shower and remember Kurenai's teasing. For a minute she paused and stood as the water cascaded down her body. Already she could feel the familiar ache that was present whenever she was around Sasuke. But was she really ready to become physically involve.

She smiled faintly as a blush crossed her face.


Sasuke sprang along the tree line silently. He was almost there, they should be arriving at the city gates right about…. Now.

"Finally!" the blonde next to him exclaimed as they came to a halt in front of the gates. "I've never seen anyone in such a rush to finish a mission before!"

They nodded to the guards at the gate as they passed by and walked into the village. Naruto gasped and wheezed next to him.

"Wanna get some Ramen?" he said between gasps and glanced at his friend.

"No. I have thing to do."

"I guess I should stop at Sakura's first. She'd probably kick my ass if she knew I didn't go straight to see her."

"Hn." Sasuke nodded then sprang of in the other direction while sending Naruto a quick wave. He hopped onto the roof tops and it wasn't long before he saw the familiar plain windows of his apartment. He came to a stop in front of the door and paused. She was in there. He could hear the distinct sound of the shower as well as a faint humming. He unlocked the door and walked in and locked it behind him. He didn't want anyone following him.

He walked calmly into his bedroom and dropped his bag unto the bed as he heard the shower stop. His heart beat doubled. He heard her moving around after a few moments she walked into the bedroom, beautifully wet.

"Oh." She said as a blush came to her face.

He wanted to lick the droplets of water off of every inch of her body. He stared at her as she fidgeted and stared at her bare feet. The delicate pink toes rubbing nervously at the floor.

"You're well?" his throat felt tight.

"Yes." She replied quietly.

He continued to stare, he couldn't stop himself. Every fiber of his body screamed for him to take her in every way and make her his forever. He shifted to hide the growing bulge between his legs. She noticed.

"I need to dress." She said softly.

Yes. She needed to, before he couldn't stop himself. Before he grabbed her and took her against the very wall she stood next too.

"Hn." Without another word he walked into the living room and closed to the door behind him. He could feel her every movement like a ripple on a glassy pound. He stifled a groan and walked over to the fridge where he all but poured the jug of water down his body to cool the fire that seemed to consume his entire body. Why was he acting like this? Like some inexperienced child? He sighed and finished the glass and slammed it onto the counter unintentionally.

"A-a-are you ok?" her voice was like a caress. And he groaned. He was going to explode. For days he could do nothing but think about her. Worry. Something he never did. Sasuke Uchiha never worried about anyone. He didn't have too, he didn't want to.

"Yes." He said finally then glanced up at her. She was standing next to him, her soft eyes staring at him in worry. When did she get so close? He straightened and started to back away when a soft hand caught his arms.

"Don't leave me." She said weakly

As if he could ever try.

His breath caught as she moved forward to stand before him. For the first time he noticed the light shirt she wore and the loose shorts. She looked so inviting, so soft. His aching was driving him mad. He caught her hand as she moved it to caress his cheek.

"Hinata…" he groaned through his teeth. "Don't."

"I want to."

He watched her face draw closer. She seemed to suck the very breath from him as her lips came to a stop just before his. He watched her eyes lock with his as a light blush crossed her face. He couldn't stop himself. He reached forward to close the gap between their mouths to taste her, just once.

She was so soft, so willing.

He groaned as he pushed her against the counter as the kiss grew into a scorching need that seemed to pull all the fight from his body. His mouth ravished hers and when he finally pulled back to stare into her face her eyes seemed to darken with desire.

He pulled away.

If he continued he wouldn't be able to stop.

"S-s-Sasuke…" her voice caressed every part of his body.

"I won't be able to stop Hinata. I don't think I'd be able to let you go back to your family."

"I don't want you to."

He spun to face her and he hadn't noticed how much he trembled until he saw her tremble with the same intense need. All control snapped when he saw her lift her shirt above her head and dropped it onto the floor.

"God.." he chocked and grabbed her into his arms. His mouth crashed against her as his hands kneaded her breasts. He pulled away and gazed down at the taunt pink nipple. Slowly dipping his head to capture it into his mouth, she gasped as her fingers worked their way through his hair.


Her voice was better than any aphrodisiac. Groaning he released her nipple and gripped her soft butt and lifted her against his bulging erection. His mouth taunted her as he moved them as safely as he could to his room. He shoved his bag to the floor before dropping her onto the bed and following.

He pulled on her shorts and sighed at the lacey purple underwear that was the only piece of clothing between him and the soft wet folds he so desperately wanted to push into.

He was about to remove it when she pushed against him. For a moment panic rippled through him. Was he being too rough? Did she not want to? His mind screamed at the thought of not having her.

She pushed herself up and with trembling fingers, she lifted his shirt over his head and ran a soft finger over his flat nipples. He closed his eyes as her mouth followed. She ran her fingers slowly down his chest, the nails rubbing against the sensitive skin and he groaned. She stopped at his pants. He looked down she ran her fingers into the waist and slowly pushed them down.

He wasn't wearing underwear.

She didn't pause as the bulging member sprang from its confines and begged for her attention. He helped her finish removing them was surprised when she pushed him onto the bed and started to climb on top of him. He couldn't take it.

He was about to reach for her when he felt a small hand wrap it's self over his shaft. He groaned and closed his eyes as his head fell limp. Just when he thought he had died he felt a soft wet tongue flick over the head.

His body jerked in surprise and he gripped the sheets.

Her mouth soon followed as she engulfed the tip of his shaft and sucked softly. His body was consumed by a blinding agony, or was it bliss? It was both.

He gasped and gripped her shoulders and dragged her along his body. He glanced down and saw her position herself above his member so slowly that he thought he might go mad before she was fully embedded, she impaled herself.

His body jerked when he was fully sheathed in her. He gripped her waist and felt her pulled out slowly, her head tossed back in ecstasy. Her hair brushing against his thighs helped to fuel his lust a he shoved roughly into her as she lowered herself. She moaned his name. He did it again harder and she nearly screamed. Her nails bite into his skin and she stared down at him. Nothing he could have imagined would have been this good.

He gripped her waist and shoved into her harder and harder as she squirmed and moaned and begged for more. He nearly lost himself when her muscles tightened as she came and she groaned his name louder but he wasn't done yet. He spun her beneath him as quickly as he could and shoved into her again. She gripped at his shoulders as her lush mouth open in a gasp. He ravished her lips and he pounded into her again and again. Her leg trembled and her body seemed to seize with the intensity of her next orgasm. This time he couldn't stop himself. He pounded into her once more and felt his body erupt. He groaned her name loud as he sank into her once more. His body jerked at the intensity of his own release as he felt her ripple around him.

A content smile caught his attention and he stared down at the pale angel that lay beneath him. She would be the death of him. Her dark lashes lay on her cheeks and her rosy mouth was placed in a content smile.

"I love you." The words seemed to come out on a breath as he watched her fall to sleep.

He stared down at her for a moment before brushing hair gently and kissing her forehead. She needed some sleep; when she awoke he'd take her again and again until there was no doubt in either of their minds that they belonged together.


He slammed his fist once more into the already dead man's skull then released him to fall to the ground in a bloody heap. His furry satiated for the moment he began to stand. He was close tonight, close to the bitch that hand helped in the murder of his brother. If it hadn't been for that ANBU bitch coming closer he would have had her. And from what he'd learned the Uchiha bastard had returned. He's have to wait a days or so longer. Then he'd get his revenge.


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