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Tom didn't understand why the snake-like man had brought him here, but he was sure that they were in the future. Everything about this new place was absolutely wrong. The technology on the streets of the nearby muggle village was more advanced than anything Tom had ever seen, and since he lived in London, that was quite the feat. Moreover, everything else was just altogether too progressive. There were girls wearing trousers, for Merlin's sake! Anything of that sort would have given the matron of his orphanage a heart attack.

Aside from that, the power he seemed to hold here was far greater than anything that he had had at the orphanage, or even Hogwarts. At Hogwarts, his largest reaches for complete control were always crippled by that blasted old man. Here, on the other hand, everybody respected him. It probably had something to do with snake-face, whom the masked people addressed as "Lord". Tom hadn't been given a specific title to address the red-eyed man, but couldn't help but feel there was a very important reason for that. He hated being left in the dark.

They were all living in Tom's father's old house, which Tom absolutely despised. He had never met his dad, not in all of his fifteen years, nor had he ever actually been to the house, but he'd done some extensive research and new that the dilapidated manor had, at one point belonged to his father. He vaguely wondered what Lord Snake Face had done to his dad, but he wasn't too worried. The ramshackle old house was actually a cool place, and Tom gathered some very interesting information when he hid in the shadows. Nothing to draw him to any conclusions as the when, where, and why he was, but enough to pique his interest, and leave him hungry for more.


Harry rubbed his eyes; he had had a dream that was quite different from the norm. Normally when he dreamed, he dreamt of the graveyard, or of long, dark corridors with no exits. Sometimes he even had a nightmare or two about the ministry hearing. But this time had been much different. He had been dreaming of someone he was sure had been Tom Riddle, a little younger than the Tom Riddle he had seen in the diary. The weird thing was that Tom had been lurking in the shadows of a hallway in an old house. The part that truly shocked him was that Tom had been eavesdropping on a conversation between two Death Eaters. How was that possible?

With a sigh Harry stood in his tiny bedroom in #4 Privet Drive, and looked around. Nothing had changed. His room was still small, his clothes and just about everything else was still second hand, and the room still looked as though it hadn't been left for days. So why did it feel different? Why did it feel as if there was something new? Was he being paranoid? Or had his dream been real? Was Tom Riddle actually here in the future?

Harry needed to do something to clear his head. He put on his clothes and trainers, crept downstairs, and slipped out of the house.


Tom stared out the window with a frustrated sigh; today's meeting of the masked people had angered him. He had attempted to get in, to try to get some answers, and had been quite soundly rejected by Lord Whatever His Name Is. Everytime he thought he got a little closer to figuring out what was going on, Lord Bastard pulled him forcibly away from the answer! The few observations he'd made had been snuck, collected in the shadows of hallways. Even the slightest bit of information he'd been able to gather about the muggles had been witnessed from afar, as he was unable to leave the graveyard on the grounds of the house. The thought that he was prisoner in this house had crossed his mind, and he had questioned Lord Snake Face about it.


"Why can't I go outside? You obviously brought me here for a reason, but all I've done since I got here was sit around. It's annoying." he complained.

"Stop complaining," the man answered, no little amount of annoyance in his voice, "It makes you sound like a Gryffindor. You're here to learn, and you're here so that, when the time comes, you'll do things right. And I never said you couldn't go outside, just don't get caught, and don't go into Wizard populated areas."

End Flashback

The answer had intrigued him, and it had taken all of his Slytherin training not to flush with embarrassment and anger at the rebuke, and at the tone Snake-face had used on him, which had made him feel like a child. It was something he did not like at all. He got up with a sigh, and silently thanking his complete disregard for the law, coupled with his boredom of last summer, apparated to the plainest muggle neighborhood he could think of, somewhere in Surrey.


Harry walked down Privet Drive, his eyes slightly unfocused and his attention fixed on the ground, and as a result did not see the person gliding silently down the street, headed straight for him. He also did not see the crack in the sidewalk, as a result tripped, and went tumbling forward.


Tom glided in his signature, I-am-powerful-fear-me stride, down the painfully muggle street, trying not to gag at the boringness of it. Maybe Lord Snake Face wanted to kill off all the muggle simply because they were sheep. He wouldn't be surprised. Tom, ever aware of his surroundings, noticed the person scuffling down the street towards him. Whoever it was had black hair, much like his own, which fell into their face, shielding their features. They seemed to be very short, with a petite build, but that could just be because they were positively swimming in their clothes. Suddenly, their foot caught on a crack in the pavement, and they went tumbling face-first onto the ground.

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