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Chloe is our bachelorette but in order for you to play the game and guess who is who, I'm not telling you the pool of bachelors. They are well known characters though. First, in your review, please post possible questions you think she should ask. Try to stay away from OOC as I will try to do with their answers (although on the real show, the men always exaggerated). Second, play along and see who gets cookies for guessing right. On with the game.

The Dating Game

Getting the Call – Chapter 1

Chloe walked into the Met U coffee shop and threw down a 5. She tapped her nails nervously on the counter as she waited not so patiently for her order. She read through the announcements plastered to the wall behind the counter and squinted to read a particular address. She pulled a pen out of her purse and scribbled the number down on her palm before thanking the young woman and walking back across the campus.

When she got back to her dorm, she signed into the Internet address that was on her palm. She carefully filled all the little blanks out on the application and sent it off into the Internet abyss. She smiled to herself confidently and plopped onto her bed.

A few days later Chloe ran through the door of her dorm room screaming and jumping for joy. "I got it! I got it!" A couple of girls followed her into her room and watched her jump on her cheap school mattress.


"I got a bachelorette slot on the New Dating Game!" She stopped and smiled at the girls that had gathered in her room. She hugged the little package of instructions that had been sent to her in the mail. "I have to be in Los Angeles day after tomorrow for the shoot."

Several of the girls congratulated her and laughed as Chloe continued her near sprint around the room, throwing things together for her trip and not worrying about whether anyone in Metropolis or Smallville even cared what was going to happen. She was going to Hollywood.

She looked at herself confidently in the mirror of her own dressing room. She decided on her hair up with small strands to tease the line of her face. She picked a midnight blue spaghetti strap dress that was cut in a zig-zag pattern to tease the mid thigh that showed through just barely. Lifting her chin, she admired herself again and heard aknock at the door.

"Miss Sullivan, I'm Larry, the producer's assistant, and I need to verify a few things that were in the contract and make sure you understand the rules. First, the Dating Game has revamped a little for the college crowd and we're going a little more Real World. You did understand that you and the bachelor you choose will be vacationing together for extended time."

"I understand," Chloe smiled knowing they never pick dweebs for the show and she would love to spend time with any man at this point in her life.

"Good, second, you won't actually meet him until you get to your destination."

"Ok with that too. Do I sound too desperate?"

"No, unless you want to call all the women that applied desperate. Anyway, they are saying to get you in place, so follow me."

Chloe followed him down the hall past three other dressing rooms and sighed. One of those rooms has the man I am going to fall in love with. The production assistant sat her in her chair on one side of the partition as the make up lady came to fix Chloe's face for the camera. "Ok, here are the questions you wanted to ask. Remember each bachelor gets three questions and you'll meet the two losers before you leave. Then you'll leave here tonight and meet your choice tomorrow."

Chloe nodded and took a deep breath as the assistant ran off into the direction of the bachelors. She wished she could be a fly on the wall. She closed her eyes and meditated, hoping to picture that perfect man. Strong, handsome, great features, witty to name a few. She nodded back to when the overhead lights came on and the announcer started counting down.

"I'm Carson Daly and this is the new improved Dating Game. For those that don't remember or have never seen the dating game, it works like this. There are three bachelors who you see on your screen. They are numbered 1,2, and 3, and their voices as well as our bachelorette's are being manipulated through a voice synthesizer. They may not reveal anything personal that would give their identities away. And our beautiful bachelorette, who will only be allowed to ask questions and comment on the answers. At the end of three rounds, she will pick one bachelor who she will meet on their fabulous weekend date that will be announced at the end of the show. Next week, we will be back and show you how the date went. So, bachelors are you ready?"

Chloe giggled as she heard three very excited yeses.

"Bachelorette, are you ready?"

"I am Carson," Chloe giggled.

"Well, let's get this going. Bachelors, will you please in numeric order say hello to our wonderful bachelorette."

"Hey! I'm looking forward to our romp in paradise." Chloe smirked and laughed at the first one.

"Hi, this sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you pick me – we'll have a great time." Not really anything there, she thought to herself.

"Hello." She waited but he didn't say anything else. Maybe he's nervous?