Title: Searching little star lights
Theme: sm-monthly LJ community: February (Usagi and Mamoru) 1st - Stars
Genre: General
Version: Anime
Rating: G
Astronomy is not Tsukino Usagi's strong point. In actuality, not many school subjects were Usagi's strong points. But there are times, when Usagi wished she was good at something - not so that she won't be locked out of the house because of another bad grade, or to have Shingo rub it in her face while he ate their mother's special, lemon-pie, or even to escape detention again...

"Which star?" she asked her companion with curiosity in her eyes. She searched the skies, its vastness fascinating and too far away to be daunting.

"That one," her companion pointed out with a soft smile, but Usagi missed it, following the path the finger pointed to instead. She blinked and squinted hard, trying to figure out, in the haze and the smog, which one was being pointed at.

"How do you know, Seiya-kun?" she asked a little breathlessly. "It's so far away."

"It's home," Seiya answered, eyes now turned to the sky as well. "So don't forget it, eh... Odango?" By then the smile hid whatever feelings Seiya may have been feeling at the time.

Later, whenever Usagi walks after dark with Mamoru or Luna, she will by chance look up to the smoggy skies. Whenever she thinks about Seiya, she always finds that star. Sometimes she wonders, if Seiya finds Earth in the sky too and thinks of her.