Author's Notes: If you haven't read Wombat yet, you should before reading this one. In my opinion this one isn't as good as the first one, and I debated over whether or not I should post it. Let me know if I should continue it.

The People React: The Sequel to Wombat on East Peacock Avenue

Emily had kept quiet for about as long as she could manage.

For the past ten minutes she had not uttered a syllable. She had remained silent, twirling a lock of hair that had fallen loose from her bun around her finger and chewing the last stick of gum she had found in her purse. Sure, it looked kind of gritty, but if she wasn't going to talk she needed something to keep herself busy besides looking out the window. No one else had spoken either. Nicholas was too busy trying not to be angry, which Emily thought he had no right to be in the first place, Audrey was worried and Bobbie was using all her concentration on driving. Emily thanked God she had forgotten to give pep talks.

They were on their way to the park and Emily wished with everything in her that they would find Elizabeth there. She wanted out of her bridesmaid's gown as quickly as possible. Although it was beautiful, it wasn't the most comfortable thing on the planet and should be worn only for the shortest amount of time possible.

"Would you stop that?" She was snapped out of her thoughts by the comment thrown in her direction and Nicholas looked back at her with an annoyed expression.

"Stop what?"

"You chew like a cow."

"I do not!" Emily cried out indignantly.

"Yes, you do and I am trying to concentrate." She rolled her eyes and Nicholas turned away. She began chewing louder, snapping and blowing bubbles with the gum to spite him. She had had enough of him and his attitude and she wasn't thinking all that clearly; the dress and the silence and the stuffiness of the car had managed to push her to do something childish. When Nicholas turned around again Emily stopped and let her gaze rest on the beautiful sunset just outside the window, pretending to be totally captivated by it. "You are such a brat."

"I'm a brat? I think you must have me confused for you."

"Nicholas, Emily, it's not helping us find Elizabeth any faster if you behave like five year olds."

"Yes, Mrs. Hardy." They didn't mean to say it in unison. Emily sighed and wondered if they were ever going to find Elizabeth. For all they knew she was already gone. She could have hopped the next flight to wherever and they wouldn't even have a clue. And they'd continue to wander, and her and Nicholas would continue to bicker and she'd have to stay in this dress until they ran out of gas, which wouldn't be for a while because Bobbie had just stopped and filled the tank, and-

"I found her!"


"How's Lucky?" Laura knew without looking back at him that it was Luke. She had heard his footsteps and felt his presence for so many years that she'd know him anywhere.

"How do you think, Laura? He's a mess." He said, climbing up the steps of the gazebo. She'd moved here after the rain had begun and just stayed, lost in her own thoughts, listening to the sound of the thunder and the rain and the wind. She still had the cigarettes; the pack was full except for the one that she had smoked half of then crushed on the church steps. She had watched Luke and Lucky for a while. From the churchyard where the gazebo was she had an almost perfect view of the parking lot where they had had their 'man to man' talk. Not that it did much good; Lucky was still upset and Elizabeth still hadn't returned.

"I still can't believe she did this. After everything that's happened. Can you?" She looked up at him and he sat down beside her. Her mind was still wandering down different paths and possibilities, trying to analyze Elizabeth's actions and find the outcome that made sense but still had a happy ending for Elizabeth and Lucky. She hadn't found it.

"I don't know what to believe." He leaned over so that his elbows rested on his thighs and kept looking over at her with a look in his eyes that mirrored her own: thoughtful, confused, melancholy with some lingering surprise.

"That's it? That's all you have to say?"

"What do you want me to say? That she only did this because she was scared? That she'll come back and everything will be all right? You want me to lie to you like I did to Lucky?" She was quiet for a moment. She decided he was right, there was more to it than either of them knew, but couldn't help holding on to the slim hope that they were wrong.

"You don't know those things are lies. They could be true."

"You really believe that?" She sighed and closed her eyes briefly, opening them to the beautiful sunset, the dark outline of the church before it. It was breathtaking. She wished that Elizabeth and Lucky were here right now to see it, together, just married and as in love as she thought they had been.

"I don't know, Luke. I don't know."


With confidant steps Gia walked over to the curb on witch Zander Smith currently sat, apparently engrossed with the cement street beneath his feet. He looked down at it as if he was studying it and Gia couldn't help her curiosity from overwhelming her. He seemed to be running his finger over it, drawing circles and shapes and for a brief moment the thought crossed her mind that he might be crazy and that approaching him would be bad. Besides, his girlfriend in her opinion had a few screws loose (anyone who would date their kidnapper was not all there in Gia's book) and she could have rubbed off on him. Or perhaps it was the other way around.

Either way, she had sat alone in the car waiting for Nicholas to get back long enough and she had made the decision it was time to come out and play. Not all the guests had left yet: there was still Luke, Laura; Lucky was around there somewhere, Zander and herself. Everyone else had left quite sometime ago and she would have too, had Nicholas not volunteered to do the bride hunting and asked her very politely if she would stay here and wait for him. He wouldn't be long, he had said. Half an hour tops, he had said. They had been gone for at least three half an hours.

She approached Zander quietly, careful as not to scare him, and sat down on the curb beside him. "What are you doing?" She asked. He looked up with a slightly surprised expression before he lifted his hand, the one he had been running over the ground, and Gia saw a small piece of chalk in it.

"I'm drawing." He replied. "Do you plan on staying here because if you do I could leave."

"Well aren't we Mister Sociable?"

"I just don't like people who've blackmailed my girlfriend."

"How about people who have kidnapped your girlfriend?" Zander shook his head and Gia smiled slightly in satisfaction.

"Would you mind leaving right now?"

"Free country." Zander sighed and focused his attention back on the ground. She looked down to see what he was drawing and she couldn't help but rolled her eyes at it: Zander loves Emily, Emily loves Zander, heart, heart, heart, blah, blah, blah. "Cute."

"Yeah well when you're sitting alone for an hour and a half you get pretty bored."

"Tell me about it." She paused and rested her chin on her knees, wrapping her arms around them. She was glad she had worn a long skirt instead of the short one she had originally picked out. "Do you think they're ever coming back?"

"Maybe they found Elizabeth and in a fit of rage she killed them because she didn't want anyone to know she was taking off and starting a new life in Australia or wherever." He said, continuing to draw hearts and Emily's name all over the still drying ground.



"This means, Jason Morgan, you are never traveling alone again." She watched as he smiled the brightest smile she had ever seen from his lips and as it spread to the rest of his face, lighting his eyes, making them shimmer in the twilight. He leaned in to kiss her again and as their lips connected she felt that same spark, that same indefinable combination of emotions that made every part of her hum with desire. He wrapped his arms tighter around her waist to bring her closer. But then she broke the kiss, her lips hovering close to his and she began to whisper something, but stopped. She turned her head slightly to look over his shoulder and hoped that what she had seen out of the corner of her eye had only been her imagination. When she realized it was not her imagination, she unhooked her arms from around his neck and slowly backed away, her face etched in complete horror. It couldn't be, she thought, and it repeated over and over in her mind. Why did they have to find her now? Why did they have to find her ever?

She heard Jason say something to her but she couldn't tell exactly what it was. She continued to step further back, her eyes resting over his shoulder and off into the distance as she whispered her mantra of denial. Her steps were slow and steady until she suddenly grabbed his hand and began to pull him towards the bike. The bike, their last chance at making a clean getaway. She was intent on reaching that bike, so intent she did not hear his words of protest until he stopped and refused to budge.

"Elizabeth, what..."

"We have to get out of here!" She cried desperately, tugging on his big hand with both of her small ones.


"Elizabeth!" Elizabeth dropped Jason's hand in defeat and put one to her head as he turned around to see the sight that had caused her to loose control. But it was too late to run; they were too close to hide. He looked back at her and she smiled a sarcastic smile, trying to give him the message that if he had moved a little faster they could have been halfway to Nowhere by now. He grunted in response.

The People had arrived.