I walked out of the bathroom stall. My black high-tops made no sound every time I took a step on the white tiled floor. There was a girl washing her hands at a sink. She didn't look up at the mirror, making me oblivious to her view. I walked over to the snow white marble sink next to her. She jumped a little as I turned the sink on because she had just acknowledged that I was there.

"Hey Haru," She said.

"Hello Carla," I replied.

"Have fun?"

"What'd you mean?"

"You know what I mean you whore," she replied looking at me though the mirror. She thought I was making out with someone while in the theatre. I didn't say anything back as I put my hands under the running water. She looked at herself in the mirror, making sure she looked presentable to public. I looked up at her and saw her blue eyes looking at her straight blonde hair

"Ow," escaped from my lips. The water was just barely warm but seemed as if it was going to crack my hands into a million pieces.

"What?" Carla asked. She put her hand under the water. "It's barely warm," she said. Her hand happened to barely touch mine. She stared at my face. I looked up at my reflection as I washed my hands. "Why are you so cold?!" She questioned. I stared at myself in the mirror. I looked at my blue eyes as the pupil turned to blood red. My medium-length hair turned from dirty blonde to coal black.

"Haru?" Carla asked as I walked over to the bathroom door and locked it.

"I've had enough of you," I said, looking to the white floor that was about to be covered in red. I walked over to her and held her arm with my cold, wet hand. I whispered in her ear, "At school, you're not such a nice girl to me, are you?" My icy cold breath froze her in fear.

"W-what… are you?" She questioned. My appearance was scary enough. I always changed when I was thirsty for blood.

"I am me." I said as I exposed my fangs. Her face turned pale and I could see that all of her past was flashing before her eyes. Of course this is what all my victims experienced, but I had never drunk of someone I knew personally. "You shall pay for your mistakes," I said as I sunk my fangs into her neck. She didn't scream, she just stayed very still. I swallowed the blood that was gushing from her neck. I could feel her tears falling onto my face… which made me question… Maybe I would let her live for now, so that this awful memory may haunt her for the rest of her life where ever she may go. If I let her live she would turn into a vampire herself, making it almost impossible for me to ever kill her. Her body would remain the same age also. Maybe that was a far much worse curse then leaving this world. I would make her suffer. I had to decide and think about this with everyone that I drunk from. But I wanted this girl dead. My fangs can not kill her, but I always carry a pocket knife with me where ever I go. It's not made of real metal so it is not picked up on metal detectors every where that I go. It's made of a substance close to it that's strong enough to cut through human flesh. "I'll grant you a quick death," I said, "So that you do not have to suffer." I pulled out my knife and slit her neck very quickly. Blood seem to explode out from her neck, covering my face and clothes. This kills people suddenly with no pain for many reasons. It stops them from breathing, and a lot of blood and nerves are damaged.

I lay her down on the ground, a puddle of blood expanding from her neck on the white floor. There was a window in the bathroom. I walked over to it, slid it open, and snuck out. I wondered where I would be able to clean up. I couldn't go walking around in public with blood all over me.


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