The Devil Next Door

By: dolce-bebe

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and its characters. As much as I would love to own Draco Malfoy, he is a fiction character that strictly belongs to JK Rowling. Den Grudge is my made up character, other than that, all characters are from the book. (if you've read my other fics, Den Grudge is always in them)

Summary: Face burning red from embarrassment she threw herself into her pillow, screaming. Only Draco Malfoy would invite some girl to his room for sex and not lock the door. And she was the one that had to see it all.

A/N: Hi lovelies! I haven't been on this site in a year or so, but I think I'm starting to get back into it. With the new Harry Potter book coming out (Deadly Hallows), I feel it's best if I take time to update some of my work, as well as adding a new fic:) Hope you guys enjoy!


Surprises of Unlocked Doors


"You look fine, dear," Hermione's father insisted, putting his arm around her reassuringly.

"Are you sure?" Hermione muttered out nervously. "I still think I should have used magic instead. It wouldn't have cost us any money."

Her father just shook his head slowly and pushed his daughter of onto the train through platforms 9 and ¾. "You just have a ruddy old good time at school, dear," he said, "and make sure you don't get too busy to write to your old father."

Hermione could hear the sound of the whistle from the train, but turned around. "Are you sure you're going to be okay? I mean, this is your first summer alone," she said.

He nodded at her, smiling softly. Hermione took in a deep breath. She smiled back, forcefully. Her father had gotten old, and every day he looked more tired than the day before. Small patches of grey hair had started to grow on his head, his skin wrinkled when he smiled and talked, he would cough heavily at night and eat nothing at all during the day, but he was still the same man and was the kindest yet.

Hermione stepped down slowly then threw her arms around his neck for an embrace. "I will miss you," she said and ran back off onto the steps. "I promise I will write every week!"

The steps began to move slowly, each block of the stairs disappearing one at a time. The train was leaving and Hermione gave her last goodbyes before making her way into her compartment. The door was closed, but she could already hear familiar voices inside. Taking a deep breath she slid the door open and trotted in.


"What happened to your hair?"

She couldn't help but smile at them. The two idiots she had grown up with and labeled her best friends sat a few feet away beaming at her. Harry Potter, the famous wizard had grown up to be quite the young man. His physique was build and he stood tall with toned muscles. Being the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team certainly worked to his advantages. Then there was Ron Weasley. He had grown quite a bit as well, not as built as Harry, but much taller, with his flaming red hair and humorous attitude. How she had missed their company.

"I suppose you both had a wonderful summer," Hermione said, flopping down the seat next to Harry.

Harry just shrugged, "I'd hardly call it wonderful. Living with the Dursley's is like... well actually, I can't find something or someone to compare them with. They're just horrible." He looked over at Ron who just sulked in his seat.

"What's the matter, Ron?" Hermione asked.

Harry coughed and leaned in close to Hermione's ear, whispering, "He's just in a foul mood because he did nothing but help with Bill and Fleur's wedding all summer. He says that he can hear them at night in their bedroom and he wished that school would start again so that he could get some rest in the dorm."

Hermione gave a disgusted look and glanced over at Ron, who had his arms crossed over his chest. "You mean they were— " she started.

"I'd rather not talk about it if you don't mind. I just can't wait till we get there so I can get some sleep." Ron grumbled out.

"What about you Hermione?" Harry stalled, "I mean... I'm sorry. How are you fending off?"

Ron uncrossed his arms, "Yeah, real sorry, Hermione. I forgot," he said.

Hermione just sighed and looked down at her feet. "Don't worry I'm fine. Really! We just made small adjustments, but I know that everything will flow into place soon enough." She looked up and noticed that both the boys were staring at her intently.

Coughing she brought out a piece of parchment. "Enough about that! Read this!" she exclaimed, shoving the parchment onto Harry's lap.

He cocked his head to the side and unrolled it.

Dearest Miss Granger,

As you know, every senior year at Hogwarts, a Head Boy and Girl are chosen to lead the students and show an outmost good sense of maturity in using magic on and off school grounds. Being that as it may, your talents and bright mind have been chosen this year as our new Head Girl.

The Head Girl will have many duties this year, and will monitor closely over the student body. She and the Head Boy are responsible for throwing meetings with the Prefects and hosting special events for charity, etc.

This year's Head Boy will be Draco Malfoy. I know you both have known each other quite well enough to work together and compromise on the tasks that will be assigned to you.

Good Luck


Albus Dumbledore

"What? Malfoy's Head Boy?" Ron squealed out. He now looked more awake than ever and clutching the red sweater tightly in his hands. "But that's just—"

"Brutal? Insane?" Harry finished. "How could Dumbledore do this? He knows that Malfoy's father is in cahoots with Voldemort. Why would he make Malfoy Head Boy when he knows that the position has authority over all of us?"

Hermione slouched back into her seat, opening a senior Arithmancy book. "Well that is Dumbledore's decision," she said shrugging. "Maybe he wants to keep an eye out for Malfoy. I mean, we do have meetings with professors, and Dumbledore will always come to stop by for a chat or so. Maybe he just wants to keep him in check."

Ron seemed satisfied with the answer, but in a few seconds he burst out laughing. "I just realized something," he said, "you're going to be working with Malfoy and sleeping with him!"

"What?" Harry started.

"Percy told me when he was Head Boy that he and the Head Girl had to stay in the same dormitories. Can you imagine Hermione sleeping next to the 'oh so great pure blood,' who hates muggles and muggle-borns? That would be hilarious!" Ron clamped his hand over his mouth, trying to stop the giggles.

THUD. Hermione had slammed her book shut and glared at the two giggling boys. "If you must know, the Head Boy and Girl dormitories are only shared by the means of the common room. There are separate bedrooms you know! The school obviously still has its rules and being the Head Boy and Girl, means that we are students. Sexual relations are something the school does not tolerate, if that is what was circling in your mind, Ronald."

"I was just playing, Hermione," Ron laughed nervously and scratched his head but Harry looked serious.

"Just watch out for him," he said. "He might pull something sneaky on you, you'll never know. I bet he's probably a Death Eater by now."

Ron snorted getting up from his seat. They had most certainly arrived. The train had come to a stop and the compartments started to open. He quickly grabbed his luggage and began hauling them out the door. "Let's get out quickly! I hate it when we're the last to leave the train. It's like going through traffic, only with people shoving you left side and what not."

Harry and Hermione didn't complain and were quickly to dash after Ron who had already jumped off. "You know," he said, after they caught up, "Malfoy probably gets more evil every year. I mean look at him!" he pointed to the familiar blond head making its way to one of the carriages and shoving some first years to the side.

"Out of my way!"

"See what kind of power Dumbledore gave that little git!" he finished. "Now Malfoy can easily boss us around and take points off Gryffindor. Not to mention he can insult us wherever and whenever he wants to."

Hermione cut him off, "Being Head Boy and Girl means that you have the discipline and responsibility. I'm certain Malfoy wouldn't abuse his role, the title could be easily stripped from him." She stopped in her tracks. "I'm the one who has to endure it all, so don't sulk too much. I'll meet you guys at the Great Hall." Hermione motioned to the carriage that Malfoy had gotten on. "It's only for Head Boy and Girl," she said before taking off, leaving Harry and Ron rolling their eyes being her back.

Opening the carriage door seemed to be quite difficult. Hermione's luggage was far too heavy to carry with one hand all the while trying to open the door with the other. She was sure Malfoy had heard her struggling outside, but the door didn't open.

'What do you expect from Malfoy?' she thought angrily.

Moments later she stepped in and hauled her bags into the carriage. It swayed for a second at the impact then the door closed. Hermione settled herself in the seat and held on firmly to her bags as the horses rode on.

"Took your time did you, Mudblood?"

He was sitting a few inches across from her and when Hermione turned to look, she found that his eyes weren't even fixed on her. He was looking out the window, with his arms were crossed over his chest, and his right ankle over top his left knee. His eyes were half open giving off one expression, boredom.

"Well if someone had helped me to open the door, we could have left earlier," Hermione said back, glaring at him.

"Indeed," he drawled out.

Hermione kept her glare on. Malfoy had made no other move to acknowledge her presence the entire carriage ride, so she tried to keep herself busy with a book. The silence was killing her though. Usually, she loved to study in peace, but there was something itching in the back of her mind that kept her from concentrating.

She glanced up to look at what he was doing and found him still staring out the window with a blank look on his face. Hermione drifted her attention back to her book, "Senior Arithmancy, Level 7," only to find that she had read the same introduction sentence more than once.

Taking another glance at Malfoy, she frowned. Usually he would not pass the opportunity to mouth her off or talk about how she was beneath him and how powerful and rich his family was. He was surprisingly quiet for a change. Not that Hermione was complaining, she'd rather have him quiet than calling her names and throwing insults towards her friends and family.

But she had to admit that even though Malfoy was an arrogant little git, spoiled beyond belief and pure evil or so to say, he wasn't bad on the eyes. His blond hair was slick back, like it always was. He was pale all the same and it suited his handsome face, but something was different. His face seemed more mature with his strong jaw and rose-colored lips. The features suited him, very striking and menacing.

A year ago, Hermione would have thought him as nothing more than a little boy, who had a life long grudge against her and her friends. The glares that he would give them and insults were part of his way of getting satisfaction in knowing that Harry would always be above him, but now...

He was different, Hermione had decided. From his face to his neck and down to his shoulders, it seemed that he had grown bigger, or more toned to say the least. It made him easier on the eye. He was very attractive and Hermione had to admit it. She had always heard of the rumors of him being quite devilish when it came to the ladies, but of course those were only rumors.

Even in their sixth year, he had his young boyish qualities and didn't seem threatening at all. Now by just looking at him made Hermione feel intimidated and nervous with just that blank, cold look on his face.

Perhaps he did inherit his father's evil ways. Or perhaps he really was a Death Eater now. Hermione didn't know. All she knew was, the Draco Malfoy that she had known all those years, the skinny little spoiled brat who spent his days torturing her and her friends, was a man now, and indeed he looked deadly.

He must have caught her staring because he turned his head towards her. His eyes locked onto hers. Hermione blushed slightly and buried her face in her Arithmancy book. It didn't seem that he was angry, nor did he glare.

"You like staring, do you?" she heard him drawl out lazily.

Hermoine peeked from the top of her book. "W-What?"

Draco kept his eyes locked with hers. He raised an eyebrow, smirking, "You like what you see, Granger?"

Breaking eye contact, Hermione looked down nervously at her feet. Before she could say something to defend herself, he had beaten her to it.

"I must admit I am appalled by your sudden change in appearance." Draco cocked his head to the side as if amused by her behavior. "Where's all the dirty, bushy hair? Took seven years to figure out it was disgusting, did you?" He sighed.

"You...You..." Hermione started and was again interrupted.

"Well I'm glad you've decided to flatten it out a bit," he smirked again, "oh, but now, your ugly, mudblood face is exposed to the world. What will Scarhead and Weasel say when they see the beast within?"

Hermoine could have hexed him right there and then, but the carriage came to a halt at the lake and Draco hopped off. She was wrong. He hadn't changed at all. Besides the fact that he looked menacing, he was still the same old, rotten prat.

"Figures," she mumbled under her breath.

The boat ride wasn't extremely long, but by the time they had come to the front entrance, McGonagall was waiting. She motioned for Draco and Hermione to follow her to the front of the Great Hall where the students and professors were already seated.

It was the same every year. In the beginning, the first years would be sorted and Dumbledore would say a few words. This time, Draco and Hermione were announced as the new Head Boy and Girl, much to the dismay of the Slytherin girls who gave Hermione dirty looks as she passed by.

McGonagall led the two quickly to their dormitories. A huge statue of a knight stood at the very back of the corridor, its enormous sword mounted straight up from the cold, marble floor.

"Your password is Aluptis Colleture." At the sound of the two words, the gigantic sword disappeared and the doorway to the common room was revealed. McGonagall turned to them, "Now remember, the Headmaster expects you both to be at his office early tomorrow morning, so I suggest that you unpack and head straight to bed. We don't want any lates now, do we?" She glanced at Malfoy and turned to walk away.

"Goodnight, Professor!" Hermione called out and was rewarded with a nod from McGonagall.

Draco on the other hand, had already slipped into the doorway and dropped his luggage. Hermione followed soon after and was at awe at the size of the room. The common room itself was large with a warm fireplace and two love seat couches. There were tall windows hidden by purple satin curtains and a terrace that led outside. To the sides of the room were two sets of marble staircases that circled all the way to the top leading to their rooms.

Hermione gasped. "This is our common room?" she exclaimed, "It's ten times the size as Gryffindors!"

Rolling his eyes, Draco strolled up the stairs to the right and made his way to his room, muttering something about poor muggle families, while Hermione went up the stairs to the left. He heard her shrieking in the other room about satin bed sheets and flopped down on his bed, closing his eyes.

Seconds later he heard his door creak open. Draco opened one eye and saw a head poke in.


He gave her a disgusted look. "Look, Granger, I understand that it is a privilege to be even near my presence, but don't flatter your self." He sat up lazily and swung both legs over his bed.

Hermione just glared at him. "I was just coming in to say that we should at least try sorting out some of the work before we head off to bed." She crossed her arms over her chest and didn't break eye contact.

"What work?" Draco muttered, scratching at his cheek. "Didn't you hear the old professor?" he started, "She says we should unpack then sleep. Are you deaf?"

She moved towards him, her arms still crossed, "I meant that we should get started on at least pairing up the prefects. Honestly, it's no hard work at all. At least we'll save time for when the real work begins."

"Is that all?" He flopped back down on his bed, putting his arms in the back of his head. "As far as I know, I don't have to start working with you until tomorrow," he drawled, "and for that I am truly grateful. It at least saves me a couple of hours of freedom in knowing that I'll have to work with a mudblood like you in the morning." He cracked open one eye to see her expression. "If you want to do work so much, feel free to do so." He yawned. "I'm going to sleep."

Clenching her first, Hermione tried with all her might not to jump at him and scratch his eyes out. This was horrible! How could he treat her like this? Calling her a mudblood so freely and refusing to do work. They were supposed to be Head Boy and Girl! They were supposed to work together and treat one another as equals!

'His looks may have changed, but he's still an insufferable git!' she thought to herself angrily.

She turned around quickly and began stomping her feet on the floor as she walked out, making a last and final impression.

"Oh and just before you go, little mudblood..."

Hermione stopped in her tracks. She was nearly out the door and grasped the handle tightly, hearing his little comment. "What?!" she snarled, whirling her head around to look at him.

Draco peered at her with his eyes half opened. "Never come in my room again," he smirked, "I don't want your dirty mudblood feet stinking up my floor."

She was practically squeezing the life of the doorknob as she scowled angrily at him. "Y-You..." she started, but thought best not to carry the conversation on further. It would be very unprofessional of her as Head Girl. Instead, she stormed out the door and slammed it shut as hard as she could.

"HEY! WATCH IT!" she heard him yell from within the room.

Hermione wasted no time in hurrying to her own chambers. She honestly thought that he would come storming out and start yelling at her, but she didn't hear a peep from him all night.

Throwing her luggage on the floor she quickly opened it and slipped on something comfortable to sleep in. Maybe Malfoy was right. McGonagall had said that they should get some rest. She was feeling a little light headed too.

Arguing with him would certainly get in the way with her studies. How could she possibly work with someone as cruel as he was? They would never get anything done. She knew very well that Malfoy would throw an insult every now and then, and what was she suppose to do? Take it all?

Hermione lay down on her bed and buried her face in the soft pillows, screaming into it. Only three and a half hours and Malfoy had already got on her nerves. She sighed and closed her eyes tightly, wishing to forget about the arrogant git, that was now her neighbor. Slowly, she drifted off to a peaceful slumber, but it had not even seemed like two minutes, when her muggle alarm clock started to ring.

Groaning, Hermione lifted her head from the pillow to look at the clock. It was 7:15am. Why did it seem like she had only slept for five minutes? She gave a frustrated sigh and hurried to get dressed.

McGonagall had said to be early for their meeting with Dumbledore, and first impressions were always everything. She had precisely fifteen minutes to get dressed, brush her teeth and comb her hair maybe? Hermione never really gave a thought to her hair, but her father had insisted on taking her to a salon over the summer. Now it lay flat and smooth along her back, but the stylist had said to always give it a quick brush or it would resort back to normal.

There were so many things to do and she hadn't even eaten breakfast yet! Hurrying out of her room, she noticed that shuffling could be heard from Malfoy's room. She smirked, realizing that he must have just woken up.

'Serves him right for insulting me,' she giggled silently.

Hermione made her way out the common room dorms and hurried to the Headmaster's office. She muttered the password and stepped onto the flat. In the room she found Dumbledore quietly sitting in his chair offering a certain blond a cup of tea. She cleared her throat and Dumbledore looked up raising his eyebrows.

"Ah, Miss Granger has arrived just in time," he started. He motioned for her to take a seat and offered her a cup of tea.

Hermione smiled softly at him and turned her head to the right. Malfoy sat in the other chair his face rested on the palm of his hand. She could have sworn that she had heard him still in his room. How had he gotten here so fast?

Dumbledore looked at both of them keenly, "Mr. Malfoy was here just a little quarter to seven," he said, "Frankly, I am quite surprised that he beat you here, Miss Granger." He watched Hermione's eyes widened, but Draco's expression remained the same.

"Well," he said, "let us get down to business, shall we? As you know, I have chosen you both to be Head Boy and Girl, and as I have said before, this takes an extreme amount of patience for both your parts. Being Head Boy and Girl means that you have certain power among the students, first years and such, but it also takes a lot of responsibility." He looked at Hermione first then gave Draco a hard look. "I expect you both to know that there are no other students allowed in the Head Boy and Girl dormitories. They are forbidden to others and should be used wisely. Having your own common room shared, is a great opportunity to catch up with your studies, to do extra work and hold meetings with the prefects if so you please. The password should remain a secret between the both of you, and not to be publicly shared in conversations with friends. I expect that you both do your nightly rounds in pairs, so I suggest that the prefects be sorted into twos. Rounds should be done within an hour. It is your responsibility to make sure that there are no students out their dorms past ten—" Draco snorted and Hermione shot him a glare.

The Headmaster continued, "They are all safety procedures. Students that are caught wandering around past the certain time should be reported to Professor McGonagall and I," he stopped and took a sip of his tea before continuing. "And last but not least... the power to take off points and detain students." His eyes shot towards Draco, "I expect that points that are given and that are taken are to a reasonable and fair count. Thus, there will be no giving points to your own houses just for the benefit of it, nor taking off points to the houses you are not so familiar with. They are a responsibility. Points will be given to those who answer right to the questions during classes, or what ever kind of achievement they receive. Points that are taken are for unreasonably bad behavior. Detention is the same. Detaining a student is only if that student has really done something wrong outside classes, such as insulting other students or getting into petty fights. I trust you are familiar with that subject." Dumbledore looked at the both of them. "Now I expect you both to remember this. Leadership comes with a price, hard work is involved and long hours are going to be spent testing your patience, but, you may find that there is something more to being Head Boy and Girl that meets the eye."

Hermione smiled, nodding her head and cast a glance at Draco, whose eyes were closed and mouth hanging open. She nudged him with her elbow and he shifted and cracked open an eye.

She could not believe how rude he was. Honestly. Being in the presence of the Headmaster and sleeping? What had Dumbledore seen in this fool? She hurried down the steps and to the Great Hall. Classes would start soon and she found herself starving to death. When she got there, it wasn't a surprise that the Great Hall was empty and Hermione groaned feeling the insides of her stomach rumble slightly. Breakfast was over and she was going to be late on the first day of classes!

Running down the halls wasn't quite something that didn't go unnoticed, especially if you were the Head Girl, but Hermione didn't see much of a choice. Potions, was her first subject and she knew very well that the title of being Head Girl meant absolutely nothing to Snape. Heck, he would probably get a kick out of it and mock her when she showed up late.

"My, my, Miss Granger," he drawled out slowly, making his way towards her as she slowly sat in her seat. "Perhaps being Head Girl doesn't quite register in that small brain of yours. Or perhaps you just simply forgot to check the time this morning and decided to take a little detour before showing up for class."

Hermione flushed a soft pink, "Sorry, Professor," she mumbled with fumbled around with her books.

Snape smirked and cocked his head to the side, "Fortunately for the rest of us, Malfoy came in on time. What an exceedingly good example of a Head student, and unlike some of us, need to learn from them." He glanced back at Hermione before proceeding to his desk.

Hermione sulked quietly and flashed a quick look at Draco. The little tart simply sat leaning back on his chair, arms crossed around his chest with a smirk plastered on his pale face. She shot him a glare in return and got her books ready.

The rest of day turned out to be better than Potions and she knew it all too well because it was Snape and Malfoy that made her first class irritable. Hermione sighed and rubbed her eyes with closed fists. She had briefly met up with Harry and Ron before making her way back to her dormitory. Last night felt like absolute hell for her, what with Malfoy's insults and the lack of sleep, it was all too exhausting.

Dropping her bag down on the couch in the common room, she looked around slowly and was surprised to find that Malfoy had not yet returned, or perhaps he had locked himself up in his room again. Hermione shrugged and made her way to her room and flopped down on the bed groaning in relief of the soft, comfortable cushions. She still had a good two hours or so to take a quick nap then sort out the prefects to get ready for their rounds.

As soon as her eyes started to droop and her mind being put to rest, she heard a loud, THUD. Her eyes flashed open and her head snapped up, ears perked at the sound of alarm. Hermione's eyes quickly scanned the room before getting up and slowly opening the door. Their common room was empty and she made her way to the fireplace. It was silent and finally giving a sigh of relief, Hermione made her way back to her bed somewhat satisfied.

Just before she could throw herself at the four post bed, she heard it again. This time louder and she whirled around towards the door to scan the common room. Nothing. It was probably the lack of sleep that had made her turn into a delusional woman, but the sound of shuffling and whispered sounds made their way to her ears clearly. It was coming from Malfoy's room.

'That little prat,' she thought angrily marching herself up the stairs to the right.

She would never be able to figure him out. He was as annoying as the first day she had laid her eyes on him. Probably another trick he was playing on her. He had probably heard her step into the common room and into her room to get some shut eye, so he decided to play around and make loud noises simply so she could not get any sleep.

Without another moment of hesitation, Hermione threw the door open, her eyebrows knitted together angrily as she stepped into in, "I'm warning you Malfoy—"

Hermione swore on her life that if she could have found her voice she would have screamed, but all she could choke out was bits of air that escaped from her lips. Never before in all her years at Hogwarts had she ever thought she would witness or so to speak, see a clear enough picture of sexual intercourse in all her life. She was no pervert. No, of course not. She knew many guys her age watched porn, or had sex. For all she knew, Harry and Ron did as well, or perhaps other females her age, but not her. They've experienced it all, some even younger than she was, but Hermione had always stayed home and kept to the comfort of her books. She didn't have time to speak nor think of such infidelity.

But there he was, on his bed, straddling something, or Hermione was one hundred percent sure that it was a someone, with his shirt off, gasping for breath. No definitely, it was a someone. Only the legs that were wrapped around Malfoy's hips, with the bright color painted nail polish belonged to a woman.

To what seemed like a good twenty minutes, which was actually a good two seconds, Malfoy flung himself off the girl, hurrying to zip his trousers. He shot a glare towards her and Hermione could barely hear his shouting from her situational shock.

"My GODS Granger!" he screamed at her, "Don't you ever KNOCK? GET OUT!"

Eyes wide open, Hermione gave a small squeal when he grabbed her arm and threw her outside the room, door slamming shut behind her. It took another few seconds to gather herself before slowly making her way down the stairs and up towards her room.

She sat down on her bed gently and covered her mouth with her hand. Now she could feel her face burning red from embarrassment and threw herself into her pillow, screaming.

Only Draco Malfoy would invite some girl to his room for sex and not lock the door. And she was the one that had to see it all. It was the first day! The first day of classes on their final year at Hogwarts and what does she see? Her mortal enemy lying on top of some brunette, moaning and squirming around the bed on what seemed to be the best time of their lives.

Hermione gave a huge sigh. The first day... with him a few feet away... She hated living with the devil! Honestly, how much more of this could she take?


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