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The plane lifted from the ground, taking her away from everything she'd known, everything she cherished. Her school, her friends, her house and car well at least the car was being shipped so no biggie there. But it was the principal of the thing, her father dies and her mother remarries who cares she does because her mother married a family man, one who sends his kids to boarding school for most of the year but the moment they come back for vacation is like trying to win the father of the year award or something.

So here she was, Ashley Davies, seventeen years old on a plane to Michael's Preparatory Hall also known as MPH or like the brunette rocker liked to refer to it My Personal Hell. She sat in her seat shifting back and forth trying desperately to find a comfortable position, her eyes darting from the window next to her to the ceiling and back again. Thinking for Ashley was never a good thing but in the silent plane that's all there was to do, so she thought, thought about how her mom remarried the stupid rich Robert Woods and how she was now flying across several states to LA with her step brother Robert Jr. or RJ and her step sister Kyla.

RJ was your normal seventeen year old jock boy, captain of the school football and basketball team. Luscious brown hair with deep grey eyes that held a charm deceiving any would be potential mate that he was actually a nice guy but underneath he was mean and stubborn. Since meeting him almost three months ago, just two days before the wedding, he'd hit on her dozens of times. Each time she tried to remind him they were brother and sister and he'd always reply 'not by blood', with a creepy smirk to go along with it. And he really didn't mind the large almost neon sign pointing over her head reading, 'I'm gay dicks move on', instead he mocked her for being out and proud telling her she was experimenting. She thought, tell that to the girl's in my bed.

Shaking her head of all thoughts perverse, she really didn't need to be horny all through a five hour flight, she turned to see her step sister Kyla falling asleep in the seat next to her. Kyla was fifteen, long dark brown hair and gentle brown eyes conveying how smart and caring she is. Total opposite of her brother, Ashley took a liking to the younger girl almost immediately her inner big sister digging it's way through her calm and cool exterior.

"You tired?" Ashley leaned closer watching Kyla's eye lids close slowly than pop open.

"No," she tried to stifle a yawn causing a smile to pop up on Ashley's tanned face.

"Go to sleep Ky, I'll wake you when we're there." Her hand brushed hair off the tired teen's face, stroking her cheek in what she hoped to be a soothing motion. Kyla had told her how scared she was of flying yet her father always made them fly back instead of a train or car or a boat. Kyla shook her head 'no' signaling she didn't want to sleep but with the soft rubbing of Ashley's hand on her cheek and thru her hair lulling her into a false security was exactly what she needed as her eyes shut and her breathing evened out, "Night kid..." the seventeen year old whispered before returning to staring at the ceiling.

The only thing Ashley disliked about Kyla was the fact she reminded her of someone she lost, someone she hadn't seen in three years, the love of her life who sported gorgeous blonde hair and deep ocean blue eyes, Spencer Carlin. A sigh escaped her lips as her gut twisted into a million different emotions that only the younger girl could produce in her.

A smile crawled up her lips as she remembered the first time the two ever met, most people didn't believe her, but when she retold it to her parents they told her that it was exactly the way it had happened...

Four year old Ashley loved to play outside at the park, kids running around, pushing, laughing, screaming and crying. It was always different than her huge quiet house, where everything was breakable and she got in trouble for a tiny dirt speck on her nice clean dress. But when ever her mother dragged her self away from the many men she used to cheat on her husband with as well as the alcohol and put the little girl in her play cloths the only cloths allowed to get dirty and strolled hand in hand down the street to the park was the greatest days of the small girl's life.

"Stay in the sand box where I can see you," Christine Davies pointedly told her child before walking off and sitting down on a beach.

Ashley gladly stayed put, using her toys, a shovel and pail, to dig and move sand while building a castle. Time was irrelevant as the castle was nearly done, she'd worked so hard on it when a tiny hand came in contact and squashed the hard work into oblivion. She stood up ready to yell at the person who ruined her art work when she saw a tiny girl about two in a half trying to stand up. She had blond hair down just past her ears and the bluest eyes the four year old had ever saw, in them she could see how sorry the young girl was for breaking the sand castle.

A boy with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes just not as blue as the girl's came walking over grabbing the two year old by the hand, "I told you not to play with my toys!" he yelled shaking her slightly before releasing the hand and the girl fell to the ground yet again.

"Glen be nice to your sister," Ashley glanced over to the woman who called over, she also had blonde hair but her eyes were more grey but still had a tint of blue in them. The woman was talking to her mother, very animatedly to the four year old who stifled a giggle and returned to her sand castle.

"Don't!" She glanced up to see Glen yanking yet another toy from the fragile baby who clasped on her butt, her blue eyes held unshed tears as they glanced over to her mother than back to the five year old boy standing above her. Ashley could see how the blonde wanted to call out and ask for help but her mouth refused to open and Glen had once again succeeded in leaving her empty handed.

Finally fed up with the boy keeping all the toys to him self, the two year old hauled her self up off the ground and waddled toward the play set. Ashley knowing she's suppose to stay put on the sand hastily stood and with a quick glance to her mother, who surprise surprise wasn't paying attention, followed the younger girl.

The blonde did her best to climb the stairs toward the slid, falling only a handful of times. Ashley walked slowly to the end of the slide, some how knowing that this was where the younger girl was heading. Ashley smiled when she saw how happy the little girl was all by her self at the top of the world, she seemed so lively and care free, well more carefree than Ashley could be since she lived in a mansion furnished like a museum.

The two year old glanced down the slid, eyes locking with brown orbs staring up at her, tilting her head to the side with a genuine smile gracing her lips, just as she was about to sit down Ashley heard the voice, "Hey Wencer!" of course it was suppose to come out Spencer but all the kids had trouble saying her name.

Hearing her name from her brother she turned eye brows raised, confused as to why he called her away from the fun slid. His hands lifted in slow motion, Ashley heard yelling coming from the bench where their mom's were talking. Letting her eyes move from the girl at the top of the slid to the women who seemed to be running in slow motion as well, as if the two sensed what Glen had in mind, toward them

Brown eyes shifted yet again to see the baby falling back ward, her back hitting the slid, she was now falling fast with her head pointing to the ground, some how Ashley knew if the younger girl hit the ground she wasn't getting back up again. So the four year old stepped quickly up to the exit of the slid, arms opening wide, legs bent. A second later she felt a weight drop into her hands, sliding her arms securely around the two year olds waist. The two girl's fell back wards, Ashley hitting the soft yet not so soft sand beneath, Spencer's head rested on her chest, slowly her hearing came back and she lifted her head up to see the two year old shift so she was lying on her stomach on top of Ashley, their eyes locked and the blonde giggled, unaware of the danger she had just been in.


"Ashley!" Their names being called as the two women rushed up to them, Paula reaching down taking the small girl off Ashley while Christine helped her child up.

"Is she alright?" Christine asked once checking on her daughter.

"Yes, oh...Glen get you butt down here now!" Paula screamed still cradling her daughter, the little boy put his head down knowing he was in deep trouble and walked to his mother, "What were you thinking...you could have seriously injured her."

"I'm sorry," he lowered his head even more, a few tears crawling on his face. Ashley could see he didn't know what he was doing but still a feeling of dislike burned in her stomach for him.

"That is no excuse, your father will hear about this," she chided as he began protesting for her not to tell his dad.

"Ash," Spencer pointed to the four year old girl clinging to her mother's leg.

"What...what did you say?" Paula stopped her interrogation on her son to stare wide eyed at the girl in her arms.

"Ash," Spencer repeated. Paula put a hand over her mouth as tears fell from her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Christine wondered placing a comforting hand on her new friend's shoulder.

"She talked, I can't...believe, say it again baby?" she smoothed the child's blonde hair from her face.

"Ash," Spencer chirped happily making Paula gasp in joy again.

"What is going on?"

"Oh when she was three months old she was in a car accident along with her father, severe brain damage, she was only released from the hospital nine months ago. The doctors told us she'd never walk, or talk or function properly but she fooled them all... she learned to walk and now talk...thanks to her little protector." Paula beamed toward Ashley who smiled back.

That was how Ashley Davies became Spencer's protector, best friend, and eventually lover or at least girlfriend since they were only thirteen at the time and hadn't done more than kissing and some ignorant groping before Spencer moved away with her family, making it three years, two days and twenty nine minutes since the last time Ashley saw her baby. Since that day Ashley caught Spencer she'd call her my baby, she'd help change the girl's diaper or dress her up and play house, the brunette was always the mommy and the blonde was the baby. Ashley loved to take care of the girl much to Spencer's dislike, the girl wanted to be independent but the older girl was always around.

The only thing left from the accident when she was a baby was fear, Spencer had it burned into her and Ashley was always taking it away. Fear of heights, Ashley made her jump off the cliff behind her house into the lake, afraid of the dark, Ashley would hold her and sing her to sleep until soon what ever fear the blonde had disappeared.

"Ash!" Ashley shook her head and stared at Kyla who was now standing up, "Time to go!"

Nodding the seventeen year old stood up stretching, letting the image of baby blue eyes seep back into her brain to store for later and grabbing her bag from above, now making her way toward her new life, with new siblings and a new school.